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text 2016-08-14 20:12
Coloring books for geeks
Doctor Who Coloring Book - Price Stern Sloan
Serenity Adult Coloring Book - Fox
Star Trek: The Next Generation Adult Coloring Book - CBS

See http://coloringbookaddict.com/coloring-books-science-fiction-geeks for a good list of geek-y coloring books.  At bottom of the article there are also links to download free pages, including but not limited Tolkien, Harry Potter and Doctor Who.


Not pictured above:


Harry Potter: The Official Coloring Book #1 - Scholastic The Walking Dead Coloring Book - Robert Kirkman Doctor Who Travels in Time Coloring Book - Price Stern Sloan


 Harry Potter: The Official Coloring Book #1   

 The Walking Dead Coloring Book - Robert Kirkman

 Doctor Who Travels in Time Coloring Book   


Tolkien's World: A Fantasy Coloring Book - Mauro Mazzara  The Official A Game of Thrones Coloring Book (A Song of Ice and Fire) - George R. R. Martin Star Wars: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation (Art Therapy) - Catherine Saunier-Talec,Anne Vallet


Tolkien's World: A Fantasy Coloring Book - Mauro Mazzara  

The Official A Game of Thrones Coloring Book - George R. R. Martin

Star Wars: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation - Catherine Saunier-Talec


Supernatural: The Official Coloring Book - Insight Editions Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book - CBS The Official Outlander Coloring Book - Diana Gabaldon;


Supernatural: The Official Coloring Book - Insight Editions  

Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book - CBS  

 The Official Outlander Coloring Book - Diana Gabaldon  


Steampunk Coloring Book 2 (Volume 2) - Nick Snels  Buffy the Vampire Slayer Adult Coloring Book - Fox The Hound of the Baskervilles - John Green, Arthur Conan Doyle  


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Adult Coloring Book - Fox

Steampunk Coloring Book 2 (Volume 2) - Nick Snels  

The Hound of the Baskervilles - John Green, Arthur Conan Doyle 






Source: coloringbookaddict.com/coloring-books-science-fiction-geeks
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text 2015-08-25 22:53
Do as I say
Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News - Bernard Goldberg

I have no doubt that some newscasts are biased in certain directions - and no, I'm not just talking about Murdoch. However, if you are writing a book about news bias, you shouldn't be using loaded language to describe people who disagree with you and who do the reporting. Sorry.

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text 2014-10-01 22:40
Why Modern Liberals Hate FoxNews




Everyday when debating issues with people I hear the same old tired complaints from leftists:


"Well, you get your news from Faux News/Faux Noise/(insert thinly veiled  insult disguised as pseudo witticism here)"


As if the only way I, an independent conservative former Libertarian, could ever develop an informed opinion without my conservative "masters" telling me what it is and how to present it. I find this highly insulting and, to be blunt, this is the epitome of the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. When I hear the same talking points ad nauseum and verbatim from so many different people, I cannot help but assume that they came from the same source, because it's virtually impossible that so many different people can parrot the same exact lines without harvesting them from the same orchard. I could be wrong, but a duck is a duck, after all.


So, is Foxnews really Satan's platform for spreading the subversive messages of modern conservatism? No doubt they have an agenda, no doubt that agenda is right leaning and no doubt there are scores of people who do indeed get their opinions from that single source, exactly the way left says they do. FoxNews viewers and right wing extremists share a common core; rejection of everything "liberal", in the modern sense, though not all are rabid extremists and not all agree on everything.


The main reason "liberals" hate FoxNews is that until FoxNews came along, the "liberal" left had a monopoly on so-called "news" coverage in this country and there was no outlet for the other side except Rush Limbaugh, and Ozzy knows that message is about as right leaning and shrill as any political entertainment program out there, but it was the ONLY one for a long time. FoxNews emerged as a conservative voice in a "liberal" wilderness of PC thuggery and right wing hating demagoguery that demonized anyone and everyone who dared speak out against anything "progressive" (which is another word bastardized into meaning exactly the opposite of it's original definition). Still, to this day, FoxNews pretty much stands alone as the only conservative based "news" media outlet, pitted against NBC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, Mother Jones and so many other left leaning "liberal" apologist sources that there are too many to name in this blog post. (Here is a link that lists most of them) *This same source has an equally long list of conservative news outlets, most of which are internet based*


And what is the message these "news" outlets want you to know? Conservatives are ALL racists, backward thinking, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging contrarians who want to keep you down, take all the "wealth" and hoard it so no one can ever hope to rise above the poverty level, leave your parents and grandparents destitute and steal their Social Security, deny children an education and food...basically we are all evil and hate anyone who isn't white and rich. Conservatives want to "...have dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance..."; we are "tea baggers", neo-Cons, war mongers, homophobes and religious nuts and all we want is more, more, more...


