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review 2017-12-04 17:10
Review: Roomies by Christina Lauren
Roomies - Christina Lauren

Holland, born in a cab and the youngest of six kids, lives in Manhattan on the support of her doting uncles, who are more like fathers. She has a masters degree in fine arts - an aspiring writing, who isn’t writing. She’s got little direction in her life, but when an accident puts her in contact with the subway busker she’s been crushing on for six months, Holland’s life turns upside down.


With a little bit of the 1995 Sandra Bullock movie, While You Were Sleeping, and a little bit of the 1991 film, Green Card, Roomies is a delightful romance about self-discovery and making dreams come true. When Holland finds a way to help her Uncle Robert with his broadway musical by marrying classical guitarist Calvin so he can stay in country, she decides to go for it. It’s a turning point for Holland who realizes she wants to marry Calvin because she never takes risks, and at twenty-five years old, is bored with life. She recognizes that maybe the reason she can’t write is because she’s not really living. 


Through Holland’s eyes we get to know Calvin, who is charming, sexy, sweet, and kind. He’s humble and gracious, and readers can tell that it’s not just Holland’s rose-colored, lustful glasses that filter how we see Calvin. There are stumbles, and yet, he continues to shine. Holland always puts the needs of others before her own. It’s through the getting-to-know each other process (for the green card application), that Holland recognizes some things about herself; that she’s a supporting character in her own life. And this is what eventually drives Holland to become more than a supporting character. 


Additionally, Holland doesn’t feel worthy of Calvin’s affection, and as they get to know one another, we experience the range of Holland’s feelings, most of all her uncertainty. The wondering if Calvin’s flirtatious actions are true or for show... my heart was pounding along side of Holland’s. Her flaws make her real and on some level, all of her insecurities are familiar: that piece of Holland that is always trying to help others. Who is unsure of where to go with life. Who doubts she can find true meaning and love in her life. 


Honestly, my only complaint is I wanted more. Although we get to see a lot of the pair as a couple and falling in love, it’s always tarnished a bit by the pressure of the fake marriage and getting a green card. Once things are real and after the pain, I wanted more. To know they are going to make it. It ended too quickly for me, but at the same time, I can appreciate that the story was over. 


In the end, Roomies isn’t overly complicated or complex, but it is rich in detail and has all the feels. Deep feels. The descriptions of the music, of Holland listening to Calvin play, it is more than just an appreciation for beautiful things. It is life-changing—reaching into Holland’s soul. Seeing the world through Holland’s eyes, readers get their heart broken by and fall in love with Calvin. It’s a beautiful journey, one that I highly recommend.


My Rating:  A, Loved It

Review copy provided by Netgalley

Originally posted at That's What I'm Talking About

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text 2017-12-02 02:11
16 Festive Tasks - Square 8 - Hanukkah
Autoboyography - Christina Lauren

The main character of Autoboyography is only half-Jewish, but I'm still counting that for square 8.



Book themes for Hanukkah: Any book whose main character is Jewish, any story about the Jewish people –OR– where the miracle of light plays a significant part in the stories plot. 

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review 2017-11-10 20:20
Roomies - Christina Lauren

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Title: Roomies
Author: Christina Lauren
Publisher: Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Roomies" by Christina Lauren

My Thoughts....

What a interesting read of "Roomies" where I found myself not being able to put this one down until the very end wanting to know what was going to happen to Holland and Calvin next. I like how this author was able to deliver such a good read that involved the 'musical aspects and the Broadway musical' that was so important to the read. Truly this marriage of convenience due to immigration was delivered so very well in this well written story. The two main characters Holland and Calvin were simply off the chart being to incredible and even somewhat realistic with each having some issues of their own. It was even great as the reader will see Holland finally finding herself by figuring herself out which was so very important in this story. It was also interesting seeing how this story wasn't just about romance but of...well this is where I will stop and say you will have to pick this novel up and see how well this author gives it to the reader. Even though I felt this some of this story was somewhat predictable it was still a good read where I enjoyed the journey. Be ready for a marriage of convenience that will grow into something much more with 'emotion, drama and even sexual tension.'

Even though this story may have had a good ending it would have been even greater if this story had a epilogue but yet I guess the reader can assume it was all good in the end. Would I recommend? Yes!


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review 2017-10-22 00:00
Beautiful Bastard
Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Could have been worded better in some parts. But over all, pretty decent.
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review 2017-09-23 19:55
Review: Autoboyography by Christina Lauren
Autoboyography - Christina Lauren


"Are you willing to be a secret?"

So yes, I liked this a lot. So much, I ordered a paperback version at 50% already.





I loved Tanner & Sebastian. Maybe Tanner a bit more than Sebastian. But I guess Sebastian's journey to come out was more painful. Tanner was lucky having these amazing parents that got his back. Sebastian was an amazing guy, but unlucky to have been born in a Mormon environment. This is what he knew. And then he meets Tanner......

"I don't presume to know why Heavenly Father does the things He does, but I know in my heart that He has a plan for each of us.
He brought you into my life for a reason, Tanner. I don't know what that reason is, but I know that there's a purpose for it.
I KNOW that. Being with you isn't wrong. The way I feel about you isn't wrong."

And although I think Sebastian's family seemingly were okay people, it still boggles my mind that some parents struggle with the idea of probably rather having a dead child than a gay one.

The Morman Church/LDS is interesting though. I believe it evolves with how the world changes so hopefully one day when the world is accepting enough that we are able to love who we wish, churches will follow.

“A God worthy of your eternal love wouldn’t judge you for who you love while you’re here.”

I hope this day will come soon.

P.S. the title of this book is a clever one!!!



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