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review 2018-12-16 00:49
What's a little murder and mayhem between friends...
Be Still My Heart - Charlie Cochet,Greg Boudreaux

While I really enjoyed this second installment in Charlie Cochet's series 'Four Kings Security' I have to admit, I liked the first book a bit better but that doesn't mean that this one wasn't worth listening to or that I won't listen to it again because...of course I will. I like Red and Laz and they were sweet together. 

Of course the fact that the narrator is none other than the awesome Greg Boudreaux doesn't hurt things any. He's did a wonderful job with the first book and this one was every bit as good in regards to the narration.

Needless to say not only do I plan on re-listening this one but I'm definitely looking forward to books #3 and 4 and the spin-off series that I've heard is going to happen as well...what can I say I'm a fan of Charlie Cochet and her alpha men...whether it's the men of THIRDS or 'Four Kings Security' it's all good...so sign me up!

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review 2018-11-26 12:02
Join the Club (Four Kings Security #3) - Charlie Cochet

This is book #3 in the Four Kings Security series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader understanding, and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading this sexy series in order.


Eduardo AKA “Lucky” has been hot for Mason for a long time.  When he finally gets the chance to test the attraction out, he is shocked to find the man he wants so badly has similar fears in the commitment area.  Will there pasts doom hem from the start?


Mason has run into a problem at work.  He will have some time to consider his future.  While he is waiting, spending some time with a man he finds so potent could either be a good, or bad idea.


This series is on fire!  I love each character.  Cool how they are all in these stories like we are watching a TV show.  This story is full of heat, heart, and humor.  Typical of such a great author, it moves along well and keeps you wanting more.  The sexy times are seriously sexy with sparks all over!  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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review 2018-08-14 03:03
It's Austen's story and I couldn't be happier!!!
Love and Payne - Charlie Cochet

I've been wanting and waiting for Austen's story since he first graced the pages of the  THIRDS series. 


Austen was that dark mysterious character who shows up when you least expect him and is enigmatic and somewhere along the line you discover that they play a much bigger role in things than it seems and yet somehow they seem to be a bit of an underdog...and you want them to get some of the happiness.


Austen's been keeping an eye on THIRDS Defense agent Osmond Zachary ('Zach') and his family for a while now.  He doesn't feel like he deserves to be happy but that's not how he feels about Zach. In Austen's opinion Zach is everything he wants but doesn't deserve but if nothing else he can keep Zach safe and if that allows him to be near the man well who is he to complain.


Zach doesn't share Austen's feelings. He's sure that he could make Austen happy and they could be good together if only Austen would give them a chance.


As the youngest in large....I mean large as in 10 children, Therian bear shifters, so we're talking large in more ways than one, Zach has never had to question whether or not he's loved because if anything he's more than likely to end up being loved to death by his overly protective family.  Austen's totally the opposite. He's an only child and his parents were...well, let's not waste a lot of time on what's really a waste of oxygen and space to begin with. Austen unfortunately wasn't blessed with either decent parents or any siblings to be loving and supportive. 


As much as Austen's determined to keep his distance from the man he wants more than anything when he gets a call telling him that Zach was hurt when foiling an assassination attempt, Austen doesn't hesitate to go to him determined to make sure that the man who owns his heart is ok. It doesn't take long for it to become obvious that somehow events have put Zach on the assassin's radar and the threat to both Zach and his family is both real and growing. 


I loved that the action part of this story took a very definite backseat to the relationship development between Zach and Austen. Getting to see Zach as he patiently showed Austen the patience and love that he had for him. Never pushing and always putting his care and concern for Austen out there for him to see and feel. I think one of my favorite parts in this story was when Zach and Austen were playing in the snow in their shifted forms it was so sweet and such a nice fun moment for them as a couple. 


I loved Zach's family and how they were with both Zach and Austen. This is a family that's filled with love and they have so much to share, that it overflowed to Austen so easily and naturally just seemed inevitable.


