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text 2021-04-20 13:56
Benefits of Promoting Brand with Character Animated Clips

Animated characters are often used in marketing as tools to attract more consumers. But how and why do they make a brand more appealing? Let’s read the below article.


There are many benefits of cartoon characters and marketing. With the character animation services, it has become quite easy to reach the clients and introduce new concepts, products or explain them in the right way.



Benefits of Cartoon Characters And Marketing

Almost every people can easily relate to and feel affection for a cartoon character. Not only they are appealing to real people, but they also bring nostalgia for people who remember cartoon characters from an early age. This fact can make people more at ease since the cartoons are familiar as well as evoke happy memories. The cartoon characters are fun and entertaining and they can easily bring emotions. Think of social media and all the millions of people who are entertained by the expressive emoticons and how much better those symbols capture feelings that are compared to the plain text. The benefits are as follows:


  1. A brand is more recognizable with an animated character
  2. Customers are likely to remember product or service
  3. The cartoon characters can evoke trust
  4. The ads become more interesting with the cartoon characters
  5. The cartoon characters can hold the interest of the audience much longer than walls of text
  6. Cartoon character is versatile and it can be used in videos, blogs, advertising, and company presentations


Why Choose Animated Characters Over Other Types of Visuals?

People invest in a product when they understand the product well. As the competition is on the rise, it is important to connect the consumers with the brand to make them invest in the products. The cartoon characters are good at representing people's lives. They make it extremely easy for the viewers to put themselves in the cartoon character’s shoes as long as they are experiencing the same problems and issues in the real life. Cartoon characters are also used to address sensitive topics without getting disturbed. They are very good at presenting a concept in a better and easy to understand way.


Cartoon Characters Are More Pleasing Than Real People


Almost all of us can feel affection for a cute cartoon character and below are the reasons:


  • First of all, the cartoon characters provoke nostalgia for the carefree childhood years. This fact alone automatically puts the person at ease. They can make them feel they encounter something familiar, something that brings pleasant memories.
  • Next, the cartoon characters are a fun and easy way to express different emotions. People are naturally drawn to something which is fun, entertaining and needs little effort. It is easier to express the emotions through a sticker than describe the same meaning in the text. It is much easier to perceive such as emotion through a cartoon representation. This way of communication is widely used by brands in modern marketing. 


As there are many companies that offer high-quality animation videos, it is best to grab the services and make things simpler for you. Visit the website of the companies and get the animated character for your brand too.

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text 2020-10-28 21:07
Article Marketing - Discover 5 Comprehensive Methods To Excel At Article Marketing

In Excel, a query can help you locate and extract precise information stored within a row or record. The total will still be 15 regardless of the numbers in the cells, because your calculation says to add 5 and 10.

We all get thоsе annoying Excel errors from time to time that start wіth #. What exасtlу do they mean?. Are thеy important?. Should I ignore them?. In order to make theѕе kinds оf decisions іt is important tо understand what thеy mеаn and whу thеy аre created, уou аn then make an informed decision оn hоw уou want tо handle them. This article will tаke уou though thе errors, whаt thеy mеаn аnd hоw to fix them.

Don't misunderstand. I'm a big believer іn powerful formulas, аnd I have found thаt thoughtful design is critical to successful spreadsheeting. But fіrst соmеs speed.

Visit forums. Search related posts befоrе posting. If your problem hаve аlready been solved іt iѕ posѕiblе thаt yоu receive lіttle attention. When уou feel аn "I've bеen there" feeling thеn stop and read thе entire post.

If yоu have а worksheet that only hаѕ data іn the fіrѕt column (A1:A75 fоr example), this can prove both inconvenient to print and wasteful of paper. Rather than having many pages with information only on onе side, іt is роssiblе to move thе data arоund ѕо thаt іt fits ontо onе page. This cаn bе donе by using thе camera tool. The idea iѕ to move ѕomе оf thе data into extra columns ѕо аll the information cаn fit оntо оnе page. Snap the camera аnd thеn place the resulting image ontо thе page to be printed.

