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review 2017-01-04 22:14
Lit Fuse (Nashville's Finest, #0.5) by Caisey Quinn








When Chase Fisk enrolled in the United States Army, it was mostly to escape a dead- end job working with his alcoholic father.


The military provided him with a sense of belonging, and his brothers in arms became the family he never thought he’d have. He’s ready to embrace his promotion to Commanding Officer over a group of new explosive tech recruits—but he isn’t ready for her.

Vivian Brooks grew up in a military family and is unlike any woman Chase has ever met.


The recently enlisted recruit is beautiful, tenacious, and as steady with her hands as any EOD technician he’s ever seen. She tempts him in every way possible, challenging him at all turns and taunting him with a body that haunts his waking moments and most of his sleeping ones.


But as their forbidden romance could threaten their careers if it’s discovered, Vivian’s buried secrets threaten to destroy them both.





Oh my gosh.. Lit Fuse was too short, I wanted more! I wanted more Viv, I wanted more Chase.

So much here that could have made it a full novel had they been expanded never the less Lit Fuse is a great title for this book because the relationship between Viv and Chase is exactly that once they are brought together.

If you haven't read Quinn's work before this is a great place to start to get you ready for the new Nashville's Finest series. Absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to watch the action and passion explode for the rest of the books.


Caisey Quinn




This title will be available January 31st 2017!







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review 2016-03-15 16:15
Falling for Fate by Caisey Quinn
Falling for Fate (Second Chance Book 2) - Caisey Quinn
photo da3b031d345be1fa23a11bdd86be7717_zps5qkubftf.png
Tropes: 24

“It damn sure is my business. How can you do your real job if you’re out every night, prancing around half naked behind the bar till God knows when?”

Our leading man, ladies and gentlemen! Isn't he charming? (And yes, he says this to the heroine.)

Falling for Fate opens with Fate coming to New York for her first job. Initially, she was meant to move there with her soon-to-be husband, but when she caught him cheating on her with her best friend, Fate does the move on her own and calls off the wedding. That night when she caught her fiancé and best friend, she ran down the beach where a out of this world handsome man found her, and one thing led to another, and he took her virginity right there on the beach. When he left a few seconds, Fate ran. Now, back to present day and New York, she runs into the man from the beach. Who just happens to be her new boss, Dean. He's spent all his awake moments since that night trying to either forget about the woman who's virginity he took or doing his best to find her, both without much luck. When they meet, Dean wants nothing more than have her again, and Fate is hesitant to do so.

All right, let's just get this out of the way: this book is terrible. The only thing that isn't bad is actually the writing (which is one of the most common complaints about New Adult as a genre). It's good. But it doesn't make up for the rest of the book.

Introducing: our main characters. Dean is your typical creep, sexists/misogynist that the New Adult genre is so good on producing. He shames women for having sex, and treats them like sex objects. So when he finds Fate, our virgin heroine, and finds out she's a virgin, he falls in love. Suddenly he believes he has some kind of say in what she does with her body.
He’d been inside her, dammit. The first man ever. He sincerely hoped he was still the only man ever.

Excuse me for not worshiping the ground he walks on. Misogynist assholes aren't my type, that's all. Besides, Dean's obsession with the fact that Fate was a virgin until he came along is beyond creepy. He's practically more in love with this fact than he is in love with Fate.

In the other corner, we have Fate. Guess what? She loves to shame women too. Not only women having sex, but people in general. For example when Dean fires his female assistant (because she propositioned sex to him at the workplace) the assistant is replaced.
And his slutty assistant had been replaced by a fuller-figured woman who looked to be in her forties.

This implying that a woman with a fuller figure and in her forties is to be seen as someone asexual. (I'm not supporting what the first assistant did, sexual harassment is sexual harassment.)

Not to mention that Fate shits all over her own gender repeatedly.
You told me you didn’t know if you could offer me more than this weekend and I’ve told you repeatedly that I’m okay with that. I know it’s not the typical female response

Wonderful people, huh?

But hey, unlikable character aren't the end of the world (or a book). Although, it's clear these aren't supposed to be thatunlikable. Usually it's the plot that makes up for that, but inFalling for Fate, that's not the case. The plot is basically Dean and Fate tiptoeing around each other when all they really want to do is jump each other. There's nothing of substance that could be mistaken for a plot. Instead it's raging hormones, Dean obsessing over Fate's taken virginity, and Fate going back and forth like a swing. Which isn't enough to carry a book.
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review 2015-11-22 15:07
Girl in Love
Girl in Love - Caisey Quinn

It's been quite a long time since i read the first two books in this series so I'd forgotten a lot of it. It didn't entirely take away from the story but I think my enjoyment of the story might have been greater if I'd read them back to back.

