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review 2017-10-27 18:46
Close, but No Cigar
Bury Your Dead (Armand Gamache, #6) - Louise Penny

Ugh. So this book ticked me off. There were two major plots going on in this book that did not work well together at all.


Spoilers for events in book #5.


At the end of book #5, "The Brutal Telling" Olivier is charged with manslaughter when all signs points to him as the murderer of a hermit that lived hidden in the woods in Three Pines for more than 10 years. Olivier had been using psychological terror on the man in order to obtain art pieces and wooden carvings that the hermit made to sell for thousands of dollars. Olivier's long time partner refuses to believe that he committed the murder and sends Gamache a letter a day asking him why if Olivier was the murder, why did he move the body. Gamache recovering from a police shooting that left many people dead asks Jean-Guy to look into it for him since he is afraid that he missed something.


End of spoilers for book #5. 



Gamache is hoping to regain his footing by staying and talking with his old mentor in Quebec City. Gamache is researching Samuel Champlain (he founded Quebec City). While conducting research, a murder takes place that has Gamache looking into a group that wants to find Champlain's remains. 


I honestly wish that Louise Penny had either totally dropped the first plot (the re-investigation) or showed us the events that led to Gamache's leave. Or heck I would have been fine with him being on leave and doing research while helping out with the murder of the researcher with some flashbacks to the shooting. Having this mish-mash did not work at all. 

The writing was all over the place in this one. I found myself confused throughout. I think it was because in one paragraph we would be in present day, past, or suddenly Gamache would be speaking to someone and you would have to figure out if he was really speaking to them or remembering something. I quickly figured out something bad happened and could even tell who it happened to as well (no subtlety at all in this one) so getting to that point just took a long time for me.


The flow was not great in this one due to the above writing I already mentioned. 


The setting of Three Pines and Quebec City felt disconnected the whole time. Having Jean-Guy back at Three Pines with no one else but Clara to help him out didn't ring true either. Also Jean-Guy was more of a pain in this one than in previous books. I downright disliked him in the next one. Louise Penny has characters changing so quickly from book to book that it was difficult to get a handle on while reading.

The ending with the follow-up to Olivier's case rang hollow. Sorry, don't buy it and I rolled my freaking eyes when we find out who done it and the surprise in store for that person. At least book #6 was much better in my opinion. 

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text 2017-08-10 01:49
Reading progress update: I've read 223 out of 384 pages.
Bury Your Dead - Louise Penny

I've got a feeling I'm going to be an emotional wreck by the end of this book.


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text 2017-08-09 01:13
I love my library!
Bury Your Dead - Louise Penny

Look what was waiting for me.

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review 2016-08-21 17:11
Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny - My Thoughts
Bury Your Dead: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel - Louise Penny

Have you ever finished a book and just wandered about aimlessly, unable to settle at doing anything, unable to concentrate because you're just busy feeling?  That's how I've felt for the past hour or thereabouts.  Since I finished Bury Your Dead.  


Moonlight Murder was right.  It was indeed a devastating emotional onslaught.  SO many times my throat got real tight and I'm pretty sure I cried my way through the final 3 chapters.  


So The Brutal Telling (Gamache #5) came out in 2009 and Bury Your Dead (Gamache #6) came out in 2010, a year later.  HOW did Penny fans last???  *LOL*  I'm so glad I didn't have to wait a year between the two.  I was able to go directly from one to the other, something I rarely do these days.  


Okay, so... the mystery of the murder of the historian was interesting and at times even fascinating - especially for this anglophone Quebecker.  I liked the characters we met in Quebec City, especially Gamache's mentor and I loved all the insight we got on Gamache himself.  More insight on the man at work than in his personal life this time.  


And I loved Beauvoir going back to Three Pines on Gamache's orders.  It gave me a different intimate perspective on the Three Pine inhabitants.  AND the further insight we get on Beauvoir, although there's one sublot I can see coming a mile away, I just don't know how Penny's going to handle it.  :)


The underlying thread through all this is the incident that took place that 'sends' Gamache to Quebec City and thereby Beauvoir to Three Pines.  That is what ripped my heart into teeny-tiny pieces.  All these characters that I've come to care so much about!  All these beautifully flawed human beings.  They all, each and every one of them (okay, maybe not Marie-Reine)  have a part of them that's unlikable or even unlovable.  But I think I love each and every one of them.  :) 


Maybe I'm babbling, I don't know.  This book (and the previous one as well) have left me rather gutted.  *LOL*   But dammit, this is one excellent, excellent read!   So much more than a murder mystery, really.  


I'm spent!


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text 2016-03-02 17:26
March TBR
To Be a Queen - Annie Whitehead
Blood and Roses - Catherine Hokin
The Invention of Fire - Bruce Holsinger
A Burnable Book - Bruce Holsinger
The Jesuit Letter - William Dean Hamilton
Martyr - Rory Clements
The Brutal Telling - Louise Penny
Bury Your Dead - Louise Penny
The Pilgrimage of Grace & Exeter Conspiracy (Tudor Time Insights (Politics & Economics) Book 3) - Tudor Times
The Colour of Poison: A Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery (Volume 1) - Toni Mount

Too many books, too little time.

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