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review 2018-01-22 18:45
Splatterpunk Fighting Back
Splatterpunk Fighting Back - Dave Benton,Jack Bantry,Tim Curran,Rich Hawkins,Duncan Ralston,Glenn Rolfe,Bracken MacLeod,Kristopher Rufty,Adam Millard,John Boden,Matt Shaw,W.D. Gagliani,George Daniel,Elizabeth Power

 For me, this anthology was nearly perfect. Almost every single story hit home with me, and the fact that the purchase of this anthology benefits the fight against cancer makes it that much sweeter.


Without further ado-these are the stories that affected me most, in the order in which they knocked off my socks:


MOLLY by Glenn Rolfe. I have read a number of Glenn's works now and it's my opinion that he's an author to watch. With this story, he has arrived! A killer doll, a hotel, sexy women and weak men-add them all together and what have you got? Molly. 5*


LIMB MEMORY by Tim Curran. It sucks to lose an arm. Turns out that it also sucks when the arm comes back! 5*


THE GOING RATE by John Boden. A super short, shocking story! LOVED. IT. 5*


EXTINCTION THERAPY by Bracken MacLeod. Beautifully written with one of those punch-in-the-gut endings that I adore. 5*


THEY SWIM BY NIGHT by Adam Millard. Who doesn't love a good story about sirens? (Not like on police cars, but like in ancient mythology.) You have to ignore those singing ladies, or they'll get you every time. 4*


THE PASSION OF THE ROBERTSONS by Duncan Ralston. This was gross, funny and messed up all at once. 4*


FEAST OF CONSEQUENCES by W.D. Gagliani and Dave Benton. This story was a constant stream of Oh No! Followed by YES! I 'll let you guess upon which of those the story ended. 4*


DARLA'S PROBLEM by Kristofer Rufty. This being my first Rufty story, I wonder why I've waited so long to check him out. When Darla comes to you with a problem-take her seriously.


SPLATTERPUNK FIGHTING BACK was an anthology that totally worked for me, and I'm guessing even though it's only January, this will be included in my best anthologies of the year.




You can buy a copy here, (remember-proceeds go towards fighting cancer):

Splatterpunk Fighting Back 

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review 2016-12-02 19:08
Tijuana Donkey Showdown by Adam Howe
Tijuana Donkey Showdown - Adam Howe


This is one of the funniest books I've read in my entire life. 


Reggie Levine is the likable bouncer at The Henhouse and just wants to disappear into the men's room with his magazine and do his business. Unfortunately, he's unable to do that. Local used car guru Harry is busy getting his head dunked in the only toilet bowl available and it's making a damn mess. So begins Tijuana Donkey Showdown. 


Off the top of my head this story features:  an extremely well endowed drug mule, (and when I say mule, I mean a jackass and when I say well endowed I mean WELL endowed), a circus strongman, a sexy veterinarian, a gas station/zoo, (WTF??), a Chinese Crested Terrier that likes to hump legs, an overweight stripper and, (wait for it)....Nic Cage. (That's right, he spells it Nic. Supposedly, what do I know?)


I laughed out loud for most of the time I was reading this book. My husband thought I was nuts last night, and my coworkers thought the same, just now at lunch. When I thought things could not go more over the top, they did just that. (Literally, dangling from a giant inflatable used car guy balloon.)


This story was fast paced and in your face! I recommend it to fans of down and dirty stories that leave no holds barred. You might be offended, you might think it's disgusting, but I guarantee you this-you WILL be laughing. Well done, Mr. Howe! Well done!


You can get your copy here: Tijuana Donkey Showdown


*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

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review 2016-08-05 20:20
Year's Best Hardcore Horror Volume 1, ed. by Randy Chandler & Cherly Mullenax, narrated by Joe Hempel
Year's Best Hardcore Horror, Volume 1 - Comet Press,Jack Bantry,Joe Hempel,Kristopher Triana,Adam Cesare,Clare de Lune,Adam Howe,Robert Essig,David James Keaton,Cheryl Mullenax,Monica J. O'Rourke,Jeff Strand,Randy Chandler

 Normally, I'm more of an atmospheric horror gal than a gore lover, however, I do believe there's room for both in the horror genre of today. I picked up this volume when it first came out, but it was the offer of the free audio, (in exchange for my honest review), that made it possible for me to read it now rather than some time in 2017. This was my first book narrated by Joe Hempel and I think he did a fine job, especially considering the often shocking subject matter.



There were a few "new to me" authors here and my favorite among them was The Behrg and his story, Reborn. THIS, this is the reason people don't leave babies on the steps of churches anymore. Reborn is my favorite type of short horror story-no messing around, BAM!! It hits you right in the face! The Behrg has been on my radar for awhile and now I have to finally acknowledge him. (You were right, Kimberly!)


The Most Important Miracle by Scott Emerson. Now, seriously, who the hell is this guy? From what kind of sick brain did this story emerge? More importantly, are there more stories in there?


There were a couple of tales from authors I am already familiar with that I really liked-Adam Howe's Cleanup On Aisle 3 was one of them. It's a BADASS turning of the tables type story that had me cringing and laughing at the same time.


