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text 2017-04-27 22:49
Dewey Readathon Reading List - Spring 2017
The New Neighbor: A Novel - Leah Stewart
A Vision of Lucy (A Rocky Creek Romance Book 3) - Margaret Brownley
Deep Deception - Cathy Pegau
Forbidden - Beverly Jenkins

My TBR for the read-a-thon is very eclectic.


1. The New Neighbor by Leah Stewart (Pop Sugar challenge - book with eccentric character) (Library Love challenge)

           A story about a nosy elderly lady who investigates her new neighbor and tries to uncover the neighbor's secrets. Literary fiction that I really hope doesn't suck due to having a mystery plotline.


2. Deep Deception by Cathy Pegau (Booklikes-opoly)

           F/F romance set in space. New-to-me author, although I follow her on Twitter because she makes life in Alaska look like fun.


3. Forbidden (Old West #1) by Beverly Jenkins (Booklikes-opoly)

          New-to-me author, and I wanted to tackle one of her latest books to see if I like her writing style before diving into her backlist.


4. A Vision of Lucy (Rocky Creek #3) by Margaret Brownley

        Not in a hurry to read this book. The beginning of the book was silly, with too much damsel in distress action that made me roll my eyes. A good laundry day type of book.

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text 2017-04-27 22:28
Booklikes-opoly Fifth Turn
Deep Deception - Cathy Pegau
Forbidden - Beverly Jenkins


Bank: $30.00

Previous space: Paradise Pier 29


April 27th Roll: 4 (2+2)

New Space: Tomorrowland 33 - Take the Star Tour (book set in space, is tagged science fiction, or has robots/cyborgs) - Deep Deception by Cathy Pegau; according to my NOOK it is 601 pages, but GR has the ebook clocking in at 208 and that sounds more accurate. So 208 = possible $3.00


April 27th Roll (2nd time due to doubles): 5 (2+3)

New Space: Frontierland 1 - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (title that starts with any letter in Frontier or tagged as "western" on GR) - Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins; 240 pages = possible $3.00


Looks like I just built my TBR for Dewey :D

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review 2017-04-11 05:43
Murder on the Last Frontier by Cathy Pegau - My Thoughts
Murder on the Last Frontier (A Charlotte Brody Mystery) - Cathy Pegau

For some reason, I expected this book to be a mystery with a f/f romance as the secondary plot (and I don't think I was the only one.).  Well... nope.  *LOL*  It's a m/f romantic subplot.  Sort of.  Vaguely.

Really, Murder on the Last Frontier is basically a cozy mystery starring a 1920s feminist on the Alaskan frontier.  Charlotte is a journalist who comes to visit her brother, a doctor, in the Alaskan town of Cordova (the town where the author lives today, so it feels really authentic).  There is a rangy assistant deputy who Charlotte finds herself attracted to in the course of solving the mystery of the murder of a young woman of the evening.

It's a good book.  I enjoyed my read even though I kept looking for the second heroine to appear.  :)  Much of my enjoyment was because I liked the character of Charlotte a lot.  She has some darkness and heartache in her background which is a large part of her coming to visit her brother.  She's kind of sassy and irreverent and I like that.

The mystery was okay, nothing spectacular, but it served to let me get to know Charlotte.  And by the end of the book, she's made some friends, a couple of enemies too and I find myself looking forward to reading some more about her.  :)

So yeah, if you like cozy mysteries in a historical setting that's different from most, then this is for you.

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review 2017-03-23 16:21
Deep Deception by Cathy Pegau - My Thoughts
Deep Deception - Cathy Pegau

I've been looking for a good f/f romance to sink my teeth into, but you know what?  Most f/f romances by recced authors are out of my budget range!  I can't spent $13 on a 250 page romance novel.  I don't spend that for ANY novel if I'm honest.

Anyway, Cathy Pegau is a recommended author whose books don't cost an arm and a leg, so I've picked up a handful.  Deep Deception is the first one I've read.  It's a science fiction, suspense, romance and a good read.  It didn't satisfy my want for a good juicy romance, it's leaning more towards suspense/romance than romance/suspense if that makes any sense.  I should mention that Cathy's other 2 books in this setting of Nevarro appear to be loosely linked to this one - which is the 3rd one written - but every place I've checked confirms that the books can be read separately.

The main characters, Natalia and Gennie are interesting enough if a little sparsely drawn.  The story is told more from Natalia's POV, so she gets the lion share of introspection and backstory, but I found myself wanting to know more of Gennie's history.  Her childhood before she hooked up with the Reyes family for instance.

Somewhat formulaic but nonetheless enjoyable, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of Cathy's books in my TBR pile.

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text 2017-01-01 16:30
January 2017 Reading List
My Writing Professor: A Lesbian Romance - Nicolette Dane
My Friend The Bride: A Lesbian Romance - Nicolette Dane
Sarah Sunshine - Merry Farmer
A Bit of Bite - Cynthia Eden
Heir to a Desert Legacy - Maisey Yates
Wave - Sonali Deraniyagala
Why Not Me? - B.J. Novak,Greg Daniels,Mindy Kaling,Mindy Kaling
Deep Deception - Cathy Pegau
A Lady Dares - Bronwyn Scott
Switched - HelenKay Dimon

Starting the Romance Bingo and Pop Sugar Reading Challenges this month.


1. My Writing Professor by Nicolette Dane (Romance Bingo - New Adult square)

2. My Friend the Bride by Nicolette Dane (Romance Bingo - Wedding Bells square)

3. Sarah Sunshine (Montana Romances series) by Merry Farmer (Romance Bingo - Interracial couple square)

4. A Bit of Bite by Cynthia Eden (Romance Bingo - Urban Fantasy square)

5. Heir to a Desert Legacy by Maisey Yates (Romance Bingo - Secret Billionaire square)

6. Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala (Diseases and Disasters Challenge)

7. Apprentice in Death by JD Robb (Pop Sugar Challenge)

8. Deep Deception by Cathy Pegau (Romance Bingo - Blown away square)

9. Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

10. A Lady Dares by Bronwyn Scott (Romance Bingo - Pirates)

11. Switched by Helen Kay Dimon



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