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review 2016-01-06 18:13
I have found the missing link...
Not My Sinner (Brooklyn Sinners #4.1) - ... Not My Sinner (Brooklyn Sinners #4.1) - Avril Ashton

between Avril Ashton's series Brooklyn Sinners and her Run This Town series. It's the last story in the Brooklyn Sinners series and it's free from the author's site and it's called 'Not My Sinner'. I have no idea how I missed this one but I did and even though I've read all of the Brooklyn Sinners and everything that's out so far for 'Run This Town' I'm glad I finally found it and read it.


First off it's about Tommy and Mateo. And yes, it's high on drama and angst, but I don't care, I loved it. There are times in life when the angst and drama are suited to the occasion and for these two this was one of those times. Mateo's past and his future happiness with Tommy are on a collision course and needless to say when the past crashes head on into the present the results are explosive. Fixing it doesn't seem possible and for Mateo the alternative is unacceptable. 


The events that begin to unfold as Mateo fights to fix things are the threads of the story that begins to play out in (Watch Me) Break You, book 1 of 'Run This Town' and I have to admit that as much as I enjoyed this story I would have loved reading it at the end of Brooklyn Sinners and before starting (Watch Me) Break You. So if you have read the Sinners series and haven't started Run This Town but plan to. I seriously encourage you to go to http://avrilashton.com/?page_id=528 and get a copy of this to read (there are some other free reads for the Sinners series as well, if you haven't read them already).


Note: my biggest issue with this story as with previous ones is the lack of or at the very least the very poor editing that has or hasn't? been done.  It really is Tommy and Teo not Timmy and Toe. Seriously? Toe?

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review 2015-02-13 00:00
Not My Sinner (Brooklyn Sinners #4.1)
Not My Sinner (Brooklyn Sinners #4.1) - ... Not My Sinner (Brooklyn Sinners #4.1) - Avril Ashton I discovered this today and I had to read it and couldn't put it down and damn I miss those sinners, I loved the story so much and I even fell in love more with Mateo and Tommy, their story in sinner's fall was short so it was good to see them together as an established couple they are great together and it was nice to see some of the pervious sinners guys, I loved it and I love Avril and the way she writes it is amazing, I enjoyed it very much and can't wait to read more about Dima and Xavier.
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review 2015-01-26 06:45
Sinner Like Me (Brooklyn Sinners, 3.5) by Avril Ashton
Sinner Like Me (Brooklyn Sinners, 3.5) -... Sinner Like Me (Brooklyn Sinners, 3.5) - Avril Ashton

I am kinda glad that it wasn't Vince who sold out Syren. However that scenario with evil ex-lovers is getting very old very fast.

The last 20-25% of the book was too sappy; all the talk about surrogates and babies and feelz and more babies and eve more feelz and 8 year old behaving like she was still four - not my thing. 

Syren weirded me out. I thought he was behaving out of character more than a few times. Still love him.

2 stars.

PS If I knew how much the immature kid was going to be in the book I would have never started it. 

The books I like to read and kids don't mix. 

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review 2015-01-18 04:12
And that's a wrap...
Sinner's Fall - Avril Ashton

So this is the last of The Brooklyn Sinners for me. Overall I really enjoyed this series and it was made even more enjoyable by the fact that it was a buddy read with Mammarella and I got to make a new friend as well when Tully joined us.


Sinner's Fall focused on Tommy and Mateo, two very different men. Tommy and Mateo's story started in book 2, Sinner Savior and has now come full circle. Tommy's life, especially his childhood was a nightmare and things didn't end well for Tommy and Mateo when Tommy ran away from Mateo. In Sinner's Fall circumstances bring them back together and Mateo is determined to give him the help he needs and then walk away. Something that ends up being easier said than done.


I really enjoyed this series and overall 'A Sinner Born' was my favorite book, but, I'm glad I took the time to read all the stories in this series. I don't think I would have gotten some of the connections that were made between characters and storylines if I hadn't.

I look forward to reading other stories by this author and I've heard rumors there might even be more from this series, a possible spin off I'm told ;-)

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review 2015-01-17 14:58
Should have been good turned out to be sorta' ok...
Sinner Like Me (Brooklyn Sinners, 3.5) -... Sinner Like Me (Brooklyn Sinners, 3.5) - Avril Ashton

Sinner Like Me was more Syren and Kane. I really like this pairing. The previous book 'A Sinner Born' was definitely my Favorite, however, I had issues with some of the things that happened in this story. Some issues were minor but there were a couple of things that just ticked me off and I totally wanted to call bullshit on. So as much as I still like Syren and Kane this story is definitely near the bottom of the list for me. It was the last 20% that convince me to round up to 3 stars instead of down to 2, so there was a bit of redemption towards the end.


I'm off to find out more about Tommy and how Mateo wins his heart...this should be interesting.

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