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review 2019-05-28 22:14
Review ~ Decent read
Bone Music - Christopher Rice

Book source ~ Kindle First


For the 1st seven years of her life Charlotte Rowe was raised by serial killers. When they slip up and are arrested, Charlotte (real name Trina Pierce) is reunited with her father. However, it’s only a happy reunion for him as he exploits her story for cold hard cash. As soon as she can, Charlotte leaves his ass and goes to live with her grandmother, finishes high school and tries to create a normal life for herself. Unfortunately, her unusual life is about to take another turn away from hard-won normal and the question that begs for an answer is: will she survive again?


The beginning of this book is different than most I read. I like the idea of taking someone who was raised by serial killers for several years and yet she didn’t know yet what they were and then having her rescued and returned to her father, only to be exploited by said father. Ugh! What a dick! She finally gets some normal life with her grandmother, but when her gran dies she changes her name and moves far away into the middle of nowhere to avoid the everlasting fame and the stalkers. And that’s when the story gets even more interesting.


Given an experimental drug without her knowledge freaks her right out. Not only does she have to deal with the effects, but once again she’s been betrayed. With no idea who is behind it, what is going on or what to do about it all, she calls the two people she trusts most in life. From there it’s trial and error and impossible decisions.


I was all in with story until the shadowy people showed up with boatloads of money and tech. It just seems so convenient and hokey. I also have a problem with the drug limitations. The timing of the doses is critical and seems like it is pretty worthless for what it was cooked up to do. I won’t say more because it could be considered spoilerish, but if you read the book I think you’ll get what I’m trying to point out. Maybe since the drug is in the early stages that’s something they will try to refine. Anyway, this is still a great read with lots of action and pretty cool “superpowers” to be had. I love Charlotte, so I’m inclined to continue with this series.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/05/bone-music.html
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review 2018-06-11 13:21
"Bone Music" by Christopher Rice - I can't cope with this
Bone Music - Christopher Rice

"Bone Music" is original, well-written, emotionally engaging and very very threatening. It is all the things I want in a thriller but I can't continue with it.

I was only 11% through this book when I set it aside, intending to get back to it when my mood lifted. That was three months ago and I haven't been able to bring myself back to it.

I suspect that this will end up being a popular series with a remarkable heroine. The obstacle for me is that I'm at a point in the story where a woman who has survived childhood abduction and abuse, commercial exploitation by her father and all the nastiness associated with public notoriety in this peck-me-to-death-on-Twitter threaten-me-on-Instagram age and who has gone on to build a safe space for herself, is about to have that space violated with the help of those who should be protecting her.

It's a series. She's the main character. So she must survive this also. At the 20% mark, there must be a twist that sets her on a new path.

The problem is that this mindset, this careful planning of violation and destruction, revolts me. It's too real. Too common. I don't want it in my head, especially when it's placed there by someone who writes as well as Christopher Rice.

I'm reluctantly adding this to my DNF pile. The good thing is that it's taught me that there are some plot devices that I need to avoid. I'll take a look at Christopher Rice's other books and see if there is something there that will allow me to enjoy his obvious talent.

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review 2018-03-11 02:23
A Little Disappointing
Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra - Anne Rice,Christopher Rice

This is the decades-awaited sequel to Anne Rice’s The Mummy. I was so excited to read it that I had to go and buy the first part and read it first. The first one was almost as good as her vampire books (nobody can top Lestat in my eyes!). Unfortunately, this one wasn’t as good as The Mummy. It character hopped a lot and dragged a bit during the first half. Because of that, I had to keep putting it down and read something else. I know she wrote this with her son, so I don’t know if she wrote half and he wrote half or what, but it was a bit disappointing. The writing was still great, just took too long to get through.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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text 2018-02-06 13:35
February Kindle Firsts aka free ARC for prime members aka now Amazon First Reads
Bone Music (The Burning Girl Series Book 1) - Christopher Rice
White Rose, Black Forest - Eoin Dempsey
Neighborly: A Novel - Ellie Monago
Tough Tug - Margaret Read MacDonald,Rob McClurkan
Go: A Coming of Age Novel - Kazuki Kaneshiro,Takami Nieda
Silent Victim - Caroline Mitchell

See https://www.amazon.com/firstreads to get one free if a prime member.  Yes, still all Amazon imprints.


Source: www.amazon.com/firstreads
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text 2017-11-30 15:50
November Wrap-up
Devil's Day - Andrew Michael Hurley
Captives of the Flame (The Fall of the Towers, #1) - Samuel R. Delany
Dark Carnival - Nancy K. Duplechain
Fools and Mortals - Bernard Cornwell
First Person: A novel - Richard Flanagan
Children's book: Moshe Comes to Visit: Fun Rhyming book about Overcoming fears and positive thinking - Tehila Sade Moyal,Fatima Pires
Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra - Anne Rice,Christopher Rice
The Discovery of Witches - Hopkins, Matthew

Eight books finished this month and two more well in progress. An easy favourite among the above would be Fools and Mortals, but Cornwell is a great author. Dark Carnival gets the award for best indie and I've put her other two books on my ereaderiq list.


This was mostly a month for clearing Netgalley and fulfilling holiday Bingo reads. I have one and a half netgalley books still to finish and highly recommend The Toy Makers, which I'm halfway through! I also have the science book to finish for my Newtonmass square, but it's time travel so I'm enjoying that too.


I have some books put aside for this year's Christmas reads.  I'll post about those soon.

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