My current company lives аnd breathes spreadsheets. But we ѕtіll havе people, newbies and veterans alike, whо аrеn't еѕpеcially well-versed іn it. One thing I've noticed about thеѕе people iѕ thаt theу tend tо work longer hours bеcаuѕe evеn though thеу knоw what tо do analytically (they саn explain іt to mе using plain English), but thеу don't knоw how tо dо іt efficiently (or sometіmeѕ аt all) іn excel.

Once уоu havе learned identifying diffеrеnt cells іn excel, summing data іn thоsе cells is nоt а verу big problem. Now, there аrе sеverаl methods, yоu саn usе tо sum two оr morе cells. Let's havе а lооk аt few оf thе moѕt common, fast, and efficient methods.

These arе twо extreme examples on hоw thoughts cаn control our mind and body. We hаvе thе power tо control thе day. We havе the power https://alltopvn.com/top-75-ham-excel-co-ban-de-su-dung-nhat-ma-ban-can-biet tо think good thoughts. We havе the power to live our dreams.

Would yоu love to bе аble tо work thrоugh spreadsheets like magic? I саnnоt saу еnough how freeing іt іs tо be аble to hаve аn intuitive idea оf what you wаnt tо dо in Excel, and bе able tо execute thаt idea thrоugh а mastery of the tool. Learn MS excel, аnd gо home оn time, please. Your family will thаnk you.

If yоu can't ѕee the function yоu want in thе Function Arguments box, fоr exаmple MIN, change thе category selection tо All. Excel nоw lists аll 347 functions in alphabetical order. Try typing MIN reasоnablу quickly, аnd Excel matches what you type to thе required function, оr juѕt type "M" оr "MI" and thеn scroll dоwn thе list to find "MIN". Once уou find the desired function, select it, and click OK to proceed as before.

Whether уou enter data уoursеlf or import it form anоther source, the information dоesn't аlwауs lоok good. Cells do nоt expand automatically tо fit their contents, headings do not аpрear bold, columns mаy nеed split оr combined, thе list goеѕ on.

When уоu uѕe an Excel tutorial to learn the basic skills, уоu wіll bе аble tо benefit from them in mаny ways. It can hеlp уоu to get your work dоnе fоr уour оwn business in lеss time. It сan help уоu tо stay organized too ѕo thаt уou аre аblе tо continually save time. If уou want tо work for somеоne else thеy will lіkely require уou to have а basic understanding оf Excel. It is a common tool uѕed оn thе job so by learning thе basics of іt уou wіll improve yоur chances оf securing employment.

The second oddity is that the Roman function takes a second argument, which determines the format of the number returned. Here are a few tips on using Excel to manage your list. It gives you so many viable options to copy and paste.

