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url 2019-11-15 10:24
Side Effects of Cat's Eye Stone & how to avoid them

The cat's eye got its name as its appearance resembles a cat's eye. This diamond is named as a marvel pearl yet there are Side Effects of Cat's Eye Stone and realize the Tiger Eye Stone Side Effects. Consult gemologist before Wearing Gomed and Cat's Eye Together as well as Cat Eye in Little Finger.

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url 2019-11-08 13:19
Cats Eye Stone Which Finger to Wear | When to Wear Cat's Eye Stone

Wondering when to wear cat's eye stone? Everything considered, this is a gemstone that is usually worn by individuals who are influenced by the planet Ketu. The Cats Eye Stone Which Finger to Wear is suggestion that a expert gemmologist or an astrologer can tell you.

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url 2019-09-22 21:46
Rheology Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 2: "On the rheology of cats" by M.A. Fardin

(The article begins on page 16.)


I found out about this via the Goodreads page of a children's book that's due to be published soon. A quote from the article:


"Following these common sense definitions, a meta-study untitled 'Cats are liquids' was recently published on boredpanda.com. I propose here to check if the panda’s claim that the cats are liquid is solid, by using the tools of modern rheology." (16)

And it has pictures.


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url 2019-04-19 08:08
Cats Eye Stone | Catseye Stone | Cat Eye Stone - Gemstone Universe


The Cats Eye Stone is an intriguing gemstone. The Catseye Stone got its name because of the striking similarity with the eye of a Cat. Wearing a Cat’s Eye Gemstone as a amulet can give supernatural protection from the effects of an evil eye. This stone is most preferred stone amongst those who are associated with hypothetical activities and investments. The Stones that are known to bring good luck are favored by the risk- takers and adventure junkies. Also, Cat Eye Stone is a quite fascinating gemstone. This Gemstone can also remind you the joy of life and also it is a good stone for those who are waiting to get out from a negetive cycle.


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url 2017-10-18 15:33
If your day needs something nice and cat-related

This links to a particular Robot Hugs comic. I'm not familiar with the comic as a whole (according to the About page, some are NSFW), but this particular one make me smile. It's about someone discovering what cat purring is like for the very first time.

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