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review 2018-02-17 00:49
Kim and Kim writer does Transformers versus magic
Transformers vs. The Visionaries #2 - Magdalene Visaggio,Fico Ossio

And I love it.   It's a lot of internal politics, and a lot of distrust.   But it makes it dramatic, especially with last month's ending.   (Which I won't spoil for Jessica, but you should totally catch up on this.)


It's Transformers.   Versus Visionaries.   Which apparently is a thing that existed?   I don't know.   I bought this for Transformers, with a major bonus of Kim and Kim writer.   (Yeah, guess what, I liked Kim and Kim enough to keep saying it, because I would recommend that series very, very much.)   But pretty much I was going to buy and read a TF comic by IDW (that isn't Bayverse) no matter who wrote it.   


And IDW doesn't let me down.  It never does.   It's a great series, and it adds a lot to the post-Revolution Transformers mythology.   Love!

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review 2018-02-17 00:35
Transformers: Lost Light #14 - James Roberts,Brendan Cahill

So much yes!   Grimlock comes back, and of course, it's not quite how you'd expect, and it certainly doesn't end how you'd expect.   It's brutal and far, far worse than anything I'd expect.   


The Scavengers agree to find the Magnificence, for a whole lot of money.   Instead, they find Scorponok, the Decepticon who used Grimlock, torturing him, experimenting on him, and it's revealed why it was done now.  


Scorponok also has some control over Grimlock.    And it's this fact that is truly tragic.  

I was left astounded by the ending.   Well worth reading!

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review 2018-02-07 19:41
Witchblade (2017) #1 - Caitlin Kittredge,Roberta Ingranata,Bryan Valenza

Complete reboot of Witchblade written and drawn by a woman. 


It's compelling, because it's got the same feel while being new, too, and I'm loving the trend of novelists writing comics.   


Beautiful art, and Alex Underwood, the former reporter with PTSD, is a fuller character than I'd expected.   She also now works with victims in New York City, and advocates for them.   


And she's got the Witchblade, although she doesn't want to acknowledge it yet.   She thinks her 'hallucinations' are part of her PTSD.  


We get a glimpse of her real power at the end of issue one.   Probably going to keep getting this digitally at this point.   I just don't have the room or money to keep adding paper books to my pull list :/

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review 2018-02-07 18:59
Wonder Woman, Batman and The Gentleman
Batman (2016-) #39 - Tom King,Jordie Bellaire,Joelle Jones,Mikel Janin

Wonder Woman and Batman get stuck in an alternate universe, fearful they won't get back at all because they can't without the man they set free.   Another hero, but the time works differently in the two worlds and after a couple hours in the 'real' world, and ten years for Batman and Wonder Woman, well...


I'm very hopeful that this is going to be the end of the marriage, though...

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review 2018-02-07 18:52
Lovely mirror story of a child who loses his parents
Batman (2016-) #38 - Tom King,Giulia Brusco,Tim Sale,Dave Stewart,Travis Moore

He's rich, he has a butler, and he adores Bruce Wayne.   It also gets progressively creepier as the story gets going, and is a standalone.   Lovely art, lovely story, but this is my protest against DCs erasure of the LGBTQ community as they allow another straight marriage, but not gay marriage at all. 


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