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review 2018-03-11 04:19
Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) by Cassandra Clare
Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare

Since I've read the first three novels in the Mortal Instruments series, and I had no idea what to think going into this series. After reading this book, I think its a high possibility that I like the Infernal Devices better. It might be too soon to say but time will tell. 

In search of her brother, Tessa Gray travels to London. There she is saved by a shadowhunter, Will Herondale, who is investigating a series of mysterious mundane deaths. Tessa teams up with the shadowhunters to find her brother and the cause of the deaths. 

I love Tessa. As the main female protagonist, I thought she was strong and despite going through a frightening ordeal, she was able to use her ability to outwit her adversaries. When I first started reading, I thought her ability was cool but useless in a fight. She reminds me of Clary a lot, I don't want to compare the two but I can't help it. They both have no idea who they are in the beginning and find out they are something they have no one else to compare themselves to. How complicated. lol

Will. He kinda reminds me of Jace, and I really like him. The Epilogue and the story of him as a child makes me really curious as to why he's the way he is. Since, he's not an orphan, why does he seem so negative and life-hating. He fights the fact that he's in love with Tessa and even though it's extremely annoying, I must know why soon. 

Jem, first off, I love his name. (Probably because I love the name Gemma) At first I thought he had cancer. Because you know, back then there wasn't the technology to treat such an illness. In some ways, I think this is worse. When first told of Jem's backstory, I felt incredibly sorry, and what must it had felt like for a young boy to go through that type of torture and torment. For Jem to be such a kind person, I love him. <3 However, it was too late, I already shipped Tessa and Will. And I really like them together, if Will stopped being difficult. 

Another love triangle... *eye roll*.
I thought that Will might be the favorite here, but after the ending, now I have no idea. I like Jem, he's an all-around nice guy, and I have nothing against his condition. I just like the chemistry Tessa and Will has with each other. However, Will keeps acting well... like Will and I won't be surprised if Tessa's affections turn towards Jem. 

I like the overall story of Clockwork Angel. Shadow Hunters during the Victorian Era. It's interesting! Things are still kept mysterious with Will and Tessa's ability by the end of the book. I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel. 

However, I must say that there was one thing that fell short. I don't think this could be read before the Mortal Instruments or without the knowledge of the Shadow Hunter world. I felt that things weren't really explained, and I'm glad I decided to read them in publication order or else I would be lost in the dust somewhere.

Overall I'd rate this a 4.5.

Source: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare My rating: 5 of 5 stars Since I\'ve read the first three novels in the Mortal Instruments series, and I had no idea what to think going into this series. After reading this book, I think its a high possibility that
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text 2018-03-04 23:03
Makeup Book Tag

Hey all! Today I decided to do something a bit different and do a booktag! I will be doing the Makeup Book Tag! I'm going to be mixing up the questions a bit in the order in which I use my products. 



First off my bare face without any makeup >.< 



For Primer I use Wet n Wild's Face Primer. I don't know a lot about primer so I just buy what's cheap. But this product has given me nothing to complain about so I'm sticking to it. I dab it onto my skin and rub it in with my fingers. 

Pick a book that's left a lasting impression 

For me this would have to be the entire Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare. These books mean so much to me and I don't think I'd be the reader/writer I am today without these books (psst! check out my Shadowhunters fanfiction here!)



For Concealer I use CoverGirl's Smoothing Concealer in the color Fair. I love this concealer because I feel like it blends well with my foundation. I swipe it under my eyes and in areas of my skin that are especially broken out. I then dab it in with my fingers. 

Pick a character you wish you could get rid of 

For this question I'm going to have to go with the first character I think I've ever hated in any book: Jason Grace. Yeah, he's one of the main heroes of the Heores of Olympus but I really cannot stand the guy. To me he's annoying and tries to act better than Percy...which he's not. Not by a long shot. 



For Foundation I either use CoverGirl's Clean Matte Liquid Foundation or CoverGirl's Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation both in the color Classic Ivory. I'm out of the 3-in-1 so today I used the Clean Matte. I love CoverGirl's foundation because its relatively cheap and stays on for most of the day. I use a blending sponge to dab it onto my skin. 

Pick your favorite first book in a series 

As much as I have problems with the later books in this series, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas is still my favorite first book in a series. This book is such a great introduction to the series and I love Celeana, Chaol and Dorian so much. I even tabbed the hell out of my copy so I can quickly jump to the points I loved so much. 



For Eyeshadow I have a lot of pallets but today I used CoverGirl's (are you really surprised anymore?) Eye Enhancers shadow in Tapestry Taupe. I really enjoy this eyeshadow because its a pretty brown/gray color. It goes on smooth and stays on all day. I wish my eyeshadow brush and brush it onto my eyes, especially into my crease. 

Pick a book that has your favorite colors on the cover 

I have to pick this gorgeous cover of Pride and Prejudice. Blue is my favorite cover and this is just so pretty. I own this copy and it has its own place of honor on my shelf. 