Jeff Strand's contribution,  Awakening,   had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. Rarely are suicide pacts THIS funny!


Lastly, Jason Parent's Eleanor knocked my socks off. Boot-i-ful?? Yep, you bet! Sick, twisted and beautiful.


Overall, this was an above average collection that lost nothing in the translation to audio. Most of these tales are brutal, gory and shocking though, so prepare yourself before you go wading in. It gets deep and rather slimy the further you go.


Highly recommended to fans of hardcore horror!


*Thanks to Joe Hempel and Audiobook BOOM! for the free copy in exchange for my honest review.*

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review 2015-09-24 18:05
Voices of the Damned by Barbie Wilde- HELL YEAH!
Voices of the Damned - Barbie Wilde


I believe that Voices of the Damned might be the best story collection I've ever read! Every. Single. Story. Rocked. There wasn't even one dud hiding within these gems. What there was was perversity, erotically charged horror, body horror, bizarro horror, aliens and unbelievably awesome artwork. The artwork was a feast for the eyes, as much as the stories were a feast for my twisted brain and soul. Artists like Daniele Serra and Clive Barker shine within and each tale is prefaced by works (paintings, drawings) representing some facet of the story. Speaking of which, these were my favorites:


Sister Cilice - starts us off. She appears in three stories in this collection and I loved all three. The Sister is a nun, albeit an unsatisfied one. Since masturbation is a sin last I knew, there's no way the Sister is making it into heaven. But she is making it.


Zulu Zombies-This was an unusual zombie tale. Words of caution to you: If you ever find yourself in possession of a bottle which contains the spirits of Zulu warriors, be careful with it! This tale made me chuckle in horrified delight.


American Mutant - In which Reverend Billy Bob discovers he has a son. But his son isn't normal, and the good Reverend immediately begins to scheme as to how he can exploit his son's aberrations.


Botophobia - is a fear of basements. Lorraine is afraid of her parents' basement and for damn good reason. She is scared of face sucking spiders, but there are things much, much worse than that waiting for her in the cellar.


Polyp - Definition: Colon polyps are growths on the lining of your colon or rectum. I loved this messed up, NASTY little short and the artwork for this tale was disturbing-but not nearly as disturbing as what happens when Vincent heads to the doctor for his yearly colonoscopy. (I strongly advise you not read this story while you're eating.)


Writer's Block -Started off reminding me of Misery, but then veered off somewhere into hot sex with a 500+year old witch and you know it can only go downhill from there.


There's no other way to say it-this collection KICKED ASS! It had everything-hot sex and erotic horror, bizarre bloody situations, messed up fairy tales, humor and excellent writing. I can't help but admire the imagination from which a collection like this could emanate. Seriously, Barbie Wilde's imagination is a place only the brave and twisted should enter. I warn you though, once you enter, you might not want to leave. I was sad when this collection was over.


My highest possible recommendation to those horror readers that love bizarro, erotic horror, body horror and just plain messed up fun!


*I received a free e-ARC of this book from Barbie Wilde, in exchange for an honest review. This is it.*


How to get your copy:


SST Publications has decided to do two editions of Voices of the Damned:


1. A full color, standard print, Trade Hardback


2. A full color, premium print, Deluxe Edition Hardback. When ordered directly from SST’s website, the Deluxe Edition will come with a free collector’s edition full color paperback of just the artwork. Both these editions will be available on Amazon on the 31st of October (but not the free paperback art book, as mentioned before.)


The pre-order page is: https://www.sstpublications.co.uk/Voices-of-the-Damned.php

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review 2014-01-19 01:26
All Art is Junk by R. A. Harris
All Art is Junk - R.A. Harris


I was asked by my good friend Nikki, over at Ravenous Reads, if I could help her out with a short bizarro read. I said sure, so here I am! 

Now, let me just say that bizarro really isn't my thing. To be honest, I've not read any bizarro of substance-this is my first one. It really wasn't bad.

From what I gathered, our protagonist is some type of cyborg/ machine (Lancelot or Junk, depending on who is addressing him), who's trying to save Lana, a girl with paintbrushes for hair. I very much enjoyed the concept of Lana.

This mission of his/it takes place on an island called The Installation. This is all that's left of humanity and land after huge floods and tidal waves have ruined everything else. The island itself is made from humanity's garbage.

This Installation is populated with some of the craziest shit I've ever read about. And I do mean crazy! Huge totems made of people, people with their arms up the anuses of animals...like I said crazy.

But for all that, there were some very well written passages that came through to me, even in spite all this weirdness. A few of these paragraphs were almost lyrical while others seemed to be trying a little too hard. Sometimes, less is better.

Overall, I didn't love this book, but I didn't hate it either. I'm impressed with the imagination and creativity at work in the story, and also the language used. However, I did find the story to jump around a lot, at times making it hard to follow. I think the tale could have been told in more of a cohesive way, holding the story together a bit more tightly. I might have enjoyed that a little more. 
Recommended to fans of bizarro horror and dense prose!

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