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review 2017-09-18 13:10
War Brothers: The Graphic Novel - Sharon E. McKay,Daniel LaFrance
I picked this graphic novel up from a library’s display as I loved the cover and the title. I didn’t know until I got home what the novel was about and after I read the synopsis, I realized that I had picked up a gem. I loved everything about this novel.
The story is about the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) which is ran by Kony, a man who stops at nothing. Reading these words, I had to laugh as I just finished reading Soldier Boy by Keely Hutton and here I was reading about the same Army two weeks later, only now I was reading a graphic novel. Both novels were based on actual events. Even though both of their accounts were similar in what had transpired, each story was unique and it was fantastic reading another novel based on what is happening in Uganda. Just as I had imagined from reading Soldier Boy, this novel’s illustrations reaffirmed my notion of what these children went through after being captured.
In this novel, the boys were taken from their school, a place they thought was safe, and now the boys are part of the war. It is either kill the enemy and be given food to eat and survive or to refuse to fight and have to scrounge for your own food and hope you will survive. Don’t get hurt or you will be left behind to die, this regiment had a mission and they were not slowing down. Fighting the government’s army or overtaking villages, the LRA did it to please God, for those are the words of Kony. I had to shake my head as I read about their commitment to God. It was amazing how their twisted minds worked, believing that God choose them to fight for him, to kill innocent individuals and to torment others. They were violent and brutal in their ways to get what they needed, to do God’s will and to get their abductees to break down and fight with them.
I loved the illustrations in this novel. The colorful, bright artwork tells the whole picture. It pulls you in and my emotions harden as I read. To walk day-in and day-out in the bush, keeping your head up while your spirit was diminishing. I liked how the illustrator used a white border around the text boxes when life was safe for the boys and then changed to a black border when the boys were under the LRA rule. It really was a powerful message. Looking at the side of this novel, I saw white, black and then white again, there was hope for what had transpired. I can’t say enough about how powerful and effective this novel is, in portraying this event that is still occurring in Uganda.


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review 2017-09-06 18:31
Jacob (Alexander Shifter Brothers Book 3) - Selina Coffey

Lots going on in this one. I will say that unlike the first two books in the series, we get loads of the supernatural in this one, along with two romances and a war. Even having read the first books, I still got a little lost at times with this one. There was just so much going on that it was hard to stay focused on any one plot line. I felt like Jadrian should've had his own story instead of lumping it in with Jacob's. In the end, the story was just too busy to become invested in it.

Overall, this series has been lackluster at best, so I think I'll skip any future additions.

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review 2017-09-06 05:20
Cade (Alexander Shifter Brothers Book 2) - Selina Coffey

Much like the first book, this is more contemporary romance than a shifter story. We do learn early about Jacqui, but other than Cade shifting when he tells her what he is, there's very little in the way of the supernatural. As far as the romance side of things, the story is okay. The attraction between Cade and Jacqui was obvious and steamy, but with the time jumps in the story, I didn't really feel the love they supposedly had. It felt like there was too much being crammed into too little space.

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review 2017-09-02 17:35
More romance than supernatural
Kane (Alexander Shifter Brothers Book 1) - Selina Coffey

Kane is a sweet and steamy romance between Damesha and Kane, but I found myself having to go back and reread the blurb about the shifter part. There is a bit of suspense surrounding Kane, but about 75% of the book is what I would contemporary romance. Other than Damesha's psychic ability, which isn't prevalent through most of the story, there's little in the way of the supernatural. From what is given about Kane's family through much of the book, his older, overbearing brother could've been nothing more than just that. He didn't have to be a shifter for that. The romance part is good, but just another romance, and by the time it got to the shifter part of the story, it all felt a bit rushed. Overall, an okay romance read with a smattering of a shifter tale at the end. The writing style is good and the pace is steady but fell short on the shifter side.

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review 2017-09-01 01:51
good story and characters
Shattered (Steel Brothers Saga) - Helen Hardt

Ruby had been a cop for eleven years and a couple months ago she became a detective.Ruby had run away from home as her father Theodore had tried to rape her so Ruby did not trust men and had been on her own since.  at fifteen years old   Ryan is the youngest of the Steel brothers he is a rancher and winemaker. Ruby is trying to find answers to questions no one wants answered but her. Ruby and the Steels past are entwined together . Ruby’s father is one of the men who had kidnapped and assaulted Ryan’s brother Talon. Ruby wants to find out what exactly and who her father is.Ruby is determined to close this chapter in her life by capturing her convict father  So Ruby has a personal interest in the mystery the Steel brothers are trying to find,Talon had been kidnapped as a kid by Ruby’s dad and Talon’s half uncle and his dead  father had been involved.Talon  and had been raped and tortured while he was held. Ryan carries a lot of guilt  that he had escaped what Talon had endured.   Ruby had never taken a vacation, work was Ruby’s solace was work and kept her mind busy. Then Ruby was asked by Melanie to be her maid of honor.Melanie did not have any close family or friends but Melanie knew more about ruby than anyone in the world. Even though Ruby knew nothing about weddings.  Melanie is marrying Jonah in a double wedding with Ryan’s brothers. Ryan thinks he may get some answers from Ruby. Ruby is definitely attracted to Ryan but she isn’t looking for a relationship at least she wasn’t before she met Ryan.. Ryan also hadn’t been looking for a relationship but he started having feelings for Ruby. T+RYan and ruby got to know each other better during the wedding festivities. But Ruby felt Ryan could get anyone why would he want her especially with who her father is and what he had done. He was a monster as far as Ruby is concerned and he had deeply hurt the Steel family. As time goes by Ruby opens up and shows the real her not just the cop. The brothers think they all know who did it but are having a very hard time finding out for sure. Then RYan finds out some things his brothers and sister haven’t told him and he is terribly hurt.  Ryan gets a phone call from his mother yet she killed herself years ago didn’t she ?

This was a great book to read. I loved the plot and pace. This was very dark at times. But it captured you and kept you right until the end without letting go. It broke my heart at times and i choked up while reading this. This was very erotic but I felt it was tasteful. I loved the twists and turns I also loved the slow build romance. This was well written with mystery and intrigue. I loved everything about this but I hate cliffhangers and this ended in one. The cliffhanger is why this is a four and not a five rating. I also do love the characters and the twists and turns and i recommend. Also there is six books before this one and I recommend you read them in order so everything will come together for you.

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