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review 2020-06-09 06:33
Six Cats a Slayin' (audiobook) by Miranda James, read by Erin Bennett
Six Cats a Slayin' (Cat in the Stacks Mystery) - Miranda James
Charlie has an uncomfortably flirtatious new neighbor, Gerry, who seems interested in buying up homes in the area. When she invites him to her big Christmas party, he decides to go in order to be polite but makes sure to take Helen Louise, his girlfriend, with him. Both of them are shocked when the party ends with Gerry's death, quite likely due to poison.
Kanesha's in charge of the investigation, and Charlie does his best to stay in her good graces by keeping his nose out of it. Mostly. It helps that he has a lot on his plate. His daughter-in-law is running herself ragged trying to take care of her new baby and might land herself in the hospital soon if she doesn't accept help. Also, in addition to Diesel, Charlie now has five mystery kittens to take care of. Someone, quite possibly a scared child, left them on his doorstep, and he's determined to find out who it was and see if they can be reunited.
Content warning for this book:
Transphobia, although not on the part of the main character or any of his friends.
(spoiler show)
The only other book I've read in this series was the first one. I normally like to read series in order when I can, but this was the only audiobook in this series that my library owned, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Honestly, skipping eight books wasn't too much of an issue. I could tell character relationships had changed: Kanesha has softened towards Charlie, Charlie now had a girlfriend, and his relationship with his son was better. There was even a part where Charlie thought back to what his life was like at the beginning of the series, so if there were any gaps in my memories of him and his relationships, they were filled in pretty neatly.
I read the paper version of the first book, so this was my first audiobook experience with the series. Bennett was a good cozy mystery narrator, but maybe not the best choice for this particular series, which features a first person male POV. Most of the secondary characters are female, so maybe that was a factor, but I still think a male narrator would have been better.
Anyway, now for the story itself. Oddly enough, the primary mystery seemed to be the kittens and the identity of the person who dropped them off. The murder was more secondary - although Charlie chatted with friends about it and did a little bit of research, he did mostly stay out of it, and as a result, most of the resolution happened off-page. While it was certainly a tragic story, I found it to be a bit weak.
The kitten storyline, on the other hand, was nice. Diesel got multiple opportunities to act as their adorable giant babysitter, and Charlie tried to resist being charmed by Ramses, the only one of the bunch with a distinct personality. I enjoyed Charlie's efforts to figure out who left the kittens, and the whole thing was resolved in a very warm and fuzzy way.
All in all, this made for a decent listen. I wish my library owned more audiobooks in this series, although thankfully I do own a used copy of Book 8 that I haven't read yet.
(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)
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review 2020-05-23 18:03
Ascendance of a Bookworm: I'll Do Anything to Become a Librarian!: Part 1: Daughter of a Soldier, Vol. 1 (book) by Miya Kazuki, illustrated by You Shiina, translated by quof
Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 1 Vol. 1 - Miya Kazuki,Karuho Shiina,quof

Urano is a Japanese college graduate who's absolutely obsessed with books and reading. Both she and her mom are thrilled when she gets a job at a library, but before she even has a chance to start, an earthquake causes Urano's book collection to fall on her and kill her. She wakes up in the body of a sickly 5-year-old child named Myne.

Although Myne's memories tell her that she loves her parents and older sister and they love her back, it's a little difficult for her to connect with them emotionally, since they feel mostly like strangers to her. Still, she tries to adjust to her life as best as possible, arranging things so that both she and her new family's cleanliness is improved and trying to make something resembling Japanese food without any of the proper ingredients, not even rice. The thing that's hardest for her to take, however, is the complete lack of books. The nobility can afford books, but poor commoners like her own family can't. Rather than succumb to despair, however, Myne/Urano (who I will refer to as Myne from here on out, although the real Myne is technically dead) decides that she will somehow make her own books.

As is the case with many, many recent light novels, I like the idea behind this series more than its execution. In the afterword, the author says they (I think the author is female, but I'm not 100% sure) refused to abridge Part 1 into a single volume, which I think was a mistake. I wish Japanese light novel publishers/editors were a bit firmer with their authors - far too many light novels are filled with self-indulgent bloat, and Ascendance of a Bookworm is no exception.

As I learned with My Next Life as a Villainess, though, I can be more forgiving of problems in light novels if aspects of them overlap with my interests. In this instance, the book got points for having a book-loving heroine, and the self-indulgent bloat was mostly focused on Myne's efforts at bookmaking. I was interested to see what she'd come up with next and how she'd manage it, considering that it took her weeks just to work up the strength to walk to the forest on her own.

But was it really necessary to go into that much detail on several of Myne's attempts to make something paper- or book-like? Probably not. Same with Myne's various food-making, cleanliness, and personal hygiene efforts. Literally every idea Myne had involved a long, multi-step process to figure out if this world even had the supplies she needed, if those supplies were accessible in some way to commoners, and then how to get those supplies and use them, considering that Myne's body was so weak that overexerting herself could result in being bedridden with a fever for multiple days.

Myne won me over at the very beginning due to her love of books. She was the sort of person who'd find a way to read whenever she could, and she didn't care about anything except making sure she continued to have access to books and reading time. It didn't bother her if other people thought she was odd. However, this single-minded focus eventually began to wear on me. For one thing, in a world like the one she ended up in, it made Myne seem immensely selfish. Her family was literally dirt poor, and she kept asking for things with barely a thought as to whether they could afford them or spare the time to get them. For another, she'd occasionally have tantrums more appropriate to her physical age than supposed mental age when things didn't go her way. Honestly, Tuuli, Myne's 6 or 7 year old sister, usually came across as more mature than Myne, whose mind was supposedly that of a college graduate.

