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review 2015-04-29 00:00
Warfield on the Christian Life: Living in Light of the Gospel
Warfield on the Christian Life: Living in Light of the Gospel - Fred G. Zaspel,Stephen J. Nichols,Justin Taylor,Michael A.G. Haykin What a great man of God! He truly was an inspiration.
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text 2014-10-10 13:38
#bookaday Day 10: Orange Cover
The Christian Atheist: Believing in God But Living as If He Doesn't Exist - Craig Groeschel

This book is definitely orange and is one of my favorite Christian books. Without coming off as holier-than-thou, Groeshel gives examples in each chapter of ways that we fail to demonstrate our faith in our life (Ex. When you believe in God but can't forgive). He offers up very personal confessions of his own and possible ways to let our faith lead us. Very thought provoking and inspiring. 

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review 2013-02-23 00:00
The Christian Atheist: Believing in God But Living as If He Doesn't Exist - Craig Groeschel I have just finished rereading this book. There is really no way that I could recommend it too highly. Each time I have read this book up I end up completely captivated by it and finish it within a couple of days.

Groeschel's title says it all. Each chapter is devoted to discussing a way that we live as though God does not exist though we claim to believe in Him. Though this sounds as though it could come across as judgemental or pious, it does not. The examples of failing in his faith are all personal and help draw you into the words of a man who struggles with the same things we do. (You mean pastors aren't perfect and this doesn't all come easy to them?! Yes, that's what I mean.)

It's difficult to choose just a few examples since I found myself highlighting throughout each chapter, but here are some favorites of mine. To demonstrate how sin can seem fun at first or even while we're committing it but leaves a huge mess, Groeschel tells the story of one of his kids sneaking onto a zip-line. She is cheering all the way down until she smacks into a tree and has to be rushed to the emergency room. In the chapter titled "When you believe in God but won't forgive," he shares his own painful testimony about God leading him to forgive a man who had molested his sister and the miraculous results.

"When you believe in God but don't think you can change" was the chapter that impacted me the most during this reading. He seemed to know all of my excuses. That's just the way God made me. Well, I just come from an overweight family. How can I act a different way around people who already know me? Then Groeschel said, "If you keep making excuses, you're insulting God's power." Wow. I am.

I could quote a powerful line like this from each chapter whether your concern is worry, sharing your faith, pursuing happiness at any cost (is there any larger concern in our society?), prayer, or anything else. Groeschel does not miss much and he courageously gives a personal example for each one which keeps him from becoming "preachy."

If you are a Christian but feel like you should be doing more, read this book. In fact, read it. Put it away for a few months. Then read it again.

For full review, please visit my website http://letchristlead.com
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review 2012-07-08 16:58
A Year with Jesus: Daily Readings and Reflections On Jesus' Own Words
A Year with Jesus: Daily Readings and Reflections On Jesus' Own Words - R.P. Nettelhorst As Jesus walked and visited several different places to preach and spread the word and teachings of his Father, this book has been written to remind us of these on a daily basis. Using the stories and excerpts from the bible the author explains the meaning of the parables. Each individual day has its own teaching to help understand why situations arise in the way they do and through the teachings how we can deal with these not only to enrich our lives but everyone we come into contact with, a 'thought of the day'. The author explains the passages in plain English and with very up to date examples to compare Jesus' tests to ours today. The book has been cleverly broken down into separate sections dealing with individual topics and using the bible translations reminds us of how and why we are here and how a simple message or act of kindness can not only lift our spirits but can also enrich our soles. I found the book to be inspirational, to be read not only when I felt down, but to gain confidence and clamness in dealing with everyday situations. In order to fully appreciate this book and to gain maximum satisfaction from it you need to re-read it and keep it close to hand. The authors indepth knowledge and understanding of the bible really shines through and is well written, an inspirational book full of hope and faith, which if you allow it, will uplift your spirit and inspire you to be an all round better person.
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review 2012-02-29 11:47
Choices - Laine Highsmith If only she had her driver's license. If only she wasn't afraid to drive. If only Jen hadn't gotten too drunk to drive home. If only she hadn't called Nick to come and get her. If only... If only...

Kathleen's life is altered on the night she goes to a party where her best friend gets too drunk to drive her home. Kathleen calls her brother, Nick, to pick her up and being the great brother he is, he doesn't hesitate to get out on a cold and slippery night to rescue his little sister.

When police knock on the door at the party everyone assumes their busted. Kathleen is given the job of stalling since she is sober. Instead, the police are there for her - to take her to the hospital where Nick was taken after he was hit on the way to get her.

Kathleen's life drastically changes after Nick's death. Her father isolates himself in his office watching sports on television and her mother begins drinking a little more everyday. Kathleen is left feeling alone until she meets someone new at Nick's memorial service. Luke offers kindness and concern when no one else is focusing on her needs.

The night after the funeral Kathleen, full of sadness, falls asleep in Nick's bed. When she wakes up she realizes she isn't in the same "reality" as she was the day before. Little things aren't right. Jen, who she's been fighting with since the night of the party, so much so she didn't even come to the funeral shows up to take her to school on this particular morning like nothing had ever happened. They are still amazingly close . Confusion plagues Kathleen's mind all day. Finally, she realizes what is going on.

Kathleen realizes there are certain moments everyday when she makes decisions and depending on what decision she makes, her life takes a different path. The problem for Kathleen is she retains the memories of the previous path while she also has to live in the new one. All these paths run parallel and go on at the same time with different consequences. Kathleen ends up splintering into several paths which she keeps track of by the different names she gives to herself. She becomes Kay, Kate, and Kathy in addition to her original self. Her major problem is, she doesn't know who she'll be when she wakes up in the morning. Her one constant is Luke. He manages to find her no matter who she is.

Deborah Lynn Jacobs has created a thought provoking novel about the importance of life choices. Kathleen learns a lot about herself as she navigates her way through her many lives, attempting to reconcile with family, friends, and her own feelings about loss and love.

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