The closest thing that Austen has to family other than Sloane and Dex is his fellow SSA agent/TIN agent Brayden who happens to be a Snow Leopard...ok, folks I have a soft spot for Snow Leopards so you can assume right from the start that I like Brayden already and yes, oh please yes can we have a story for Brayden because he just sounds adorable!!! And if it involves more Austen and Zach...well, who am I to complain or maybe well get a story about Sloane and Dex and their new handler...oh, I bet that'd be an entertaining adventure.


THIRDS is a series that for me is a must have and sure I've enjoyed some stories more than others but still I've happily read them all and I have every intention of continuing this practice. So for all of you THIRDS nerds out there waiting for this one, it's coming soon and I hope it's as worth the wait for you as it was for me. Enjoy!



An ARC of 'Love and Payne' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-08-01 17:17
5 stars for 4 Kings...
Love In Spades - Charlie Cochet,Greg Boudreaux

‘Love in Spades’ is the first book in Charlie Cochet’s new series ‘Four Kings Security’ and seriously what was I thinking when I decided that I was going to take a pass on this series? Don’t get me wrong my decision had nothing to do with the author or even the book blurb it was based solely on the fact that I’ve had a lot going on in my life lately and I didn’t feel like I had the time to commit to reading another series…well, I was wrong I mean sleeps over rated right?


Ok, enough about my poor life choices let’s talk about something important…like this book!!! I loved this book. First off of you’re a fan of Ms Cochet’s THIRDS series than you know this author creates amazing alpha characters and this series is packed with them…from Ace and his fellow Kings to Colton Connolly the man who’s more than a match for Ace and who very quickly captures Ace’s heart.


Ace and Colton are explosive and initially it’s not really in a good way…an entertaining and more than a little amusing way but definitely not good as far as Ace is concerned, but when these two men meet for the first time it’s a battle of wills and one that both men are determined to win.


Colton’s father has hired ‘Four Kings Security’ to protect him after it’s discovered that Colton’s been receiving death threats. Needless to say, Colton is beyond angry about this as he believes that the letters are simply idle threats. Which leads to Colton’s father’s decision to go behind his back and hire private security upon meeting with them it’s decided that Four Kings will deal with the determinedly stubborn heir to Connolly Maritime with its own form of stubborn and obstinate…enter Anston “Ace” Sharpe, who is assigned to be Colton’s bodyguard.


From the word go Colton decides his mission is to antagonise, frustrate and just generally annoy his new shadow, no matter how annoyingly sexy he is. While Ace is equally determined to not let Colton’s antics do anything but entertain him…game on with these two it’s a battle of wills and may the most determined man win and hopefully keep Colton alive in the process.


I so loved Colton. I was worried that he was just going to be another spoiled rich kid. Fortunately that idea was quickly put to rest as Colton proved himself to be a kind, generous, determined and confident individual willing to not only defend he loves and but those who are in need of his help because of circumstances not of their own making…in short Colton’s a good and decent guy and not the self-centered or arrogant jerk who has a light-bulb moment causing him to realize the error of his ways…sorry but that’s a big turn off in my reading world because rarely do I buy into it.


There’s a lot of background to be had in this story and thankfully it’s been woven into the story and given to us through memories and shared conversations keeping it from being an overwhelming deluge that can often slow a story down. Ace is one of the co-owners of ‘Four Kings Security’ he and his fellow Kings are all ex-Special Forces soldiers and the foundation of this series. If it’s an issue of security these are the men for the job. Along with Lucky, Red and King, the unofficial leader of their family. As well as their shared time as Special Forces operatives I’m pretty sure these men all have their own story and as this series progresses I’m hoping we’ll discover them all.


