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review 2016-02-22 02:26
One Night With Her Bachelor (Montana Born Bachelor Auction, #6), by Kat Latham
One Night with Her Bachelor - Kat Latham

"Bid on a date with this wounded warrior for an unforgettable night of adventure. Aim high—and bid higher!—because no one comes close to local hero Gabriel Morales.

Molly Dekker hates being the town charity case, but when her son Josh is seriously injured she has no choice. She lets her best friend organize a bachelor auction to help pay her massive bills and make Josh’s life more comfortable. She can’t bid on any of the men, but a surprise bidder gives her a gift she never expected: a date with the man who saved her son’s life—the only one she’s in danger of losing her heart to.

Former Air Force pararescueman Gabriel Morales made a career of flying to the rescue, until a tragic helicopter crash stole more than his livelihood. Being auctioned off like a slab of beef isn’t in his recovery plan. But one look, one touch and one night unlocking Molly’s pent-up passion makes him realize how badly he needs to be rescued…and how badly he wants to rescue Molly right back.

Will Molly and Gabriel’s never-quit attitude have them rushing head-first into love? Or will Gabriel’s secret pain stall their relationship before it can get off the ground?"


❖ ❖❖


f0105c_d390a82563c36b71e176e ... "You see, Aunt Lily's organizing an auction, and we're looking for the best of the best. Aunt Lily wants you--" He pointed at Gabriel as if he were posing for an Uncle Sam poster. "--to enlist in our bachelor auction."


The words took a few seconds to sink in. His panicked gaze shot to Lily, who gave him a no-one-says-no-to-me grin of satisfaction. "Oh, hell no."


One Night With Her Bachelor by Kat Latham is a sweet and light contemporary romance. I thought initially this was going to be an insta-love/lust type of story, which I am not a big fan of, but thankfully I was wrong. This actually turned out to be a nicely done slow-burn romance. Even though the story is short, only 155 pages, the author does a great job of developing the relationship between the two leads.


All of the characters, from the leads to the secondaries, are well drawn. Molly is a no-nonsense and strong Heroine, and Gabriel is a sweet guy working through some personal issues. Although this is a light story, it does touch upon some deeper, realistic topics. Gabriel is dealing with some PTSD, and Molly is dealing with her son surviving a serious injury. 


The only tiny issue I had was with the ending, which felt rushed. I would have liked it drawn out a bit more. However, my understanding is that this is a prequel, or really the foundation for the entire Bachelor Auction series, so maybe we get a little more of these two in previous books. 


While this is tagged as Book 6 of the series, it's more like Book 1 so it's not necessary to read the others in the series before this one. 


I loved everything about this story. If you're looking for a sweet, sexy, light contemporary romance, then I recommend checking out One Night With Her Bachelor. 


Final Rating: 4 stars



Image source: cliparts.co

Source: rachelbookharlot.booklikes.com
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review 2015-02-23 14:38
Firewall (Magic Born #3) by Sonya Clark
Firewall (Magic Born) - Sonya Clark

This book tied up just about all of the loose ends in the series.  At the end we have a fairly solid idea of where the world is headed and our people are happy.  Firewall is really all about getting the world back to a place where Magic Born can live freely and are treated like human beings.

Center to this whole resolution are Tuyet (Snow) and Dale Hayes.  They have quite a bit of history between them but now seem to be on opposite sides of the law.  Tuyet would do anything to avoid seeing him again, but Hayes has hunted her down and now he needs to figure out what to do with her.

Their romance is really more of a re-kindling and learning how to trust each other again as opposed to a new one.  We even get to see their past through a series of flashbacks - while I enjoyed seeing their past, it came up at awkward times in the story that were just a little distracting.  There was also soooo much action going on that at time the romance got just a tad lost.

I really loved the characters and their romance, but it got a little lost in the story of what was going on everywhere else.  The city and the riots were a character unto themselves and there was just a lot going on all over the place as everything was getting resolved.

