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text 2017-05-11 13:26
Favorite, Wishlist, Private -- additional shelving options for your books / ASIN edit issue

Have you noticed additional options for your books on BookLikes? If you've missed these spots, we'll be more than happy to draw your attention to these extra shelving features.


The shelving on BookLikes is split into two parts: the quick shelving (via +Shelf button under each book cover) and the advanced shelving (via +Shelf advanced pop up)



If you wish to mark your book as read/planning/currently on the go, use the quick shelving but if you prefer to add some additional attributes to the title you've encountered, click +Shelf advanced and choose an extra tag for the book.



With the +Shelf advanced pop up you can mark a book as your favorite, add it to your wishlist or make it a private title visible only to you in your admin shelf view.


All off these options are visible on your admin shelf view (menu->shelf) and will appear with the shelf menu on the left .



Marking your books as favorites is a great way of recommending the titles you love. Your blog guests will have an instant look into your reading preferences and genres you're into. We also use the "favorite" tag to mark the e-books we loved so much that we simply had to buy the paper copies :) The wishlist, on the other hand, is perfect for the upcoming titles, books you're anticipating the most and next series installments.


Note: the private shelf stays invisible in your public view (yourusername.booklikes.com/shelf). This means your blog guests won't see what's shelved on this very shelf, they won't even know that the shelf exists.



If you wish to add a text about a book you've marked private, please consider using the private note option to keep your opinion safe and private.


If you're wondering what BookLikes bloggers are shelving on their Favorite and Wishlist tagged shelves, have a look:


Favorite books

Wishlist books


If you've missed our previous post about BookLikes bookshelf features, here's a quick link A-Z ways to arrange your bookshelf->


Happy shelving and shelves exploring!



P.S.  A note from BookLikes Librarian


A post by Jenn from Murder by Death


The ASIN bug - a workaround!

As I mentioned in my last post here there is currently an issue with some Amazon kindle and Audible ASIN numbers being rejected by the BL database.


I might have found a workaround for users (this won't work for librarians directly because our edits don't go through the queue).


If you want to edit an ASIN kindle edition, or Audible audiobook edition and it spits out that dreaded Add correct ASIN, all you have to do is remove the ASIN number completely from the record and save it.


For the Librarians - when you see an edit request that includes removing what looks like a legit ASIN number, check to make sure it's a kindle, and then approve all the changes except the ASIN removal.  It works!  The record will update with all the new details and keep the ASIN number in place.  


Note:  this obviously does not work if you're trying to add an ASIN that BL doesn't like to a record.  That's still broken - but this will at least allow you to edit existing records to add descriptions, page number, etc. without losing the ASIN.

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text 2017-05-04 11:54
5 BookLikes features you didn't know about (or you've forgotten)


Do you know all BookLikes features? Here's a bunch of tips that may come in handy for regular bloggers on BookLikes, as well as for newbies.


1. Top tags - what's trending on BookLikes


The Top tags section can be entered from your Dashboard (menu->Dashboard->Top tags) and your admin Blog (menu->Blog->Top tags on BookLikes).




By entering the section you can check which topics were trending in a given week on BookLikes. Make sure to add tags to your posts to make them count to the top tags overview.



To view the tagged posts just click the tag you're interested with:




2. Grab free e-books


Did you know that we have a free e-books section on BookLikes? Just go to Daily Deals (Menu->Daily deals),choose a Free ebooks tab, and click the category you love to look through hundreds of free books from your favorite genres to download.




3. Fixed header - a menu and a book search always on the top


In the general settings tab (menu->Settings) you'll see a check box with a fixed header position. If you wish to see the menu and a search box always on the top of the page tick the box and Save.





4. Newsletter - language targeted


BookLikes newsletter presents reviews, posts, bloggers and authors adjusted to your BookLikes language selection.


If you've chosen the English language for your BookLikes, the newsletter sent to you will present English posts, reviews and bloggers who have chosen the same language selection. It's the same for other languages: if you've chosen the German language for your BookLikes, the newsletter will present German posts, reviews and bloggers. And if you've chosen the Polish language for your BookLikes, the newsletter will present Polish posts and bloggers.


If you wish to change the newsletter settings and receive the German newsletter instead of the English one, for example, go to general Settings and update the language section.




5. Let other know about your BookLikes


Let your readers know about all your pages and bookish profiles. If you have other blogs and webpages it's recommended to add a link to your BookLikes page (yourusername.booklikes.com). You can find and download the social icons for your BL profile on the Goodies page (menu->Goodies).



Happy blogging!

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text 2017-05-02 15:36
April in books


Four months checked. Eight still to go. Have a look at BookLikes bloggers April reads and let us know how are you doing in your 2017 reading challenge.


I finished 17 books in April. I have to credit the start of the booklikes-opoly game and some time off for letting me ramp up my reading. In previous months, I've only managed 11 or 12.. continue reading



Wild Seed - Octavia E. ButlerHexed - Kevin HearneYarned and Dangerous - Sadie HartwellRivers of London: Volume 2 - Night Witch - Ben Aaronovitch,Lee Sullivan Hill,Andrew Cartmel



I finished just 2 books this month. Pretty poor, but I'm slogging through 2 long ones and have had a lot of real life interrupting my reading time.I have, however, made good progress towards clearing the samples, despite continually adding more. I'm down to 69, from 115! I'm trying to read at least one a day, keeping in mind that I don't get further than a page or two on some... continue reading



10 Books Total for the month of April (3,331 Pages)... continue reading


Daughter of Deep Silence - Carrie RyanQueen of Always (Stolen Empire Book 3) - Sherry D. FicklinUnknown - Wendy HigginsThe Edge of Everything - Jeff Giles


If you've missed April wrap ups by other BookLikes bloggers, have a look at the following posts, feel invited to read and join :) If we haven't included your post, let us know in the comment section below.