Admittedly there are some cheesy nicknames going on here…we’ve got a security agency called ‘Four Kings Security’ with an unofficial leader who goes by the name ‘King’ and his partners Ace, Lucky, Red (because he’s a redhead but also interesting coincidence here…cards come in 4 suits and two colors…black and…you guessed it ‘red’, just sayin’) and there’s also Jack and Joker or was that Jester…well, it was one or the other and maybe it was the mood that I was in because I have to admit there are times when something like this would have me rolling my eyes but to be honest this time around it just amused the hell outta’ me and I found myself listen to see how much and how often there were references to playing cards or even card games, I probably should have kept count just for the hell of it but I do know it wasn’t nearly as much or as often as it could have been so for me it was more cute than overly cheesy.


While I really enjoyed the relationship between Ace and Colton and how it developed with all of it’s wit, humor and tension the part of this story that clicked for me was the mystery. I must admit…I did not see that one coming. I had all kinds of theories on who and why and in the end, I was wrong…close but no cigar. It’s been a while since a mystery has stumped me like this one did so well done, Ms Cochet, I really enjoyed staying in the dark until things were revealed.


And last but, not least the reason that this was a solid 5 stars for me and not 4.5 or even 4…scratch that I’m pretty sure even if I’d been reading this one it would have gotten more than 4 stars from me but what cemented it firmly as a 5-star audio book for me was of course the narrator. Greg Boudreaux. I’ve listened to over 30 books narrated by this very talented person and without fail I have enjoyed his narration each and every time and frequently more than once, regardless of how good the story was or wasn’t and ‘Love in Spades’ was no exception to this and I’m looking forward to revisiting this the men of ‘Four Kings Security’ in the future…especially if each subsequent story provides me with the entertainment that I enjoyed this time around. I’ll be more than happy.




An audio book of ‘Love in Spades’ was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-06-11 03:43
I am seriously loving this series...
The Foxling Soldati - Charlie Cochet

'The Foxling Soldati' is the second book in Charlie Cochet's 'Soldati Hearts' and while I did give both of these books 4 stars I have to say I in actual fact did like this one just a tiny bit more. So if I could I probably would have given this one 4.25 stars but somehow that just seems like splitting hairs. So I'm going to call it even at 4 stars and a little more love for this one.


Toka is a Foxling and he's served the Soldati King for centuries and now serves the King's Soldati Prince Riley and as he helps Riley become accustomed to the world of the Soldati, he's also becoming bolder in his dealings with Rayner.


Rayner is a Soldati Warrior and while he takes his pleasure with Toka and he realizes he cares for Toka more than he has any of his other dalliances...a Soldati Warrior falling in love with a servant is unheard if...it's not allowed. But with each encounter his feelings for Toka become clearer and his heart wants what his heart wants and as a Warrior, Rayner doesn't know the meaning of giving up or giving in and he's dertmined to find a way to have Toka for his mate.


As this story progressed I become more and more enchanted not just with Toka, whom we met in the first book and whom I liked from the start but with Rayner. I loved how he was willing to examine his feelings and acknowledge them...even if it was only to himself at times.


The more I saw of Toka the more adored him. His strength of character and willingness to sacrifice everything for those that he cared about and what he believed in proved him to be every bit the equal and warrior that Rayner was known to be.


Added to Toka and Rayner's story was the conflict that it caused between Riley and Khalon the Soldati King as Riley went toe to toe with him in his efforts to make Khalon see that the old ways aren't always the best ways. But the true problem comes in when events from the past conspire to tear Toka and Rayner apart and the efforts of Rayner, Riley and Toka's love for him may not be enough to save Rayner from losing his love and his status as Soldati Warrior. 


The world of the Soldati is pure fantasy and this is a genre that I love and with this series Ms Cochet has breathed new life into my love for this genre. I can't wait for whatever comes next in the 'Soldati Hearts' series and I'll certainly be watching for it. So far I've enjoyed this series on audio and the narration of Manuel Pombo. I've loved his voices for the Soldati Characters he's added such a rich and unique tone to them giving them an accent that's not definable as to it's origins and making it purely 'Soldati' in my mind.



An audio book of 'The Foxling Soldati' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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