Like many recent light novels, this was unfortunately written primarily in the first person. The author knew enough about POV to realize that different first person narrators would have different sets of knowledge (there were a couple bonus stories written from a couple non-Myne POVs), but not enough to create truly distinct voices (or maybe that was a translation issue?). Also, as with other J-Novel Club books I've read, there were several typos that really should have been caught before this made it to print - a sentence with really odd comma usage, a stray "1" at the end of a sentence, incorrect words like "first" instead of "fist," etc.

Despite my issues with this book, I'm glad I have the next one and can continue on. The end of the volume introduced a few characters and a shift in the storyline that I'm very interested in seeing play out. Although I'm sure that Myne will continue to be more focused on books than anything else, it looks like the series may add some economic aspects, similar to Spice & Wolf and Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter. And since that may mean more appearances by one of my favorite characters in this book, a traveling merchant turned soldier named Otto (whose level of devotion to his wife makes him this series' version of Maes Hughes), I'm looking forward to it even more.

I really wish this had been the more tightly written novel it could have been, but so far this is decent.


A folded page with full-color illustrations on both sides, black-and-white illustrations throughout, a map of the portion of the town Myne has access to, a drawing of Myne's family's home, and two bonus short stories, one from Lutz's POV and one prequel from Urano's friend Shuu's POV.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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review 2020-03-08 01:17
A Man and His Cat (manga, vol. 1) by Umi Sakurai, translated by Taylor Engel
A Man and His Cat, Vol. 1 - Machiko Sakurai,Taylor Engel

Fuyuki Kanda is a widowed music teacher who decides to buy a homely one-year-old cat at a pet store. The cat, who he names Fukumaru, is worried that his new owner will take him back or abandon him, but luckily for him, Mr. Kanda adores him.

This series is sweet, gentle, and warm, and I absolutely love it. I found out about it via a review on The Manga Critic, and then I kept coming across it via other sources until I finally broke down and bought it. I'm so glad I did.

This had some of the usual things you'll find in cat manga: a newbie cat owner who has to learn some of the basics, shopping for supplies at the pet store, and kitty antics, like scratching on things they're not supposed to, being goofy, and inadvertently making a mess. However, this first volume was as much about Kanda as it was about Fukumaru, and watching these two lonely characters love each other, become accustomed to each other, and form a little family together was a treat.

There were flashbacks for both Fukumaru and Kanda. Fukumaru's showed him as a kitten - remembering his mother and gradually realizing that no one wanted him. Kanda's showed him and his wife, and what their lives had been like over the years. They'd intended to get a cat together but never got around to it. They had children, and readers haven't yet been given enough information to know whether they just live too far away to regularly visit or whether Kanda's estranged from them. At any rate, he lived alone, and it was apparent that both the cat and the man had become a little depressed before they came into each other's lives.

A few other character POVs popped up here and there: Kobayashi, Kanda's dog-loving childhood friend, Yoshiharu Moriyama, one of Kanda's energetic young coworkers, and Miss Sato, the pet store employee who assisted Kanda. They all provided different views of Kanda and/or Fukumaru, which I appreciated. For example, Moriyama saw Kanda as the epitome of cool elegance and idolized him, while Kobayashi knew the loneliness his friend had been going through and appreciated the joy that Fukumaru added to Kanda's life, even if he didn't personally understand what Kanda saw in Fukumaru.

I loved the artwork. Fukumaru's cartoonish looks were initially a bit odd, but I got used to it. And oof, Kanda. It was easy to believe that his younger male coworker would idolize him and younger female coworkers would crush on him a bit.

I absolutely plan on preordering the next volume. I'm looking forward to seeing Fukumaru and Kanda make each other happy, and I'm interested to see what Sakurai plans on doing with this series.


A couple pages of full-color artwork and a full-color four-panel comic, as well as a one-page comic-style afterword by the author.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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