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review 2017-04-05 18:10
#RomanticSuspense Review – Morgan’s Hunter by Cate Beauman @CateBeauman
Morgan's Hunter - Cate Beauman

Cate Beauman is a must read author for me.


I love romantic suspense and she is a top notch author with The Bodyguards of LA County series to her credit. I am eager to meet them all, and I will be happy to introduce you to therm…one by one.


I love the cover, the bright green catches my attention quickly, and the elements tell me the story inside will be an interesting one, involving murder and mystery.


Cover by Streetlight Graphic


Morgan's Hunter (The Bodyguards Of L.A. County, #1)


Amazon  /  Goodreads




I cannot imagine how our brave men and women feel as they dodge IED’s and bullets in a foreign land, so…


When Hunter was at Jake’s side in Afghanistan, as he lay dying, Jake made Hunter promise to take care of Sarah and the baby.


Hunter had been injured himself and nightmares haunted his sleep.


Morgan didn’t hurt for money, but she worked hard anyway. She and her friends were the six Musketeeers and committed to their environmental work…until three are found murdered. She seeks answers with a vengeance.


She is a scientist doing wildlife research, not a fighter, so her dad’s solution…Ethan Cooke Security and Hunter is assigned to work with her.


This is my favorite type of reading. I do want a high degree of suspense and I  feel it throughout…waiting for the culprits to show themselves and the confrontation that will result. Making this mystery even harder to solve, is their location, alone in the wilderness.


Two strong personalities clash and the verbal foreplay begins. Sparks are flying from their first meeting. Of course, we knew this was coming. After all, Morgan’s Hunter is a romantic suspense, so I would be hugely disappointed if it didn’t.


Cate Beauman does a fabulous job of creating desire and painful denial, the characters not allowing themselves to act on their attraction. Their  denial creates it own suspense and anticipation as I wait for them to act on their feelings. I keep waiting for them to drop their guard and get it on.


I knew something would happen before they left the forest. I hate the way it happened, but it had to be that way. Sometimes Morgan acts like a spoiled brat and it makes me wonder about myself. I can be obstinate and cantankerous when someone tries to boss me around. Would I do that in her situation?


Greed, money, power…who knows what will cause a person to corrupt themselves.

The danger doesn’t end when I thought it would. I love that Cate kept me on pins and needles, sneaking in the last tidbits of goodness, choosing the time when I can take a breath and say, “OMG, What’s next?.”


This fabulous series stands alone and ranks high on my reading list. I can hardly wait to read more.


I voluntarily reviewed Morgan’s Hunter by Cate Beauman.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 Stars


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/romanticsuspense-review-morgans-hunter-by-cate-beauman-catebeauman
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review 2016-12-04 16:13
Deceiving Bella: Book Eleven In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series - Cate Beauman

Deceiving Bella by Cate Beauman is the 11th book in the Bodyguards of LA County series. It can be read as a stand-alone. I got my first taste of the series and the author's work when I read Falling for Sarah the second book in the series. I had enjoyed it, as such when the opportunity came for me to read the latest installment, I was over the moon.


What I enjoyed most about this story was that the balance between the romantic and suspense elements was perfectly done. The author spent time building on the emotional aspects of the story and managed to keep me on the edge of my seat in the process.


The story began on an emotional high and kept that momentum to the end. From the moment I was introduced to Bella, my heart went out to her. She had been through so much as a child. Her childhood was not perfect. She grew up believing her father did not love her and was ashamed of the life her mother lived. As such she dedicated her life to helping children who had experienced pain and loss at a tender age. She had a generous heart, always willing to give a hand to those in need. As such, it came has no surprise that Reed McKinley would be attracted to her.


Reed had relocated to the Los Angeles area after a seventeen-year stint with the NYPD. Years which were spent seeking revenge against the Caparelli family, a quest which had consumed him and made him a shell of the man he once was. He currently works with Ethan Cooke's security firm, a job which keeps him occupied and leaves him no time for himself much less a relationship. However, he would soon find himself in a battle for his heart when he met his generous and equally gorgeous neighbour.


The characters were well developed. There was sufficient back story for me to establish a connection with both Reed and Bella. I understood Reed's need for revenge and the hold it had on his life. It led to a breakdown in his relationship with his mom. The need was so much that even though he was no longer a cop, he found himself embroiled in the investigation when new evidence came to light. An act that would prove detrimental to his budding relationship with Bella.


I enjoyed Bella's interaction with her dad. Those moments were happy and at the same time heartbreaking. I can't imagine what it must have been like for Bella. Living without her father for twenty-one years and when she is finally reunited with him only to find out he is dying. I could see how painful it was for her.


Reed and Bella's relationship was not without its conflicts. After weeks of trying to fight their attraction, they finally gave in. However, secrets threatened to destroy their newfound happiness.


The story moved at a steady pace. It was tied up nicely and there were no loose ends. The story flowed seamlessly. It demonstrated that things are not always black and white. Not because something appears to be correct, it does not necessarily mean that it's so. Also, it showed the devastating effects that secrets can have on a relationship.



VERDICT: This was an enjoyable read and one which I highly recommend.

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review 2016-07-19 13:01
Giveaway & Review for Falling for Sarah by Cate Beauman @CateBeauman @candacemom2two
Falling For Sarah - Cate Beauman


Widow Sarah Johnson struggled to pick up the pieces after her life was ripped apart. After two years of grieving, she’s found contentment in her thriving business as photographer to Hollywood’s A-list and in raising her angel-faced daughter, Kylee… until bodyguard and long-time friend Ethan Cooke changes everything with a searing moonlight kiss.


