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review 2017-12-17 06:24
The Black Count
The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo - Tom Reiss

So the cover picture is quite dashing and despite the fact that I listened to it in audiobook format, Scribd displayed the picture quite prominently on my screen... which resulted in an amusing moment where another person caught a glimpse of it before I could hide the window and I am sure they thought I was reading some trashy romance because their face scrunched up and they started laughing. Whoops! (^_^)


In reality, this is about the father of French author Alexandre Dumas, père (AKA that guy that wrote all those books they make movies based on). It encompassed his entire life from his childhood in the Caribbean to his death in semi-exile in France. The family's ancestry is discussed along with the complex sociocultural issues of the time in relation to attitudes about slavery, the effect of the American Revolution, the Napoleonic wars... Honestly, it is so fact-heavy that it was mind-boggling at times as my personal knowledge of history had to be rearranged in my head to make new connections with somewhat obscure topics like the French founding of Egyptology or Parisian theatre traditions in former French colony islands, etc.


As for the audiobook: male narrator, neutral tone with just enough inflection on the ironic points but not particular stand-out in any other way.


(I listened to this months ago and wrote up this review in June and it's been languishing in my drafts till now, but I stand by the 4.5 star rating.)

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review 2017-11-05 13:36
Prince Roman (1001 Dark Nights) by CD Reiss
Prince Roman - CD Reiss


Control is an alluringly, deceptive beast.  It presents a false sense of security that can easily be broken.  Raven is slowly learning the error of her ways.  All it takes is a forbidden attraction and a true life prince to have her breaking all the rules.  Is the cost worth the risk?  CD Reiss makes temptation a top priority.  Prince Roman is a sensual delight that is unpredictable, wicked and short.  Spice up the bookshelf with this hot little number.

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text 2017-11-05 06:18
Reading Update: 50%
Marriage Games - C.D. Reiss

I just wanted to watch her exist.

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review 2017-06-16 21:42
This was good!
Bombshell (Hollywood A-List) - CD Reiss

Bombshell (Hollywood A-List) - CD Reiss 


This was a departure of what I'm used to with CD Reiss, but I really enjoyed it.  The drama, the overtop parents, the sex...it was like watching reality TV.  


I was glad that Brad got his head out of his you know what and made things right with his daughter.  I'm also glad he got to keep Cara as well.  The epilogues were adorable.  :)


This is supposed to be first in a series, so I'm interested on seeing where the series is headed.


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review 2017-06-03 00:00
Bombshell - C.D. Reiss Bombshell - C.D. Reiss This goes down as a big fat meh from me. For the first 50% I didn't understand the main characters, let alone the secondary ones. The second 50% suddenly they were just in love, and I had trouble separating the units. I guess that's largely what this book was about and that Brad's love for Cara grew because of her with his daughter, but I can't believe I read past her being humiliated and pushed time and again....
Can you say "hostile power dynamic?" The second 50% really complicated my feelings in the sense it was entertaining enough to keep me reading, but if someone asked in about 3 days about the book I'd have trouble accessing any details.

Ultimately, I'll just be left with the sense that Cara should have left at 15%, and that's also when I should've stopped reading.
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