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text 2017-05-25 04:45
BookLikes-opoly: Turn 15 (May 24th)

I rolled and chose my books yesterday, but am tardy with my post, so quickly:



This seems to be a very popular space, doesn't it?  Anyway, I chose Dead in the Water by Annelise Ryan:  it has both trees on the cover and author initials found in the word TARZAN.


Dead in the Water - Annelise RyanAs the single mom of an energetic toddler and an investigator working for the medical examiner’s office in small-town Sorenson, Wisconsin, Mattie is used to her life being a juggling act. But now that she’s moved in with Detective Steve Hurley and his teenaged daughter Emily, and has started planning their wedding, her home life is looking more like a three-ring circus. And with her boss and friend, Izzy, suddenly having a health crisis, she could not be more grateful for the newest staff member in the ME’s office, Hal Dawson.

All too quickly her gratitude turns to shock when a floating body found trapped against a dam turns out to be Hal, but the cause of death isn’t drowning—his throat’s been slashed. Hal was supposed to be fishing on his day off with his girlfriend. And when their empty boat is found in a nearby lake, the whereabouts of the woman becomes an even more urgent question.

To find out what really happened to her coworker, Mattie may need to rock the boat. But a killer is just as determined to keep the truth from ever surfacing, even if that means making Mattie the next one to go under.
 Page count: 344  


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text 2017-05-24 23:32
Reading progress update: I've read 8%.
The Godfather - Mario Puzo

Dang, I have to get up in 6 hours, because of an early call with the other side of the world, but I don't want to put down this book. 

For all its overblown machismo, it is rather gripping.
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text 2017-05-24 23:23
Booklikes-opoly (Turn #10)
Diary of an Accidental Wallflower - Jennifer McQuiston

So far my May plays in the game are few and far between. But I hope to finish at least one more book for BL-opoly before June 1st.



Previous turn (May 13th): New Orleans Square 21; I read Learning to Swim (Troy Chance #1) by Sara J. Henry; 296 pages, $3.00 to the bank. Current bank total: $48.00.


May 24th Roll: 7 (6+1)

New Square: Free Parking! Rolled an eight (even) so I was sent to the Electric Company (a MC working in STEM occupations or author name spells out Tesla).  I choose Diary of an Accidental Wallflower (Seduction Diaries #1) by Jennifer McQuiston. The hero is a doctor, so going with STEM occupation. 334 NOOK pages for a possible $4.00 to the bank.


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text 2017-05-24 23:00
Game Play Update: 5/24/17


Bank: $83.00


Roll 17



Another 6! This roll takes me to the Toy Story Midway (Paradise Pier 31), which calls for a book that involves a carnival or a book where the title begins with a letter in PIXAR.


To keep the post length down on the feed, I'm inserting a page break here - the rest of the rolls are still here, but you have to click over to see them!

Read more
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review 2017-05-24 22:32
Review: Learning to Swim (Troy Chance #1) by Sara J. Henry
Learning to Swim - Sara J. Henry

Highlight of the book is the fact when I sat down to fully invest in reading this book, I got it done in a day. So the book was completely read and I get full value for BL-opoly for my investment.


Lowlights (how many there were!):

1. Literary fiction version of a "romance" - yea, there is no HEA or even HFN. And so many problems within the "romance" between Philippe and Troy that was just borderline toxic relationship status.


2. Mystery is in the vein of literary/women's fiction, so there is not really a focus on actually solving the mystery until the last 50 pages. And the cops (Ottawa Police, Montreal Police, Lake Placid, NY Police, Burlington, VT Police) were given the stupid Keystone Kops treatment.


3. The MC, Troy Chance, is a SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE of a character. She is not like other women or into girly things/interests! My goodness, her smugness was aggravating to read. She was outfoxed by the killer until the very end and she was such a dim bulb. And every man she met was attracted to her and she had to fend off the hordes with a stick.


4. Weird conversational structures - French, then the translated English, then a random French sentence followed by more English.


There is a sequel, but I am not reading it. Be forewarned: the author comments on low rating reviews on GR and tries to explain away reviewers' issues with the book.


Read for BL-opoly

Pages: 296 Value: $3.00

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