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review 2019-08-29 16:20
Out march
Help Wanted, Must Love Books - Janet Summer Johnson,Courtey Dawson

I couldn't put a photo of the cover up.


Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley

This is a wonderful book. Shailey loves bedtime because it was when her father reads to her, but his new job interferes so she needs to find a new reader.

It’s great that Shailey and her father are people of color. The fact that the father could be a single parent is important as well. It’s wonderful that while the job is never detailed, the father is involved in something that requires books and electronics. With just these details the story does much in the way of representation.

When Shailey interviews various replacement readers, Johnson and Dawson get clever. The people interviewed are those from fairy tales (which appear to be Shailey’s favorite book), and they are diverse. Snow White is the traditional looking Snow White, the dwarves are mixed in terms of skin color and gender. Sleeping Beauty is a person of color as is Hook. The three little pigs are still pigs, but one is girl. It is a nice variety.

The use of the fairy tales allows Johnson and Dawson to get creative. The way each character applies fits the source story, and Shailey’s increasing response to the applicants – she keeps redrafting her help wanted sign – show the power of words and meaning.

It’s a wonderful book.

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review 2019-05-05 17:06
Nice Overview with a Light Touch
For the Love of Books - Graham Tarrant

Concise but still chock-full of interesting facts and tidbits about the history of books and their authors, For the Love of Books by Graham Tarrant, is an entertaining overview that will appeal to all bibliophiles.  Tarrant approaches the subject with a light touch-with humor and an attitude of wonder rather than a dry recitation or wordy analysis.  He covers everything from the invention of the form to the different genres, citing examples of each with quotes and quick summaries.  The book also provides insight into the interesting lives of the writers themselves- including background trivia, inspirations, feuds, substance abuse struggles, brushes with the law and even some quirky death stories.  For aspiring writers, there are also passages that provide advice both serious and tongue-in-cheek.  For the Love of Books perhaps relies a bit too heavily on the traditional and well-known, and the reader may be left desiring more inclusion of those outside of the usual British/American canon.  Still, there is plenty of new information to discover in Tarrant’s offering to make it a fun, quick dip into the fascinating world of books.


Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for an ARC of this book in exchange for an objective review.


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review 2018-02-27 16:59
What was I thinking waiting so long to enjoy this series?
Crooked Tree Ranch: Montana, Book 1 - Sean Crisden,RJ Scott

With his advertising career coming to an abrupt end, Jay finds that he suddenly needs a way to support not just himself but his sister and her two children.  The Crooked Tree Ranch needs saving. Nate's been running things since his mentor Marcus Allen became ill five years ago but if something doesn't give soon things are going to go from bad to worse. 


When Jay first sees the add for someone to manage the business end of the dude ranch he's less than enthusiastic but the more he thinks about it, the more he begins to think this might be just the thing for him, his sister and her kids. A fresh start in a new place. What he wasn't looking for was a new man but Nate pushes all his buttons and resist as they might both men soon realize that there's an attraction that neither of them know how to fight, but neither are they sure that they want anything either. So maybe friends with benefits?


'Crooked Tree Ranch' is the beginning of this series and along with giving Jay and Nate's story we're given the a whole lot of secondary characters and background as well as an overall story line that will thread it's way through the series...it's a bit of a thriller mystery that this series will continue to build on.


Sean Crisden has once again added depth and uniqueness to the voices in this audiobook making this story all the more enjoyable for me as I was drawn into events by his easy cowboy drawl and needless to say I'm more than ready to get into the next book in this series. I really don't know why I've waited so long to get into this series but I'm glad I haven't waited any longer.

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review 2017-08-12 01:05
Audio review
Crooked Tree Ranch: Montana, Book 1 - Sean Crisden,RJ Scott

Crooked Tree Ranch is a low angst and sweet story. It's very much a simple tale of a 'city boy' and his family (sister, niece, nephew) moving from New York to Montana to take a job after he gets laid off. There he encounters many things that are new to him: Mountains, horses, and, of course, cowboys. 


Sean Crisden's smooth and sexy narration really brings the story to life. Definitely a comfort listen.

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review 2017-06-03 04:56
Strange the Dreamer - Laini Taylor
Hello Lazlo Strange.
magic in your heart
I was completely charmed by Lazlo. He was a kindred spirit. A bookworm, a hopeless magical romantic with a wild imagination, a dreamer through and through. He had this pure, untainted hopefulness that most of us adults seem to let diminish as we grow older and I just couldn't get enough. Seeing everything through his eyes made you see the world so full of wonder and adventure and it made the experience so much better. You felt his excitement and it made yours increase in the process.
dont let reality get in the way
The mystery of Weep was equally as an enchanting! I found myself trying to figure out exactly what could be happening there right along with Lazlo, and I couldn't have dreamt up anything nearly as wondrous than Laini Taylor did. This place and the people were so interesting. Each little piece of information we got about them just made me want to know more!
all dreamers
The writing was beautiful as well. Taylor has a way of truly sweeping you away with her words. She paints a vivid picture and you are bound to find yourself blissfully lost in this world of magic and secrets. Truth be told, I loved this book so much that I tracked down the UK special edition with the blue edged pages and original artwork by the author, and it was signed so I was extra excited. I'm going to be collecting a bunch of Strange the Dreamer goodies for the foreseeable future. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book, especially after that ending! I highly recommend this book to fans of fantasy!

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