BookLikes book bloggers' previous 2017 reading challenge posts:


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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-04-30 11:32
April 2017 Wrap-Up







I was mostly happy with this installment. Kate seemed back to her true kickass self. However, her getting together with Curran reminds me of what happened when Kate & Castle finally came together on the show, Castle. Too smooth and too sweet to be real!

Steven Brust is one of my favorite authors. His books soothe me when things get really rough, which is why I will hoard them until I can’t anymore and have to read them! He is also sweet enough to reply to his readers and followers on Twitter. I forget how to exhale every time he responds to me though!
This book featured twin Frankenstein brothers. One of the quotes that stayed with me:
I looked at my brother. I often had the uncanny feeling that I was waiting for his show of emotions so I could better know my own.


Betsy continues to be her clueless self yet manages to kick butt. For all the times that everyone around her sells her short, she still defeats the bad guys all by herself.
Okay, how do I describe my issues with this book? It wanted you to think it was doing something new or unique but it wasn’t. It is the same YA formula where someone utterly powerful has been waiting for our heroine for thousands and thousands of years. Our heroine kept finding things that were supposedly untouched by anyone else yet in places that are very likely to be discovered. The story couldn’t make up its mind about whether it wanted to be YA or adult. And then, we find out that she is the reincarnated version of one of the three main deities. So, not a good fit for me.
This one took me by surprise. The writing is disjointed to the extreme and yet it as musical as one of the characters in it who can only speak in music! It also involved a multiracial same sex couple but the romance didn’t sound made up. One of the characters wasn’t almost feminine despite their talking the way they did. I mean if someone can pull that off, I’d want to read other things written by them. The guy talked in musical notes, y’all! Anyway, I liked the book and everything about it, except for the ending, which was a letdown. I needed more!
Gah, don’t even get me started on this one. The only reason I’m continuing to read this book is because I want to finish the series. It is one thing to ask the reader to suspend their disbelief, it is something completely different to ask them not to use any kind of logic at all. I mean, the woman has been mind-raped for a decade and one day with our hero is enough to undo all of that. I get that she feels safe with him but dude! Then there’s also this issue of the evolution of the series. It isn’t like there is no evolution. It just isn’t happening fast enough. Let’s see how I stick with this series and the spinoff that has made its appearance on the bookstands.
Currently Reading.jpg

I am reading this one for Work Bingo since I rolled the dice to a Based on a Myth shelf.
Currently Eyeing.jpg

Officially, I’ve started reading this one since you will find it on my TBR. However, I have yet to finish even a chapter. Luckily, I did find a copy at the Liberty Book Bazaar this month and I think I’d be more likely to finish this gargantuan volume with a physical copy in my hands. More about my book booty for this month in this post.
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text 2017-04-27 13:45
5 tips to show yourself as a professional reader, author, publisher

If you're a blogger, author or a publisher you can use your BookLikes book blog as an excellent companion to your other webpages and social media. Here are five tips that will help you to show off your brand with your BookLikes  blog. 


If you're already on BookLikes (hight five!!) you can enhance the awareness by writing posts and reviews as well as personalizing your BookLikes webpage. If you haven't tried BookLikes yet, feel invited to join the best book blogging community and follow the tips below :-)


1. Blog username and blog title - make them smart and elegant, they represent You


If you're an author or a publisher chose your professional name for the BookLikes username -- it will be a part of the www address of your BookLikes webpage. The blog title and a short bio should also indicate your role in the book business.



If you're a blogger you have more freedom. However, the more similar the BookLikes username and the blog title to your other webpages will be, the better. All your pages and social media will create a coherent and comprehensive set that represents you -- a professional reader and reviewer.



2. Make it verified and official


If you're an author or a publisher make your BookLikes blog verified and official, then you're account will receive additional features, such as author's tab and a spotlight place on the Explore page. If you haven't received your "verified" mark yet, please contact Kate@booklikes.com. We'll be also more than happy to provide your with a BookLikes Know-How manual for author and publishers.




3. Add your links - make the readers find you


The readers will be thankful for having all your contact links in one place.

The customization tab (menu->Settings->Blog tab->Customize) is a place where you can choose a blog template and add the personal touch to it. You can also add the links to your webpages where you're active.



Remember to save all the changes in the customization tab!



4. When writing - add your source


When cross posting from your other webpages or paraphrasing your previous works, add the link to your source content.



The reader will have a possibility to follow you writings on your other webpages and your content will gain credibility.




5. Make it sharable


In the world of social media your content simply must be ready to hit the road web as soon as it's online. The Dashboard share feature allows for a fast and easy click share -- this option is available for the blogs you follow.



If you notice a nice article on the BookLikes blog you're not following, share it via the social share buttons under each post. Make sure to add the button to your BookLikes book page.

To make the buttons visible go to the customization tab (menu->Settings->Blog tab->Customization) and tick the boxes:


Remember to save all the changes in the customization tab.


Happy writing!

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