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review 2017-06-24 16:47
Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher
Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher

This was a fun and quick read albeit a bit disorganized. It was probably geared more to people who knew more about Carrie Fisher and her hijinks over the years, however. It was funny but not laugh out loud so and it made me hate George Lucas a little for the whole bra thing.


I’m counting this as my Free Friday #2 read for booklikes-opoly, so that’s another $4 to add to my bank (page count: 159), bringing the total to $140.

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review 2017-06-24 16:26
Six Stories
Six Stories: A Thriller - Matt Wesolowski

Six Stories is a really great mystery. Admittedly, the actual mystery hasn´t been anything special and I had a hunch about the ending. Based on the story alone I wouldn´t have given this book such a high rating.



The reason why this book worked so wonderfully is the style in which it is written. The book is told by means of a podcast, which delves into the death of a 15 year old teenage boy twenty years prior to the airing of the podcast. Each chapter (podcast-episode) focuses on a person, whose has been with the victim on the time of his death and Matt Wesolowski slowly reveals the depths of teenage group dynamic throughout his novel.


The narration of the mystery kept me glued to the pages, desperate to know what would happen next. And the ambigious ending has been great and suited the tone of the novel perfectly.


Free friday read #1

Page count: 225 pages

Money earned: $6.00

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review 2017-06-24 11:00
#43 - Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail - Cheryl Strayed

I read this book for "Main Street Station". It was recommended by BrokenTune, and it was such a great recommendation!


I had heard a lot about this book and about the movie (that I have to watch now that I finished the book). There is an episode of Gilmore Girls were Lorelai attempt to do "Wild". I did not know a lot about it when I watched this episode, so it was great to finally understand what it was about.


I love hiking and I always have. With the girls scouts (the equivalent of it in my country) we used to go hiking during our summer camp and it was always the best part of it. I enjoyed a lot walking with my huge bag pack, trying to find food and trying not to get lost. I have so many great memories and this book reminded me of them. Ok, it was often for 2 or 3 days and I was not alone, Cheryl’s experience was really different but still. I have always wanted to do something like that, but I’m way too scared to do it alone. I’m really impressed by what she did and I admire her a lot for that.


What I love the most about Cheryl is her honesty. She does not try to be someone perfect, she just tries to find herself and discover who she is. She made mistakes, but she doesn’t seem to regret it, because they are part of who she is. She is also really, really funny. I love learning about her experience.


The writing was also so good. I mean, it is just Cheryl walking for 300 pages, you would think it was going to be boring… but it never gets boring! It is always so dynamic and you are anxious about what is going to happen and excited as well. I really did not want to stop reading and I often thought about the book while I was not reading it. My boyfriend was getting crazy because I was always like “yeah, you know that Cheryl lost her toenails?”, “oh, it reminds me when Cheryl lost her boot, it must have been awful”. And I was going on and on; All. The. Time.


The day after I finished this book, we went to a festival. I had to carry my bag for like a mile and I thought I was going to die (ok, the bag was full of beer, beers are heavy. But I don’t think my bag was as heavy as Cheryl’s). And every time I was like “can you imagine how hard it must have been for Cheryl?”. My boyfriend just did not answered… (I can be really annoying).


Anyway, this ramling review to say that this book was amazing and I really recommend it to everyone. You won’t be disappointed!!

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review 2017-06-24 10:42
Farewell Leicester Square
Farewell Leicester Square - Betty Miller

"He had a vision of the contemporary situation: country after country shutting its doors. Unlovely panic.... Comprehensible, though. The instinct of self-preservation.... He thought of what Catherine had said to him once: We are all guilty of hammering on the knuckles of those who try to climb into our boat.... That was what they were doing, those doctors, those lawyers who protested against the 'influx' of refugee doctors, lawyers.... What we want, he thought, is the Barnardo spirit in politics. The Ever-Open Door. No Really Destitute Person Ever Refused Admission.... But the morality which governs people in their private lives is not incumbent upon them as a nation. On the contrary. The policy is No Really Destitute Person Ever Granted Admission. The Ever-Bolted Door. At the same time he blamed no one. Unflinchingly honest with himself, he realized that he himself might well be equally indifferent if he were one of the fortunate; the secure..."

Written in 1935, Betty Miller was unable to get Farewell Leicester Square published until 1941. Even though her publisher Victor Gollancz had loved and quickly snapped up Miller's earlier works, Farewell Leicester Square was too controversial with its depiction of the hypocrisy and anti-semitism within the British middle-classes. 


I must admit that the premise of the book and its importance as a record of zeitgeist and social attitudes is far more interesting than the story itself.


There is no pacey plot to talk of, no grand drama, no twists. Much of this book consists of descriptions of the mundane, often riddled with a lot of detail. For much of this book, I was really bored.


However, Miller shines at creating characters that have a compelling inner life, and her descriptions of the interaction between the main character and his wife, Alec and Catherine, and the people around them are fascinating because they are so well written. When Alec and Catherine, have an argument, the are no outbursts. The tension and frustration are built by subtlety in their conversations, and by a lot of inner monologue which unveils Alec's struggle with his identity as "the other" in a society that demands conformity. Catherine is no less interesting. In fact, I preferred reading about her thoughts in some way. She's the ally that is never really allowed to be a part of her cause. It's compelling stuff, especially at a time when allies were needed. Still are.


It's sad of course, that the underlying criticism that Miller voices in this book, is still a current issue - regardless of whether "the other" is applied to religious or cultural differences. But this also makes the book an interesting and timely read even though the book and its author have become rather obscure. I love finding these gems. And I adore Persephone Books for re-printing them.

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review 2017-06-24 04:34
When Technology and Nature collide...
The Wild Robot - Peter Brown


We are geese,

And geese keep going.


We're a strange family.

But I kind of like it that way.


Ahh, this book. I didn't think I was going to like this one. I read it because it's a Sunshine State nominated book for the 2017-18 school year, and it fit the talking animals BLopoly space that I landed on.


The name of the robot is Roz and she has a lot of knowledge, but she doesn't know how to survive on this island. Roz is having difficulties until she realizes that she can learn from the animals. Once Roz realizes the animals are talking, she also realizes she can communicate with them. One day, Roz accidentally destroys a goose nest and can save only one egg. This leads to some pretty amazing and heart-warming moments that I really enjoyed. The ending is a bit sad but hints at the sequel which is coming out later this year.


The story is more than a bit quirky, but that's what makes it so much fun. I think it will be a big hit with our 3rd - 5th graders this coming school year. Though I'm sure it will appeal to older kids and adults as well.


Oh, and the illustrations really bring it all together.




I read this book for the Fantasyland 7 space, and this is my first book after the big shakeup. At 277 pages it is worth: $6.00



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