For Power (when I use it) I use CoverGirl's Clean Matte Powder in the color Classic Ivory. I feel like this powder gives me that extra clean coverage over my foundation. 

Pick your favorite last book in a series 

I don't think I will never not pick City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare for this question. Other final books have came close but COHF has reigned supreme in this category for me. It was honestly just the perfect ending to the Mortal Instruments. 



For Eyeliner I have a few different sticks of varying colors but today I used Smashbox's Always On Gel Liner in the color Fishnet. I haven't used this liner much but I like how smoothly applies and how it doesn't smudge. 

Pick and dark and mysterious book

For this one I'd have to pick With Malice by Eileen Cook. This book is sure a mysterious read, I didn't know what was happening until the end of it (and do I even know now that I've finished?) 



For Highlighter I use essence's contour power. I don't actually contour, I only use the highlighter. I don't know much about highlighter but I feel like this one isn't too light or dark and gives me that shine that I like. I apply this with a brush to my cheekbones. 

Pick a book that brightened your day

For this one I have to choose the Prophecy of Shadows (Elementals #1) by Michelle Madow. This was the first book I read after a really long reading hiatus and really put me into a much better mood afterwards. It also got me back into reading. 



For Blush I use a this coral-colored blush in a big combo pallet I got from Ulta Beauty. I like this blush because I feel like its not too pigmented and gives me that right level of blush. I apply this with a brush below my cheekbones. 

Pick a book with come cringe-worthy romance

I have to choose the romance in Betrayed (House of Night #2) because I cannot stand the love crap in that. I'm only continuing on in the series because I like the idea of the books but I cannot deal with the romance. 



I have four different mascara I rotate between depending on the day but today I used essence's I <3 Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara. I really like this mascara because it makes my lashes look so long and thick. For the most part, its also not super clumpy and stays on all day. 

Choose a loooooong book 

I've been waiting to mention this book...A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think this book is my favorite of all time. It just gave me all the feels and I literally loved how far the story went from the beginning of the novel to the end. Please, fangirl with me about it, please. 




For Eyebrows I use the lighter brown shade in the same pallet my blush in in. I don't normally do my eyebrows but when I do I use this shade. Since I've only used this a handful of times I'm not sure how much it compares to other shades. I use a brush to apply this and the brush out my eyebrows with an eyebrow brush. 

Pick a book you think everyone should read 

No Ordinary Star by M.C. Frank. This book is honestly so epic and amazing, I love it so much and I think anybody who picks it up will too. It's a futuristic science fiction novel that honestly such a fast-paced read. Everyone should pick up this book...now. 



For Lipstick I have a lot of different ones but I've really been enjoying lately Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick in the color Pink Sand.  It isn't too pigmented and doesn't smudge which is really important. Also, I feel like it stays on for a while and reapply it is hassle-free. 

Pick your favorite book kiss

I've mentioned Shadowhunters so many times in this tag already but to this day my favorite kiss is the Midnight Flower kiss in City of Bones. That kiss...I just love it so much. I won't say who it is because of spoilers but that ship is just my otp and the kiss is perfect. 


Aaaaaaand finished! 


Thanks for checking out this tag today and feel free to do this tag if you want to! Have a wonderful day and happy reading! 


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review 2018-03-03 07:33
Rezension | Clockwork Angel von Cassandra Clare
Clockwork Angel: Chroniken der Schattenjäger - Cassandra Clare,Heinrich Koop,Franca Fritz



London im Jahre 1878. Nach dem Tod von Tessas Tante reist sie zu ihrem Bruder nach London. Gleich nach ihrer Ankunft wird sie von zwei mysteriösen Frauen entführt und gefangen gehalten. Zum ersten Mal in ihrem Leben erfährt Tessa nun etwas über ihre Gabe und muss erkennen, dass sie kein gewöhnlicher Mensch ist, sondern ein Teil der Schattenweltlergemeinschaft. Tessas Situation scheint zuerst auswegslos, doch dann wird sie durch Zufall von einem Schattenjäger gefunden und gerettet. Gemeinsam mit ihren neuen Freunden möchte Tessa nun endlich ihren Bruder James finden. Als Schattenweltlerin gerät sie dabei zwischen die Fronten der Spezies und muss sich entscheiden wem sie ihr Vertrauen schenkt.


Meine Meinung


“Clockwork Angel” von Cassandra Clare ist der erste Teil einer Spin-Off Trilogie zu den Chroniken der Unterwelt, die Handlung spielt sich gegen Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts ab und bildet somit die Vorgeschichte zu den Chroniken der Unterwelt.


"Wenn sich auf der ganzen Welt niemand für einen interessierte, existierte man dann überhaupt noch?"  (Clockwork Angel, Seite 25)


Die Hardcoverausgabe gab es in der ersten Zeit mit einem perfekt zur Handlung passenden Steampunk Coverumschlag, das Cover der neuen Ausgabe welches das Profil eines jungen Mannes zeigt sagt mir nicht sonderlich zu. Natürlich ist das Geschmackssache, deshalb möchte ich gleich auf den Inhalt zu sprechen kommen.

