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review 2018-07-15 11:33
The Last Sin Eater
The Last Sin Eater - Francine Rivers

This book was especially interesting to me because it is about people from the Scottish Highlands and I am part Scottish. The people had come to America to settle near a mountain. One of the customs they brought with them was the use of a Sin-eater. The person was chosen by lot to take on the sins of the others after they died so they could go before God free of sin. The dead was laid out at the cemetery with a try carrying wine and bread. They believed the sin of the dead was absorbed into the food. At the end of the ceremony the people all turned their backs to the grave and the Sin-eater would come and eat the bread and drink the wine and then say a quick statement absolving them of their sin. The children were all warned not to look at the man or some of the sin in him might come upon them. The people all shunned the man and he had to live in the mountain all alone, alienated from his family and friends. When Cadi's grandmother died and she was at her funeral, Cadi heard sadness in the man's voice and couldn't resist looking. He looked like a normal man. She had a terrible guilt on her conscious since the death of her younger sister and decided she needed to find the Sin-eater and ask him to eat her sins now, before she died, to ease the burden of her soul. Her mother was only cold to her and she knew it was because she blamed Cadi for the lost of her favored child. At the same time a preacher of God came to the area and she heard him talking by the river. Cadi and an older boy went to see what he had to say even though they were told to stay away by the clan leader. 


This story was interesting but I have a hard time believing the girl (Cadi) was only 10 years old. I think of kids of that age and this girl seemed so much older. Also, the things the preacher was saying was so scattered and it was all difficult language from the bible. I had a hard time following it but this 10 year old was able to understand and repeat it to others so that they understood as well. It really sounded like he was a crazy old man spouting nonsense but these two kids took it as gold and never questioned anything he said. That was difficult to believe but I did like the story anyway. I enjoyed the story about the cave and what they found there and how that story unfolded.

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review 2018-07-10 01:27
Review: A Widow's Hope
A Widow's Hope - Vannetta Chapman

Ever feel like god let you down? Well Hannah seem to think this a little bit when a tragedy take away her husband and her son ability to walk. Hannah not only has to deal with her loss but also her son’s disability.


It really like the way Vanetta Chapman did this. Not a lot of books talk and deal with disability including the Amish. I really do like that. We see how it is with Hannah and we go along for a ride with Hannah as she learn to deal with the emotionally and physical disability.


We see that Amish got to deal with the same problems as those that were Englishers. You should be able to fall back and see the that family and friends will be there to help. We also meet Jacob. Will there be love once again for Hannah and Jacob?


Jakob has to deal with tragedy of his own and his own scars. Will he realise that god loves him as he is. The scars and what he was doing is not his fault. He not only have to deal with his loss and mistakes but leaning on family may help. He seems to hide himself from others. Will Hannah and her son help him find love along with Hannah.

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2018/07/review-widows-hope.html
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review 2018-07-05 21:28
Review: The Hawaiian Discovery
The Hawaiian Discovery - Wanda E. Brunstetter

Ever wonder what it like to run a bed and breakfast? Well we learn about it a bit though the book of The Hawaiian Discovery. This is only at the beginning. This is where we start out at. Mandy and her husband Ken are the owners of the B and B. Their friend Ellen works there. Ken’s mother calls and we get where they fly back to Hawaii.


We are left Ellen managing the B and B. There are some tragedy and a few surprises along the way. We meet with Ron and Tavi. We start to learn about Ron. This take place mainly in Hawaii and I do not want to give away the ending.


Ellen get to fly to Hawaii for Emergency and spend time there. What happens and what develops while there is really sweet and surprises all. What find out and discovery will be the reason of the title.


Wanda does a wonderful job writing this book with her daughter in law Jean. What a story this and will Ellen get her wish? Ellen seem to be wanting what all Amish want but will she find it in Hawaii or will she not? You fall in love with the characters as you read the book. This book focus on Mandy and Ken and Ellen mostly.


Is Ron who he says he is or is he someone completely different? What could Ron be hiding, if that even his name. All these mysteries. What happens to Ken?

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2018/07/review-hawaiian-discovery.html
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review 2018-07-05 21:10
The Lilies of the Field
The Fashion Designer - Moser, Nancy

Reading Nancy Moser’s “The Fashion Designer” was stepping into foreign territory for me in several ways. Fashion has definitely never been an interest of mine, and the only sewing I ever do is to patch up a small tear here or there or to reattach a button. The fact that I enjoyed this book so much is a testament to Moser’s writing skills. Beyond the Titanic—which does, by the way, get a mention and play briefly into this story—I am not very familiar with the era; however, my grandmother would have been a young child at the time so it was fun to get a glimpse into that world.

Indeed, this was a seminal period in American history, and Moser injects the zeitgeist of 1912 into her novel from the first page. Annie Culver, the main character, represents the American dream and is a rags-to-riches story of a sort. She and her friends decide to take a risk and embark on a journey to opening their own dress shop, although their efforts are often frustrated and they must learn to rely on God and to seek and trust His plans above their own. The story explores the issues of women’s rights and women in the workforce and also delves into more somber subjects such as domestic abuse and rape. Moreover, in writing a Christian novel, Moser does not shy away from the hard questions that we all face at one time or another, and the applicability of these topics remains just as germane today, making “The Fashion Designer” a fantastic, inspirational read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.  

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review 2018-06-10 05:08
Grain for the Famine by Jacob Prasch
Grain For The Famine - James Jacob Prasch

Excellent teaching on different subjects of the Bible from one of my favorite teachers. What I love most about his teachings is that he approaches it from a Hebrew perspective, and I am learning so much from it.

For those interested, these are the subjects he covers in this book. (there is also a second book that offers other subjects)



Backsliders in the church

Kashrut and famine

The woman of Samaria

Binding and Loosing

Bible versions

Typology of the temple

Christian Zionism

Elijah: A man who could make it rain

Curses and Christians

House of David: House of Saul

A prophet like unto Moses


Highly recommended and a must read for every Christian!

5 stars and a favorite

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