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text 2018-01-16 17:06
Mesmerized By Candace Camp 99 cents!
Mesmerized - Candace Camp

Olivia Moreland prides herself on discrediting charlatans, particularly the false mediums that flock to London. But when Lord Stephen St. Leger requests her help in investigating an alleged psychic’s claims, she can’t deny the ominous feeling she has within the walls of his ancient estate—or the intimately familiar connection she has with Stephen himself. 

The last time he’d called Blackhope Hall home, Stephen had watched as his elder brother claimed both the family title and the woman he loved. Now, in the wake of his brother’s murder, Stephen has reluctantly returned to find his family ensconced in scandal. Who is responsible for his brother’s untimely death? And what is it about investigator Olivia Moreland that so thoroughly draws him in, reigniting a passion he hasn’t felt in years?

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review 2018-01-15 13:14
Review For: Return of the Lycan King: Nicholas and Kristen by Candace Blackburn.
Return of the Lycan King: Nicholas and Kristen - Candace Blackburn

Return of the Lycan King: Nicholas and Kristen by Candace Blackburn.
Nicholas is a Lycan who has been looking for his mate from his first thought of one.  Nicholas is the  owner and head of genetics research institute which investigates common human conditions and offers money for humans to donate blood for testing.  Kristen happened to be of the humans that showed up to give blood in exchange for money.  Nicholas knew as soon as she walked in that she was his mate but that she was still human, her Lycan physiology hadn't assert its self yet.  But it would only be a short time before it did.  
Kristen has a troubled past and it has changed her to be cautions when dealing with something that might have her fall back to her additions. But her pull to Nicholas is strong and they try to work through the changes that are coming  
I enjoyed this book and hope the next book will be out soon.

Source: www.amazon.com/Return-Lycan-King-Nicholas-Kristen-ebook/dp/B011N9PJ6G/ref=cm_cr_srp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
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review 2018-01-02 18:30
Thankfully Better Than The Cover and Title
On the Buckle (a Dreamhorse Mystery) - Candace Carrabus

This was so much better than I expected. The title and cover almost made me skip this book in my collection of Must Love Pets 2. This was a wonderful romance with nicely developed characters and a decent story/mystery. The author clearly has a connection with horses, and while I didn't understand some of the horse lingo I never lacked enjoyment of the story.

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text 2017-12-19 17:50
Reading progress update: I've read 15%.
Must Love Pets 2: A Romance Box Set - JB Lynn,Zoe Dawson,Candace Carrabus,Edie Ramer,Dale Mayer,Barbara Samuel,Theresa Weir

A little cheesy and predictable but very sweet and leaves me smiling. Good for a quick get away from the holiday stress

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review 2017-12-05 19:32
Monday Minis – 3 Novels by Candace Calvert @candacecalvert
Critical Care - Candace Calvert
Disaster Status - Candace Calvert
Code Triage - Candace Calvert

I won these signed paperbacks and it was a very pleasant surprise reading them.


Critical Care (Mercy Hospital, #1)


Goodreads  /  Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon CA


My Review for Critical Care


No villains here, in this uplifting hospital romance with characters that brought tears to my eyes, and I was so surprised that it it did. The writing drug me into what I thought would be just one of those hospital romances I used to read years ago. Now, I am deeper, more sophisticated….and so is this story. I thought this would be a three rating…until Sarah’s trouble. Religious without being preachy. Have I become a hopeless romantic? Rating:  4 Stars


Disaster Status (Mercy Hospital, #2)


Goodreads  /  Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon CA


My Review for Disaster Status


One thing that bothered me early, the word description of Nick didn’t match the cover, but, I am glad to be back with some familiar characters, and this is Erin’s story. It doesn’t take me long to start smiling. Erin, oh my…she cracks me up. I love what she did to the bully when she was seven years old. I love the feisty Nana. Sarge, a great guy in a very sad and tragic situation. Ocean air is always refreshing and so is this stand alone romance series. Life isn’t fair, but…love, loss, friendship, family, despair and a rebirth of faith and hope is a part of Disaster Status and makes me rate this….4 Stars.


Code Triage (Mercy Hospital, #3)

Goodreads  /  Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon CA


My Review for Code Triage


Communication lost, mistakes made, dreams crushed…Can hearts be healed, mistakes forgiven and love prevail? The dinner at the Tonga Room shows how happiness and love can be given and shared without any thought of self, just making someone’s difficult life a little better, Death, danger and loss reads as if this could be a true story. The characters shine, regardless of their faults and foibles. 4 Stars


Read more here.



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Source: www.fundinmental.com/monday-minis-3-novels-by-candace-calvert-candacecalvert
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