Sarah’s world turns upside down as she struggles with her unexpected attraction to Ethan and the guilt of betraying her husband’s memory. But when blue roses and disturbing notes start appearing on her doorstep, she has no choice but to lean on Ethan as he fights to save her from a stalker that won’t stop until he has what he prizes most.




Cate Beauman is a master storyteller, so I was very happy to have the chance to read Falling for Sarah. The rollercoaster romance with the lingering danger has captivated me.


Sarah has a new baby and her hubby will be home from deployment soon. Ethan, who owns Cooke Security, has been there to fill the gap until he returns. As he changes Kylee’s diaper, while Sarah showers, he talks to himself.

“This stuff’s like cement. I’d rather be in an alley with three Uzis pointed at my head.”

Paints a pretty sexy picture in my head, the macho man afraid of breaking the baby.

Then…their world came crashing down. My heart broke for Sarah.


I saw the conflict coming.   Sexual attraction and frustration. How long can they stay apart? Sarah and Ethan struggle to work through their feelings of doubt over moving on after the death of her husband, not wanting to lose their best friend. I want to slap them both upside the head with their on again off again, yes and no affair. Just get over yourselves. At times, I felt it went on a bit too long, but when you think about real life, how often have we all flipflopped over a difficult decision. I know I have.


A serial rapist is running rampant in her neighborhood and we all know where that will take us, but what a ride! Have you ever felt the hairs raising on the back of your neck, your spidey sense tingling, telling you someone is watching?


HE’s furious that he can’t get to her. All the serial killer cliches apply as he escalates to a fever pitch. He is obsessed, making plans for their special day. His sick and twisted thoughts made me think of Criminal Minds.


Oh no, I think I got on a ramble and I hope I didn’t share too much. What I talked about was predictable, so I don’t feel I spoiled anything. The real story is in the gritty details that kept me in suspense. I knew what’s coming, yet I could hardly wait to get there.


The pacing and suspense for Falling for Sarah by Cate Beauman kept me reading from beginning to end. Cate’s ability to write a story I have read before and still keep me on pins and needles is what makes her an author that will be on my radar.


I received a copy of Falling for Sarah by Cate Beauman in return for an honest review.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 Stars


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/giveaway-review-for-falling-for-sarah-by-cate-beauman-catebeauman-candacemom2two
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review 2016-04-14 02:26
Review: Falling for Sarah
Falling For Sarah - Cate Beauman

This is my first time reading Cate Beauman’s work and I must say I am impressed. I have found a new author of one of my favourite genres. I will definitely be continuing this series.
Falling for Sarah is book 2 of the Bodyguards of LA county and it can be read as a stand-alone. It does not matter where in the series you choose to start. I should warn you this is not your typical romantic suspense story. Once you begin reading be prepared to be taken on an emotional journey that is akin to a roller coaster ride. There are moments when all seem well, but then the unthinkable happens and things become topsy-turvy.

I was pulled into the story from the first chapter. The moments described here was bittersweet. There were instances of joy, but this is tinged with pain and loss. A life was lost, but one was born. This chapter sets the pace for the remainder of the story. It was here that we met Ethan Cooke and Sarah Johnson. These two have been best friends all their lives, but unexpected events would cause that friendship to be tested.

I enjoyed this story, however, there were moments when I wanted to slap Ethan upside his head. He is a smart but I guess when it came to affairs of the heart he was clueless. He was of the belief that marriage and family were not for him. This reaction stemmed from the example that his parents had laid out for him. Because of this, his treatment towards Sarah was a lot left to be desired. One moment he is into to her and then the next he is pushing her away. He was afraid that getting intimately involved with Sarah would destroy their friendship. However, his behaviour is likely to cause him to lose the best thing that has ever happened to him. The question that this raises is how does one cross the line between friends and lovers without destroying a great friendship? This was the struggle Ethan and Sarah had to encounter.

In the midst of all this, they had to deal with a serial rapist. This rapist had Sarah in his crosshairs for some bizarre reason. It was helpful to see his POV, which allowed me to see into his sick mind. He suffered from an inferiority complex and it was evident that he had a hard time getting the attention of the opposite sex. He was methodical and was always one step ahead of law enforcement. However, his obsession with Sarah led to him becoming erratic and unpredictable.

The story was well written. There was never a dull moment. The romance was well developed and believable. This was not an insta-love connection. Theirs was the kind of love that grew over time. The fact that they struggled to come to terms with their feelings spoke volumes. I enjoyed the interaction with the supporting characters. I found them intriguing and I am eager to read their stories. The romance and suspense were well balanced. One did not outshine the other.
To conclude, if you love romance and suspense then you need to look no further as Falling for Sarah has it all. I guarantee you will enjoy every moment of this book.

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review 2016-02-08 05:24
Review: Finding Lyla
Finding Lyla: Book Ten In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series - Cate Beauman

Cate Beauman does a wonderful job pulling you into this story as if you were living it. The places, people and situations were well crafted and interesting. My only complaint is that the beginning was very slow and I felt like the story was a bit dragged out. I think my reading time is more limited these days so these longer books are harder to get into. 


Lyla was an interesting character and I felt like we got some real insights into her background and history. The spark between her and Collin felt real as they experienced a very rough few weeks of life. As with most stressful situations, sometimes your partner in crime can be much more than that in the long run. Collin's character was well developed and I didn't have a problem keeping up with the story despite not having read any of the other stories in the series.


The chemistry was great, the action was fun and the romance was well done. There was a lot going on in the world around them and I did enjoy the inclusion of other characters that really kept things moving. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy a good romance with an interesting lead female and her "prince charming".


I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.

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