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review 2018-02-17 00:35
Transformers: Lost Light #14 - James Roberts,Brendan Cahill

So much yes!   Grimlock comes back, and of course, it's not quite how you'd expect, and it certainly doesn't end how you'd expect.   It's brutal and far, far worse than anything I'd expect.   


The Scavengers agree to find the Magnificence, for a whole lot of money.   Instead, they find Scorponok, the Decepticon who used Grimlock, torturing him, experimenting on him, and it's revealed why it was done now.  


Scorponok also has some control over Grimlock.    And it's this fact that is truly tragic.  

I was left astounded by the ending.   Well worth reading!

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review 2018-02-09 18:31
Virtually Perfect by Paige Roberts
Virtually Perfect - Paige Roberts,Marguerite Gavin

I add the randomist of books to my Overdrive queue. This is another that I added for whatever reason and by the time it came around to me I had no idea why I requested it. Sometimes it works out, other times notsomuch. This was one of the notsomuch times.


Lizzie was once a Food Network star but was fired for some reason I don’t think they ever revealed. I think I would've caught that because I was hoping it was embarrassing but I could’ve missed it because I might’ve dozed off a time or two. She’s since been making a living taking whatever job comes her way, mostly cooking for rich people. When she’s offered a full time gig cooking for a wealthy family at their luxurious summer home at the beach she takes it.


What follows is a modern day chick lit story of a woman who puts up with all sorts of crap to keep her job which is something most of us can probably relate to. We do need to eat and sometimes it pays to keep your big mouth shut. But this changes a little later in the story when she begins to make a few unprofessional moves and remarks that weren’t at all thought through. I mean I get it, a girl can only take so much, but it’s never a good idea to talk crap about the family who pays you to another family member that you barely know just because you think he’s the black sheep of the family. Even I know that! During the daily dramas that enfold she’s also attempting to patch things up with a friend she left behind for fame (snooze) and learns her mother has been hiding a big secret which she might’ve discovered sooner if she’d tried harder to get in touch with her mom.


This book gets mostly good reviews so perhaps it just wasn’t a story meant for me. I thought it might be light and entertaining and though it is very descriptive with the food and I enjoyed that bit, it started to aggravate me midway and never recovered. The plot was nothing special, nothing new, nothing that wasn’t predictable and basically bored me. None of the characters were all that likable, even Lizzy. The wealthy socialite who NEVER shuts up and all but one of her family members and friends were horrible people who the reader gets to spend way too much with. Imagine being stuck in a room with no hope of escape with loud, drunk, shallow, wealthy people who think of no one but themselves and their pleasure. I’d rather have toothpicks jammed under my nails than suffer through that. And their presence makes up much of this story. That’s not my idea of a good time but who knows maybe it’s yours?


On the positive side, the narrator has one of those musical and lively voices that’ll keep you going even when you know you should probably quit. Yep, it’s her fault not mine that I did not DNF.


This one gets a two because if I’m being honest I just did not like it very much.

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review 2018-02-06 15:49
Deviant - Jaimie Roberts

WTHeck kinda fresh hell was this?!

This book just sucked. It took way too long to get to the point of why this dude felt so strongly about punishing this girl. You don't know the why of it, until about the 88% mark of the book. 

"Making her pay for all that she's done"
I promise! If he said this line one more time, without telling me why, I was about to throat punch his a&&... And what was finally revealed? Sorry, but the punishment did not fit the crime AT ALL.
And I knew it! I knew that his issue was something that could have been cleared away then and there, if he just went to her when it happened. I also figured out who set the mess in motion in the first place, way before that was revealed too. Oh and how quickly that person came to an end. 
So anti-climactic it hurt my feelings.

And how the heck did she truly figure it out? It doesn't tell you or show you how she figures it out by just doing a little research online. Hell, if that's all it took, she could have done that 18 chapters ago! Still even though you know what she's researching, it still didn't show you how she connected those dots. Smh. 

The only thing that was good about this story, was her relationship with 16 year old Jeremy
This was the only touching and real thing about this book. From how they met and formed their bond. It was all organically and emotionally sound. And flowed well. Too bad this still could not save this book.

The ending sucked only to leave way for a crappy cliffhanger, to get you to buy book two.
But this chick here, has left this crazy train and I will not be returning.

If you haven't figured it out yet, No. I would not recommend this read.


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review 2018-02-05 00:36
A Sense of the World: How a Blind Man Became History's Greatest Traveler - Jason Roberts

An interesting man who went from being a naval lieutenant who suffered from joint pain then became blind and traveled the world alone.  Fascinating!  And this all takes place from 1787-1857.  James Holman was an apothecary/shop owner's son who was destined to follow in his father's footsteps when family fortunes changed.  He goes to the Navy at 12 and expects to be there for the rest of his life but his health turns bad and he must retire on half-salary.  He becomes a Naval Knight of Windsor to retain his half-salary.  He absents himself a lot from his duties as he travels the world.  What is does and how he learns his way around with short funds and limited language skills is remarkable. 


I loved that the history of the time is explained and that what is happening in the countries he explores is also given.  That he often is on naval vessels and helps is remarkable.  I also enjoyed seeing the societal downsides of his times.  He is a remarkable man.  I am glad the bookseller recommended it as I was checking out.  Excellent read!

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review 2018-02-04 17:20
Untamed by Nora Roberts
Untamed - Nora Roberts
Jovilette "Jo" Wilder has spent her entire life in the circus. She knows no other life, and she wants no other life...Until the new owner shows up after inheriting the circus from the father he's never met.

This story sure didn't age well. The story itself could work in any time setting, but the characters and their actions and reactions don't fare well in this day and age.

First of all, the story is written in third person, but from the heroine's perspective. Since said heroine, despite being twenty-two (or so we're told) comes across as childish, immature and rather self-absorbed, so we don't glean much about the hero or his possible inner workings from the narrator.
Because we're not privy to the hero's inner voice, his character and his intentions remain (mostly) a mystery, and the final revelation about his true feelings doesn't really work and seems rather unbelievable or implausible.
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