Die Geschichte spielt sich wie bereits erwähnt in der Vergangenheit ab und somit bekommt man es mit gänzlich neuen Charakteren zu tun. In meinen Augen eignet sich die Clockwork Trilogie daher auch sehr gut für alle Leserinnen und Leser die die Chroniken der Unterwelt nicht gelesen haben. Mich haben bereits die Bücher der Chroniken der Unterwelt sehr gut unterhalten, daher bin ich an die Prequel-Reihe mit gemischen Gefühlen herangegangen (die Angst enttäuscht zu werden war auf jeden Fall da).


Cassandra Clare hat mit “Clockwork Angel” wieder einmal ein Händchen für interessante Charaktere und einen guten Spürsinn für eine mitreisende Plotentwicklung bewiesen. Die agierenden Figuren haben ihre Ecken und Kanten und bringen im Zusammenspiel miteinander eine wunderbare Dynamik mit. Die Kulisse des späten 19. Jahrhunderts dient als Hintergrund der Ereignisse, welche mit einer passenden Sprache untermalt werden und zu einer gelungenen Atmosphäre beitragen. Dazu werden fantasievolle Steampunkelemente in Form diverser Maschinen eingewoben.


"»Ich bin eine Dame, Sophie. Und es wird allgemein erwartet, dass ein Mann sich für die Sicherheit einer Dame aufopfert.«" (Clockwork Angel, Seite 510)


Nachdem mich der Auftakt zur Clockwork Trilogie angesprochen hat, freue ich mich schon sehr darauf bald den Folgeband “Clockwork Prince” zu lesen.

Information zur Reihe


1. 2011 Clockwork Angel 2010 Clockwork Angel

2. 2012 Clockwork Prince 2011 Clockwork Prince

3. 2013 Clockwork Princess 2013 Clockwork Princess




Bei diesem Fantasyabenteuer stimmt alles vom Setting über die Figuren bis hin zur Sprache. Diese Prequel-Trilogie zu den Chroniken der Unterwelt lohnt sich definitiv nicht nur für eingefleischte Fans!

Source: www.bellaswonderworld.de/rezensionen/rezension-clockwork-angel-von-cassandra-clare
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text 2018-03-01 13:00
February 2018 Round-Up



I can already tell  a huge difference in how much more I read and update now that I gave up my main site, I still miss it sometimes but overall it is refreshing not to have so many deadlines and always having to post something. Plus I get so much more reading in and I enjoy it so much more now that I don't have to rush through some of them.

I finally started to read The Other Series that I had sitting here for a long time and I'm loving it so far. I actually bingeing them which is something I haven't done in a while :D lol

For March I don't have any real goals yet but we shall see. There are a few books coming out in March that I'm looking forward to.

Obsidio by  Jay Kristoff & Amie KaufmanThe Prophecy by Jennifer L. ArmentroutLake Silence by Anne Bishop and a few more.

I know a lot of people looking forward to 

High Voltage by Karen Marie Moning. I really should catch up on the series I think I'm three books behind now :/  Some day I will catch up to it lol.
Anyway here are my February  reads . I will just add the picture with the rating and you can click it for my review if you like and I see how that goes. If I don't like it I might go back to adding more to it :) 
Cruel Prince by Holly Black 
5 ★
Scythe by Neal Shusterman
3 ½ ★ 
The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
5 ★
Lady Midnight  by Cassandra Clare 
5 ★ 
I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski: 20th Anniversary by Ben Peskoe, Bill Green, Will Russell, Scott Shuffitt


Written in Red by Anne Bishop 




 4 ½ -5 ★






















Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop




5 ★
























Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare






























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review 2018-02-28 11:07
City of Glass
City of Glass - Cassandra Clare

This third installment in Cassandra Clare’s Ode to Harry Potter was not quite as fun to hate as the second. I blame the faux incest romantic angst, which was dialed up to unbearable levels. At least there were some decent plot twists and character development. Also, this is the book in which everybody and their werewolf calls Clary out on all her crap, Clary included, and it is glorious! There was a little bit of that in book two, but there was more here. A large percentage of Clary’s character growth came through other characters telling her how horrible she is and her realizing they weren’t kidding, and I was all for it.


I do believe Clare’s writing has improved with each book, which gives me hope for her current endeavors, but I don’t think I’ll put any effort into acquiring more of her books. I am never more fully aware that YA books aren’t written for me than when I’m reading books like this. Not that teen me would have appreciated it much more than adult me. I never had more than two or three romantic bones in my body (and The Last Unicorn shattered one of them permanently—oh! sweet agony!), and I’ve always gotten irritated when the characters keep putting the world-saving on hold to be angstily in love.


I still haaaaaaaaate Jace and Clary and want them to go jump in Lake Lyn, and I need to take a break and do some priority-examining before I pick up book four. This one ended in a nice stopping-place. That’s enough fun-to-hate reading for now.

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