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text 2018-05-04 07:52
BookLikes friends are the BEST!!!

BrokenTune did the nicest thing a couple of months ago - she surprised me by getting a copy of Kathryn Markup's book - our current Flat Book Society read - signed for me by the author, when she attended an event. 


There was some postal dramas (AusPost sucks) but today MT came home with:



BT and I have been WAITING for this to arrive and I've been nagging MT all week: did it come today? did it come TODAY?? and FINALLY today was the day he pulled out the envelope.  Inside (in perfect condition):




There are not enough nice words - BrokenTune planned this out of the blue and frankly, I was totally gobsmacked when she told me.  I'm so excited to add this to my library and to BT: massive, massive thanks; if there's such a thing as book karma (and postal karma), you're solidly in the black!  :D


Danke für das schöne Geschenk.   (God, I hope that's right!!!)

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review 2016-10-06 09:55
Letters to the Damned
Letters To The Damned - Austin Crawley

by Austin Crawley


This one didn't waste any time with the creepy happenings! First scene and I'm already afraid to reach for my cat under the bed.


It also gets points for diversity for a Mexican protagonist. His wife has just died in a sporting accident and at the suggestion of his business partner, he goes away for a while so that his grief won't affect his work. He sees a tabloid story about a post box in an English village where residents send letters to their dead relatives and although he doesn't believe in ghosts or magic post boxes, the village is the sort of place his wife would have liked so he goes there and encounters the sort of strange village residents that make for good Horror movies. At first they just seem quirky, but then some weird stuff starts to happen in relation to the post box.


I liked the main character in this one. He has respect for women, despite the influence of a misogynist uncle, and he's generally a nice guy. The real strength of the book though is the supernatural happenings and the way the reader is smoothly drawn into an ordinary situation turning very strange. There are some genuine chills to be found here!


I've docked half a star because there were three typos. Yes it's only three, but that's three too many. His previous book was completely typo free. A post on his blog says they've been corrected now but it still went out with them.


The post also says the main character's background comes from his own first hand experience, which I found interesting because a couple of people reading this with me didn't think the cultural references were genuine. Apparently they were for a particular time and place.


Overall it was a really good read and left me thinking a lot. Things were explained, but not over explained so that it left me with a lot of contemplation. I would read it again, and might do so on Halloween because those scary bits really had me going!


I've read one other book and a short story by this author and already had him on my authors to watch list. I'll be interested to see what he comes up with next.

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text 2016-09-29 20:16
Buddy read starting Saturday
Letters To The Damned - Austin Crawley

This gets released Saturday and 3 of us are doing a buddy read for the Reads With Bookies Friends square. Anyone else care to join in? The pre release price is .99 and I'm betting it will be good because I've read this author. Come join us!

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text 2014-08-21 10:00
Meeting a Booklikes friend and a massive book haul!

This is something I wanted to post awhile ago but between forgetting to get permission and then getting sick and falling off the radar, this is my first chance to do so.


The first weekend of August turned out to be extremely interesting for LL and I. This month is the birthday capitol for my family: of five people, three are born in August. So we'd already planned to try to head down at some point but a conversation with Murder by Death turned it into an amazing weekend. Turns out, we both knew this amazing used bookstore in Chattanooga, called McKay's, and she mentioned seeing if she could go up and check it out. As it's kinda close to my parent's house, LL voiced what I'd been too timid to do more then contemplate: asking if we could meet there.

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