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review 2015-11-08 16:06
Missing Dixie by Caisey Quinn
Missing Dixie: A Neon Dreams Novel - Caisey Quinn

PJ header


PJV Quickie:As soon as I finished Leaving Amarillo and Loving Dallas, I could not wait to get my hands on Missing Dixie. I am happy to report it was worth the wait - Missing Dixie is a fabulous ending to this compulsively readable New Adult trilogy.



We first met Dixie Lark and Gavin Garrison in Leaving Amarillo, and I fell in love with this tough-as-nails heroine and the broken man she had been secretly lusting over for longer than she'd care to admit.  Dixie wants Gavin but she's not willing to play games, and he's asked her to wait while he "works stuff out".  When she sees him at a bar with a good-looking blonde, she wonders what the hell she's waiting for.


What Dixie doesn't know is that Gavin really is back in town to wrap up past mistakes and make himself worthy of Dixie's love. But there are some things he can't shake off and he's stuck in a vicious cycle that he's been trying to manage by himself for too long.




At the end of Leaving Amarillo, I was so frustrated with Dixie and Gavin's relationship status! I didn't want to wait for resolution, I wanted it NOWWWWW! Then I read the second book, Dixie's brother Dallas' story, and enjoyed it so much I was willing to give the author a break and wait (sort of) patiently for Missing Dixie.


Caisey Quinn has given these characters an amazing story and I'm glad I took the journey. The growth between Dixie and Gavin from Book 1 to Book 3 has been entertaining and uplifting. At the risk of using the over-used phrase "a feel good story", it really was. From Dixie's music foundation for underprivileged children to Gavin's determination to overcome his childhood demons, I felt like I was seeing a side of the characters that I didn't know I wanted.  Don't get me wrong, there are some serious issues addressed in Missing Dixie, and while real life does not always have a fairytale ending, I love the way things played out in the book.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and am looking forward to whatever Ms. Quinn is working on next.  In the meantime, it looks like she has an interesting backlist that I will be checking out.


Fans of rock-star romance, New Adult, and romance in a small town should definitely check out this series.  While I think Missing Dixie can probably be read as a stand-alone, I recommend reading the entire series in order. If you haven't tried New Adult before, this would be a good introduction to the genre. Fans of Liora Blake's True series or Nalini Singh's Rock Kiss series might want to give the Neon Dreams series a read.


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review 2015-10-22 09:23
Last Second Chance by Caisey Quinn
Last Second Chance - Caisey Quinn

photo da3b031d345be1fa23a11bdd86be7717_zps5qkubftf.png
Items ticked off: 24

Here's what I expected of Last Second Chance: A story about a smart woman who gets her first real job, takes it seriously, and helps the people at the rehab facility she works at. Since the rehab facility is mainly for famous people, a lead singer of a band, Van, checks in after nearly dying after playing a little too hard with drugs. I expected them to grow closer as he struggled with his addiction. I expected some forbidden romance between the two of them. And of course some drama with media and whatnot given that he is a famous rock star.

Here's what I got: A woman who's supposedly bright is willing to risk her first real job for some hot sex the moment when she bounces into a hot rocker who's about as charming as a worm. Apart from that, what story was there? Well, not much. Van, our hero, doesn't struggle with his addiction. In truth, everything about therapy and his recovery seemed forced and unrealistic. Also, there wasn't really much of it in the book. The story is mainly Van whining about how Stella (heroine) is too good for him, and Stella worrying about how Van might be playing with her. Then they have sex, and they aren't secretive about it either. Our heroine is supposed to be bright, but she turns into a blushing and immature schoolgirl the second she sees Van.

Let me introduce you to Van, our hero.

He wasn’t the kind of man who had those thoughts. His thoughts about women were limited to Yes, I’d like to fuck that one and No, I would not like to fuck that one.

Charming, huh? Guess what he turns into after meeting the heroine once (and barely speaking to her, I must add):

She was the first woman he’d ever hated on sight. Because one look at her and he knew. Knew everything he’d ever done was sick and wrong and made him the kind of man who would never be good enough. But when she looked back at him with those gleaming emerald eyes wide with surprise and darkening with need, none of that mattered. Because he damn sure felt the overwhelming desire to try to be. Like his fucking life depended on it.

If this is what passes as romance these days...

I said it before, but Stella is TSTL. She gets her first real job and is willing to jeopardize it for a round in the sack? And she's judgmental (most of the characters are) and generally thinks she's better than the rest. Like, she's judging all other women that are hired at the facility for flirting with Van, but she's the one who's actually got into his pants and that's okay? I don't get her logic. At all. She was just all over the place, and not in a good way.

I should comment on the plot, but there wasn't really one. Sure, there's drama in Van's past and some crazy ex-girlfriend - what New Adult story doesn't have one of those?- but generally speaking, the story is mainly their lust/love for each other. And Van whining over how beautiful Stella is and how he doesn't deserve him. Then there's Stella's past that is just forced to the extreme. I've read too many New Adult stories to be satisfied by a plot focused on lust and some forced backstories. I'm still waiting for a New Adult story with substance. Sadly, this didn't have that.

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