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review 2020-01-30 13:23
Caligula (Little Black Classics #17) - Suetonius

Suetonius and I go way back. In Latin class, we were forced to watch these less than inspiring documentaries on Roman Empires that were filled with quotes from, among others: Suetonius. As such, I was looking forward to reading this Little Black Classic. Also, because if there ever was a mad man in power, it has to be Caligula, who allegedly planned to make his horse a consul in order to ridicule the senate (which would be one of the least cruel things he did).


It made an interesting read. It is of course written quite some time after his death and as such it is flavored in the politics of that time, but it is absolutely clear how cruel the man was and how unfit a ruler.


~Little Black Classics #17~


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review 2016-11-10 19:28
Roma Amor by Sherry Christie
Roma Amor: A Novel of Caligula's Rome - Sherry Christie

Marcus Carinna isn’t happy when his father orders him to leave the army life behind and come back to Rome and befriend the new Caesar Caligula. Three years ago Marcus’ brother (and Caligula’s best friend) committed suicide after charged with treason and Marcus hasn’t forgiven his father that he let it happen. It’s after he becomes Caligula’s friend he starts to unravel old family secrets.


I liked Marcus who was so devoted to learning the truth about his brother’s death. He had earned quite a reputation in Rome but seemed committed to reforming his name and to live up to his father’s expectations. When Marcus develops an interest in the Marcomanni Priestess called Aurima, his father is less than pleased.


I really liked Aurima and the chapters with the so-called barbarians. We see that women had much more rights in their life than the Roman women. I’ve never read books with Caligula with in it so this was new. Didn’t really make me like Romans more than usually…


In the end, I really loved this and it was quite a quick read too.

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review 2016-01-04 23:13
So one day Graves read this and years late we had a BBC soap
Caligula (Little Black Classics #17) - Suetonius

                For me, Caligula will always be John Hurt dancing.  That scene, from I Claudius where Hurt prances in front of Derek Jacobi and two other politicos   that mini-series has influenced how I see Livia and Claudius.  So Caligula is John Hurt.

                This Penguins Little Classic is Suetonius’ chronicle of Caligula, and thorough Suetonius’ history does rely on rumor and story, it is still a good read.  Even today, it still speaks largely to politics.   More importantly, Suetonius seems to be puzzled, as most people are, when looking at the two Caligulas – the good that everyone and the nut.  This is something that we still puzzle over today – Ben Carson seemed far more normal when he was a simple brain surgeon.  Now, well.

                Suetonius is part gossip mag, part sexual tape (without the blue dress) and part wonderment.

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review 2015-04-21 00:00
Caligula (Little Black Classics #17)
Caligula (Little Black Classics #17) - Suetonius Suentonius was a 2nd Century CE Roman historian, who is best known for his work The Twelve Caesars, in which he writes of the twelve Roman Emperors, from Julius Caesar to Domitian (49 BCE to 96 CE).

This Little Black Classic is a wonder to behold. It recounts the horrors of Caligula, the nickname of Gaius Caesar, 3rd Emperor of the Roman Empire during the 1st century, CE. At the age of 26, Caligula was sleeping with his sisters, stealing wives, having relations with famous dancers and killing anyone he decided to. Suetonius's biography was the original and it recounts the most bizarre and horrendous escapades of a man who would not let any man, woman or child mention goats within his vicinity. It is written so well, but at the beginning there are so many names you may need to place yourself to get to grips with the Roman Empire's lineage. Caligula, whilst obviously severely mentally ill, was also absolutely hilarious, but only with 2000 years worth of retrospective perspective.
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review 2013-10-01 17:11
To hell with human feelings, I can achieve the impossible by sacrificing everything
Caligula - Pierre-Louis Rey,Albert Camus

Caligula is the story of a superior suicide. It is the story of the most human and the most tragic of errors. Unfaithful to man, loyal to himself, Caligula consents to die for having understood that no one can save himself all alone and that one cannot be free in opposition to other men.


i read this one in french and i still can't believe i was able to finish it without having to consult my dictionary that often.

i'm currently in love with Camus. i've only started reading his books this year and yet, every time i read one of his works i feel as if it's written for me.

in this play Caligula, the Roman Emperor, is torn by the death of Drusilla, his sister and lover. Due to his seemingly unstable mental health (insanity) he rejects friendship and manipulates his own assassination.

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