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review 2017-09-11 22:07
MIDNIGHT by Erin Hunter
Midnight by Hunter, Erin [HarperCollins, 2005] Hardcover [Hardcover] - Hunter

A new series in the Warriors series has Brambleclaw receiving a dream from Star Clan.  He along with 3 other cats have received the dream.  What does it mean?  Why are the medicine cats not receiving the dreams?


I liked this story.  It starts off about a year after the first series ends.  We are now just about on the second generation since Firestar has become the leader of Thunder Clan.  Brambleclaw has to determine what his dream means and how the other cats fit in.  They must work together and travel to Midnight.  I like this group of cats.  We still have Firestar and his generation as well as a few elders but this next generation looks like it might change things up in the status quo.  I liked the Yoda-like character that appears.  I am anxiously waiting to see me niece to get the second book in this series.

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review 2017-09-06 21:26
Book 56/100: Pete the Cat - the Wheels on the Bus by James Dean
Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus - James Dean

This is my first Pete the Cat book, and I know it's not representative since it's an adaptation of the Wheels on the Bus song rather than an original story. Still, it's tons of fun! The Wheels on the Bus is one of my favorite songs from childhood, and the rhythm it provides makes this a really fun readaloud (even if my month-old baby did start crying halfway through -- I'll force this book on him again when he's older.) Also, you can't really go wrong with these droll illustrations, which serve as a fun counterpoint to the actions you can do with your child at different points in the song. The illustrations seem to tell a subversive story all their own that is completely disregarded in the text -- like, why is there a lone dog riding this bus full of cats? Is he a dog on the outside but a cat on the inside? I look forward to exploring more Pete the Cat!

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video 2017-09-04 18:51

The view from my desk ...



"Monsieur" (as my mother refers to him) decided last weekend that merely being able to see me from one of his several beds in the corridor while I am working was no longer good enough -- he wanted greater proximity.  (Yey for that.)  So he started to experiment with various positions on the rug inside my office (nice and close, but too much light in the evening) and on the floor right outside my office (almost as nice and close, also dusky enough to sleep, but a wooden floor just doesn't cut it in terms of comfort).  On Sunday I moved the bed in question to a position right outside my office door, where it's dark enough for him to be able to sleep if he wants to, yet light enough to play during the daytime, and where he is also another bit closer to me (not that you'd think he'd care to look when the camera is out, of course).


Now if "closeness" only meant that he'd permit me to touch him ...


(Note: The second clip will only open in blog view; to get there from the dashboard, click here.)

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review 2017-09-02 12:09
Three Samurai Cats by Eric A. Kimmel
Three Samurai Cats: A Story from Japan - Eric A Kimmel,Mordicai Gerstein

Genre:  Japan / Animals / Trickery / Folktale / Peace

Year Published: 2003

Year Read:  2008

Publisher: Holiday House


Source:  Library




“Three Samurai Cats” is an ancient Japanese folktale about how three samurai cats come to the Daimyo’s castle to defeat a savage rat with the last samurai cat giving the rat a taste of his own medicine. Eric A. Kimmel’s hilarious retelling and Mordicai Gerstein’s colorful drawings combine greatly to make a great and funny story from ancient Japan. 

Eric A. Kimmel’s humorous storytelling of an ancient Japanese folktale is extremely inventive and witty as the last samurai cat uses a nonviolent stragety to defeat the rat at the end of the book. I found the part where the rat kicks the fierce samurai cat across the room to be extremely funny since the samurai cat looked funny when he crashed to the ground. Mordicai Gerstein’s illustrations are colorful yet scratchy, giving the story a humourous edge. One of the illustrations that really stood out the most for me was the image of Neko Roshi giving an intense look after he had just woken up when the rat yelled out “help!” when he was stuck in the rice ball. Neko Roshi’s eyes look huge like when a cat sees something that terrifies it and his hair also stood on its end. 


“Three Samurai Cats” is an excellent story about how violence does not always solve the problem and how clear thinking can always win the battle if you allow the right moment to come. I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the younger children might not understand the Japanese vocabulary, such as daimyo and docho.

Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog


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review 2017-08-26 22:52
How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you...
How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You - Matthew Inman,The Oatmeal

I do not regret this impulse buy.


It's not hysterical, but it is funny. I think I'll be leaving it out so that my friends can laugh at me (and it) when they come over.


Hmm...perhaps  I should be wary of reading portions of it out loud in front of my cat...


There isn't anything about sneezing, so I guess sneezes just mean that your cat is sick in some way and not actively trying to kill you. He'll wait till he's feeling better.


Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of the panels that particularly amused me.




This one was part of the sequence "cat vs internet":

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