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review 2018-01-10 21:43
A wham-bam, thank you, ma'am
Her Enemy Protector - Avery Flynn

Was a bit jumbled beginning with some confusion because I didn't read the first in the series and I couldn't quit place the fictional country and the who and what of their MI-6 like organization. 
This is a little bit of a wham-bam, thank you, ma'ma with some insta-lust and a suspense storyline that you maybe don't want to examine too closely.

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review 2017-10-08 03:26
Missing some details
Raining Men and Corpses: A Raina Sun Mystery (Volume 1) - Anne R. Tan


*Takes place in small college town called Gold Springs


Someone was in the house. Raina tiptoed around the car to the side door. The rushing noise in her ears competed with her uneven breaths. Her clammy hands gripped the doorknob. She twisted and pulled. The door scraped against the concrete floor, ripping through the silence. It opened an inch. Gooseflesh peppered her arms.


This is first in a series that looks to follow along with Raina as she amateur sleuths her way through situations and her detective ex-husband Matthew tries to get her to mind her own business. Their relationship was completely mystifying as the most we get about Matthew is he has gold flecked eyes, thinks he will snap one day because his dad was an alcoholic, and wants Raina to stay out of murder cases. Told from Raina's point of view we get statements here and there about how Matthew and her were childhood sweethearts, married, he left her cuffed and naked in a hotel room in Rome, and their marriage was annulled in Vegas. Again, this first in series, which all these little statements dropped here and there, I kept checking to make sure I didn't miss a beginning novella or something; I felt so lost in regards to their relationship.


The murder mystery had great red herrings but it was a bit overshadowed by how I kept being baffled how so many were disregarding/disrespecting the police and investigation. No one seems to be telling the police the truth and some officers seem to be ok messing up an investigation because of personal feelings. This along with not getting a pov from Matthew and him using believable procedure for the investigation, gave the story more of a chik-lit murder mystery farce. 


Raina and the cast of characters including her grandmother and friend Eden, were enjoyable to follow along with for the afternoon but I needed more details to explained connections to really immerse myself in the story.

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review 2017-02-16 20:46
Lack of hockey was disappointing
 Crazy Pucking Love - Cindi Madsen

I read this for the New Adult square for Romance Bingo.

I'm not a big New Adult fan, I'm in my 30s and find a lot of the storylines overplayed, immature, and forced angst, and I'm a huge hockey fan. This book was kind of in trouble from the beginning. Definitely don't read this looking for some hockey in your story, the few descriptions of games kind of read like basketball in the beginning, NCAA college players wear a full cage so hero's punch to someone's face wouldn't connect, and college athletes can't have a side job that pays, I think, over $2,000, so Dane wouldn't even think about that option. Rachel Gibson and Deirdre Martin write wonderful hockey romances that incorporate the feel of the game and it's obvious they've either researched it or are fans themselves.

The romance was so incredibly wishy-washy and drawn-out with the hero's reasoning for not wanting to call the heroine his girlfriend, wanted a relationship with her mind you, just not call it that and keep it a secret, was forced for continued story sake. He made promises to his high-school girlfriend but then left to go to college and she didn't take it well and he feels guilty. It was brought up over and over along with Dane's family and little sister drama that managed to annoyingly show up multiple times without being fully flushed out. The heroine's story line was better and her kick butt Math love and smarts was great to read about but she got dragged on the slow moving train of wishy-washy romance.

I'm not sure I could even call this light and fluffy, just drawn out.



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review 2016-12-13 06:14
I'm a turncoat
Dating Mr. December - Phillipa Ashley


Task the Eighth:  The Movie Ticket:

- Read a book that has been adapted to a holiday movie.


12 Men of Christmas Poster

This book was made into the movie 12 Men of Christmas  . I caught it on tv a couple years ago and instantly thought of it for this challenge, correctly guessing it started off as a book. This may make me a turncoat but I liked the movie better :/ However, it starred Kristin Chenoweth and had Anna Chlumsky, who I now love from Veep, so it was ahead of the game. 


While the movie was set in America, the book is set in England, providing me with some delightful little English vernacular. So much use of the word "kit", I guess y'all don't say clothing? Even though I got to imagine everyone with an enchanting English accent, the writing style made point-of-view switching from the heroine and hero confusing and awkward. In fact, the whole story felt a little disordered and I had a hard time warming up to both the hero and heroine. Maybe the Yank in me, but I much approved of the movie's fun cheesiness and the holiday feel that was severely lacking in the original content. 

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review 2016-10-10 22:33
Spooky Sexy Fun
A Halloween Hookup: A Between the Pages Novella (The Page Turners Series) - Jennie Marts

"Happy crazy Halloween. What a night." She grinned. "Still think I put a spell on you?" 

He shrugged. "Don't care. If you did, I hope you don't take it off. I like you and I like us together."

"Can you handle our differences? Keep an open mind about my work and what I do?"

"Hey, I already tried a pumpkin spice latte and participated in a seance---what else do you want from me?"



*This is a Kindle Freebie!


This was a very short (50pgs or so) story but was really fun. With an opposites attract, hero is a former cop and current gritty jaded P.I.and heroine is a fun loving self-proclaimed witch who can communicate with the dead, set-up, Halloween Hook-up was a sexy, dash of spookiness, and fun read. The heroine and hero had great chemistry with their polar personalities and sexual heat. It's a short story so the attraction happens fast but honestly, it didn't feel like insta-lust/love. They were just so darn adorable together! The ghost, murder mystery, jewel heist felt a bit forced and rushed but it still came together enough to feel credible. If you're looking for a quick Halloween read you definitely want to pick this one up. I'm going to check out the other books in the series because I really liked the cute, sexy, and great flow to this author's writing. 

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