Source: www.bittenbyromance.com/2015/02/review-firewall-magic-born-3-by-sonya.html
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review 2015-01-06 14:35
Witchlight (Magic Born #2) by Sonya Clark
Witchlight (Magic Born) - Sonya Clark

This was a great book two.  I got to see a lot of my favorite people from the first book, and the overall story arc really progressed in a great new way.  As the government begins to try and limit the rights of the Magic Born even further, Elizabeth Marsden does everything she can to stand up for them and prevent the change from happening.  But, her reasons aren't what everyone thinks they are.  As a Magic Born living as a Normal, her lifestyle is in constant jeopardy of being uprooted and seeing her sent to Freak Town.

Vadim is a big secondary character in book one, and I really liked a chance to get to know him better.  I just wish I had liked him a bit more.  He has a really good side to him, but we saw most of it in the first book, and in the second we see other sides, but I didn't always like where it went.  He's a bit of a tortured soul - and those are really hit and miss for me.  I did enjoy a glimpse of his trickster younger self when he magics the Christmas ornaments though.

Elizabeth seemed a bit like a sacrificial lamb at times.  She was an amazing character with some really fantastic motivation behind everything she does.  Watching her cope with her untrained magic was so sad, but it all made sense.  I really loved her, and I didn't quite see what she fell in love with in Vadim.  She is really the center of the story though, so I got to see a lot of her.  I can't wait to see what happens next in the world as the Magic Born become more restless and the Normals become more willing to forgive their past transgressions.  It looks to be very exciting.

Source: www.bittenbyromance.com/2015/01/review-witchlight-magic-born-2-by-sonya.html
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review 2014-12-12 14:53
Trancehack (Magic Born #1) by Sonya Clark
Trancehack - Sonya Clark

The world building and lore in this book really blew me away.  It was like entering an alternate universe where so much was different, yet so much was still sort of the same.  Magic users exist, and most of the Normals are afraid of them.  So they have been rounded up into what is basically several ghettos.  They are only allowed to leave for so long and their ability to live like the rest of the world is extremely limited.

Calla grew up in Zone 13.  She's fairly happy there and was content to live her life making jewelry and occasionally hacking into the web to find out what was going on.  But then Detective Asshole had to show up and she was drawn into something larger than either of them expected.  Calla is hiding a lot of secrets, so this was bad bad news for her and some of her friends.  But Nathan was fascinated by the girl and felt he just had to get to know her better.

There was a lot of excitement in this one.  It was almost like a dash of suspense and sci-fi technology was thrown in small enough doses that it didn't take too much away from the paranormal aspect.  The mystery they are investigating was very engaging and there were a couple characters from Zone 13 that you get to know fairly well and I really liked them.  There was quite a twist at the end and I was surprised at the resolution, but it did feel a bit like the author wasn't sure how to wrap it up and had forced herself into a corner with no other options.  But then that was how one of the characters felt as well so maybe it was intentional.

I'm interested to see where the series goes next.  The world has so much potential to get very exciting.

Source: www.bittenbyromance.com/2014/12/review-tranchack-magic-born-1-by-sonya.html
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review 2014-02-18 11:30
Born to Love
Born to Love (The Vampire Reborn Series) (Entangled Ignite) - Caridad Piñeiro

Got my version from Netgalley, and yet again this one didn´t show fi- or fl- in any words, so you have to use your brain when you read *eyeroll*
Did miss a big chunk of the final showdown as well, so I jumped from a pre-fight talk to the aftermath SMH.
I read this as a standalone, I´m guessing you´ll get more from it if you´ve read the first books, but it worked great anyhow. 
David lost his use of his legs in a tragedy and that made him step away from Maggie, for her own sake. Now that she needs support, will he step up? 
Diana tries to get by even though her internal threat is clouding her joy. Will her baby survive, and what will her mate Ryder do to save them? 
Action, suspense, shifters, vamps and smutty fluff. 
I think I´ll start the series from the beginning instead, and re-read this one in a final version, with all the letters intact. 

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