So, is it really surprising that, in the face of this much raw hatred from the left, fomented by every "news" outlet on television, in print and on the radio, conservatives would flock to the one place where they can have their beliefs and their ideals championed? I was bullied as a child, mercilessly, because I was a skinny little runt with big ears and because children are the cruelest creatures on this earth until they learn what it feels like to be on the receiving end. I was beaten, ridiculed, terrorized and tortured for most of childhood, until I found a friend who decided I was worth talking to, worth being with and once I found that one friend, I knew for sure that no matter what happened to me, I always mattered to him. He was there when I needed him (and still is), so I stuck to him like glue. FoxNews emerged as that one friend for conservatives, when the rest of the media world was bullying them. And "liberals" hate Fox, not because of the message itself, but because it isn't THEIR message, because it offers a different (though not necessarily always correct) choice than "fall in line or f**k off". 


To be fair, "liberals" these days are no less demonized, no less the subject of hate filled diatribes from the right leaning pundits and ideologues and have every right to be as insulted by what some on my side throw at them, the caveat being that the vast majority of right wing mudslinging occurs on social media and the internet rather  than from institutionalized and highly regimented "traditional" news outlets. 


But if you're reading this far, if you haven't automatically fallen into the trap of dismissing my message because it's true but it's different from yours, then read this:


DON'T get your views from television shows, DON'T base your opinions on the same misinformation others in your "party" spoon feed you and DON'T let your default position be whatever the news media you watch tells you it should be if you want to be a "good American", because America wasn't born with that mindset, it was born with the mindset that WE ALL, "conservative", "liberal" or whatever, have an equal say in the direction the country takes, we ALL are important and we ALL have a voice...don't let yours be silenced by FoxNews, or MSNBC or me or ANYONE...the future of the country depends on it.



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review 2013-12-20 20:21
Review: Phoenix Island by John Dixon
Phoenix Island - John Dixon

Check out Scott Reads It!

 I'll be honest the main reason I wanted to read Phoenix Island was because I had heard it was the inspiration for CBS's Intelligence. If I hadn't heard about Intelligence, this book probably wouldn't have landed on my radar. Despite the fact that it's been published by an adult imprint (Gallery Books), Phoenix Island is definitely a YA novel. Phoenix Island is just as clever and inventive as The Lord Of The Flies and The Maze Runner; this is one of the most intense dystopians novels I've ever read. 
    What makes Phoenix Island so frightening is the fact that the plot events are extremely plausible; I wouldn't be surprised if there is an island in some remote part of the world just like Phoenix Island. Usually sci-fi and dystopian novels don't feel authentic, they usually feel extremely feel far-fetched and unlikely, but Phoenix Island is frighteningly real. 
     Though Carl has his fair share of faults, he is a character that I rooted right from the start. I admired Carl's loyalty, ambition, and unrelenting sense of hope throughout this novel. I also loved the way Dixon had written Rivera, Stark, and Ross. Stark is one of the most terrifying and despicable villains I've read about recently; I was worried for Carl's sake whenever he was with Stark. I always love an underdog and so, Ross has to be one of my favorite characters in this novel. Ross might not be as brave or as strong as Carl, but I appreciated his gutsiness. The only character I felt a bit disappointed with was Octavia because I felt like there was so much more to her character than Dixon let on. 
   There's no denying that Phoenix Island pays homage to the classic Lord Of The Flies by William Golding and I loved the nods to the everlasting classic. Even though Phoenix Island feels like it's inspired LOTF, PI is an extremely original and intriguing novel. John Dixon has written such an atmospheric novel and he did an excellent job at making the island feel so authentic. Phoenix Island raises so many important questions about good vs. evil, society's treatment of criminals, and power. 
      Phoenix Island is extremely well-written and fast-packed making this an extremely enjoyable read. Some components of the plot are on the predictable side, but truthfully it didn't bother me at all. I watched the TV show trailer after finishing this book and it definitely looks as if the adaptation will be very different from it's source material. I'm really hoping that Intelligence lives up to the high standards that John Dixon set with Phoenix Island. 
Source: scottreadsit.blogspot.com/2013/12/phoenix-island-by-john-dixon.html
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review 2013-02-25 00:00
CBS Television's Captain Kangaroo's Surprise Party
CBS Television's Captain Kangaroo's Surp... CBS Television's Captain Kangaroo's Surprise Party - Barbara Lindsay, Edwin Schmidt I was horrified to learn that Mr. Green Jeans had a nephew and niece - Blue Jeans and Pink Jeans. How did I not know that? Was it a fortunate escape, a lapse in memory, or the purposeful erasure of a truth too terrible for mere mortals?I was almost as horrified by the illustrator's notion of an aspidistra - but not quite.
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