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review 2017-04-19 19:02
Loved it, But Still Had Problems With This One
Jessica Jones (2016-) #6 - Michael Gaydos,David Mack,Brian Michael Bendis

So in issue #6 we have Jessica Jones finally some would say turning against the mess that Carol Danvers has gotten her into. We do know that Jessica plans on exploring what she was told in the prior issue, which is that the super-heroes have purposely destroyed other realities in order to make sure the reality they all currently exist in stayed the main one.


We do have a swift end to some nonsense with someone who is out to get Carol and who never watched a movie before about what happens when the bad guy spills all of their plans.


There is some rhetoric thrown out about Carol helping Jessica with soothing Luke's anger at  her (seriously, does no one own a phone?) and then Jessica realizing that maybe she has given up way too much for such a little payoff (you think girl?).

The artwork and language made me smile since it made me think more of the Jessica Jones I saw on the Netflix show (that is a good thing). The first few issues felt off to me, and now I know why.


We get an appearance by Maria Hill and also seems to be in the dark about what Jessica has been up to and why and once again I just don't get the secrecy behind it.

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review 2017-04-19 18:57
Continuing Saga of the Mess of Jessica Jones's Life
Jessica Jones (2016-) #5 - Michael Gaydos,David Mack,Brian Michael Bendis

I honestly loved this and the next comic in the series. The colors in this one seem more vibrant, ie. I can see people's expressions. I know that the watercolor effect is kinda cool, but man oh man the first two issues I was squinting away.


In issue #5 we have Jessica being brought down to the jail to help out the police and talk to the husband of her former client. What the man starts to reveal to Jessica Jones about other realities and what exactly the Avengers and other so-called heroes have been up to will shock Jessica's world.

We also then having Luke Cage (still an ass) getting talked to like the child he is acting like from Ben Ulrich (see Daredevil). 


I still don't get why Carol Danvers had Jessica lie about what was going on to her husband (Luke Cage) and whys he felt the need to kidnap her daughter and hide her with her mother. Frankly it feels like things that romance novels would include that would tick all of us readers off. You would think that none of these people heard of having a freaking conversation before.

This one of course ends with Jessica about to make a deal with the devil.


I have to say though that one reason why I am starting to fall out of love with reading comics (Marvel) right now is that I don't want to have to read across different series to figure out what is going on. There are references to the Inhumans, another Civil War between the superheroes, etc. I already read Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) so I know enough ins and outs to figure out what people are talking about. But I really wish that most of these authors would consider these being standalones for us comic readers who don't want to dip in and out of a bunch of different series to follow one story-line. 

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video 2017-03-14 06:52
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1: Cosmic Avengers (Marvel Now) - Brian Michael Bendis
Guardians of the Galaxy (2015-) #2 - Brian Bendis,Valerio Schiti,Arthur Adams



Preparing myself for the new Guardian of the Galaxy movie, I would read a lot of graphic novels before May. 


Guardians of the Galaxy - Infinite Comic (2015) 2 Page 9


Read on. 

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-03-06 08:29
Old Man Logan steps into the past
Old Man Logan (2015) #1 - Andrea Sorrentino,Brian Michael Bendis

The story start from issue #1 to issue #18.


The start of the story began when Logan has a blaze to the past.


And then found out the past is not even his past.



This opened up a whole new line of story. 


The best bit is still the remembering of his past with his wife, and how they started out together. 


This is rare for Wolverine and kind of act a new dimension to his character.



Not as much fighting in this one. More of how he would try to find another way out a jam, instead of like a bulldozer, he act more like a tired solider who would fight if he has to, but he prefer to talk thing out and avoid the final show down. 


As the story progress, it is jumping a bit. 


Old man Logan is tired but he keep fighting. 


The vampire story is a bit of side-stepping. But that's okay. 


Overall, interesting stories. 



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text 2017-03-05 13:47
Wolverine: Old Man Logan - Steve McNiven,Mark Millar
Old Man Logan (2015) #1 - Andrea Sorrentino,Brian Michael Bendis
Old Man Logan (2015) #2 - Andrea Sorrentino,Brian Michael Bendis
X-23: Innocence Lost - Craig Kyle,Christopher Yost,Billy Tan
X-23, Vol. 1: The Killing Dream - Marjorie M. Liu,Alina Urusov
X-23: Target X - Craig Kyle,Christopher Yost,Michael Choi,Mike Choi

Watched the movie "Logan" today. It was a great movie. Load of actions. It is really awesome. 


And it is also very very sad.


So, I go back and read all the comics regarding old man Logan and X-23 I could get my hands on. 


Image result for Logan


Start reading. 

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