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text 2018-11-30 12:34
What is an effective way for building Neurologist Email List for B2B prospecting?

Find effective way for building Neurologist Email list for B2B prospecting from DataCaptive Email list


In the recent period of time, the entire world is considered of becoming a potentially competitive market for all kinds of healthcare goods and services. Marketers of Healthcare Email List prefers to get connected with medical practitioners like neurologists so, in turn, they take the aid of Neurologist email list to generate sufficient amount of leads for the ongoing Business to the Business sales process.

Most of our Neurologist Mailing Database  consists of verified and filtered details of numerous neurology doctors ensuring that those marketers who invest on it gain hundred percent steady return from the overall business process. We at DataCaptive provide high priority to database quality and hence employ trained specialists for the process of data collation and verification as a whole.



Why is Neurologist email list so effective?


⇨ Sales and Marketing Leads that convert

⇨ accurate prospect data to engage with leads

⇨ cut down on marketing costs with high conversion rates

⇨ Merge your Marketing and Sales Funnel


DataCaptive offers accurate data compiled from a wide range of reliable resources such as business directories, trade shows, press releases, corporate websites, demographics of business organizations, annual reports, government records etc.

Our Neurologist database is optimally maintained through regular collection, verification, validation, and update of existent data sets.

We provide Best Neurologist Mailing Data that can be customized based on specific parameters relevant to your business to increase deliverability.



Neurologist Email List

A Neurologist is a highly trained medical professional that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain as well as impairment of the spinal cord, autonomic nervous system, peripheral nerves, muscles and blood vessels.New Neurology Mailing Addresses Database are a key audience for outreach pertaining to pharmaceuticals, recruitment services, practice software, medical equipment and supplies, medical publication subscriptions etc.

We, at DataCaptive, work to ensure a comprehensive and result driven database that will help you in establishing profitable business relations in the global market.



Business magnification competence powered by effective Sales leads Database. Data driven B2B demand generation that is accomplished


Want to know more? Contact our marketing experts now, or call


Contact us : 1-800-523-1387

Email us : connect@datacaptive.com


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text 2018-11-14 07:36
Things About Circle Coloured Contact Lenses That You Need to Know!


Looks play a decisive role in many circumstances. Therefore, people regularly try to appear as pleasant to the eye as possible. In an attempt to look alluring, many people often wear circle coloured contact lenses.



Since eyes largely determine the overall beauty of a person, wearing contact lenses can be very beneficial. Circle coloured contact lenses are specially designed lenses that allow people to sport a particular eye colour. Therefore, people who like to appear very fashionable often rely on various types of coloured contact lenses to match a certain outfit. The best thing about circle coloured contact lenses is that people who have vision problems can also wear the lenses.


Circle coloured contact lenses can without a doubt transform any person’s appearance, but choosing the right lenses can be a daunting task. Various factors such as skin tone, hair colour and the outfit have to be evaluated before choosing the contact lens. The majority of coloured contact lenses are manufactured to appear similar to the novel eye colours that few people naturally have. However, people can also buy bizarre coloured contact lenses to create unique appearances.


One of the biggest advantages of wearing circled coloured contact lenses is that it makes the eyes appear bigger than their actual size. Research has proved that people who have bigger eyes look appealing. Many women choose the best coloured contact lenses to appear dramatically beautiful. The circle coloured contact lenses have a larger diameter and a bold circle on the circumference. This gives an unnaturally beautiful appearance to the eyes that can instantly attract masses.


The coloured contact lenses do not disturb the wearers’ vision because the coloured patches of the lens only exist around the pupil. The coloured portion of the lens covers the iris, so people who have vision issues can see without any problem. People who don’t wish to change their natural eye colour completely can wear the enhancement tints. These tints only enhance the natural eye colour, giving the wearer a brighter looking pair of eyes. The enhancement tints work best on people who have naturally light coloured eyes. Wearing the enhancement tints can instantly intensify their natural eye colour.


People who don’t have naturally alluring eye colour and wish to change their eye colour completely should opt for opaque tints. These tints are designed to transform the eye colour completely. People who have natural dark eye colour can wear these tints to achieve a more vibrant eye colour.


One of the leading stores where people can find the best prescription coloured contacts is Geo Coloured Lenses. They offer a wide range of coloured contact lenses that can instantly make any person appear better. The lenses available at this store are safe to use and have been approved by US FDA. Any person who wants to sport alluring eyes can choose from the exciting collection available at Geo Coloured Lenses.


For more information, visit Geocolouredlenses.com.

Source - https://bit.ly/2DDRoLE

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text 2018-10-30 07:16
How to Choose the Best Coloured Contact Lenses for Your Skin Tone?

Eyes play a decisive role in determining the aesthetic beauty of any person. Many types of research indicate that people associate unique eye colours with beauty. Therefore, many people in the show business often wear circle coloured contact lenses to enhance their physical appearance. Researchers have found that wearing a coloured contact lens can instantly elevate the beauty of any person. People who have a unique eye colour are commonly perceived as more charming and attractive. However, picking a coloured lens randomly doesn’t have the best effect. Researchers have found that various factors such as skin tone, natural colour of the eyes and hair colour have to be considered before picking a lens.


best coloured contact lenses


Here’s how you can pick a coloured contact lens that is perfect for you:


Coloured contact lenses for people who have tanned skin complexion: 


People who are brown skinned or have a tanned complexion can enhance their physical beauty instantly by using a bright coloured eye lens. Medium skin coloured people should get lenses that make their eyes appear brighter than their complexion. People who have a tanned complexion can wear green, hazel, honey, dark blue or grey coloured lenses. However, bright blue or aqua coloured lenses should be avoided as they don’t pair quite well with the skin tone. Women who opt for neutral colours like brown or grey should ensure that the lenses are a bit different than the eyeshadow used by them.


Coloured contact lenses for fair skinned people: 


On fair-skinned people, any lens can look decent. However, shades of blue and grey usually are the best coloured contact lenses for fair skinned people. These colours can give a dazzling and classy appearance to any person, but they bring out the best in fair skinned people. Shiny colours like aqua, purple and turquoise also look great, especially if the goal is to stand out from the crowd.


Coloured contact lenses for people who have a dark complexion: 


People who have a dark and dusky complexion can also choose from a variety of colours. It all comes down to the desired effect that you want to create. However, warm colours usually look best on people who have dark skin complexion. 2-tone violet contact lenses or hazel coloured lenses look great. Dark skinned people should avoid wearing aqua or pink coloured lenses.


People who wear lenses should ensure that the lenses are purchase from a reliable source and are of the highest standard. At Geo Coloured Lenses, people can purchase the best prescription coloured contacts at an amazing price. The lenses provided by Geo Coloured Lenses are the only contacts that are approved by the USA FDA. The technology used for manufacturing these lenses has won several awards for its innovative design. Also, the circle coloured contact lenses provided by this brand are comfortable and extremely easy to use. Any person can use these lenses and enhance their aesthetic appearance dramatically.


For more information, visit Geocolouredlenses.com.

Original source - https://bit.ly/2SeS4vc

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text 2018-10-17 11:07
How to Choose the Best Coloured Contact Lenses?

It is said that “Eyes are the windows to the soul.” This famous quote might not be a 100% true, but there’s enough scientific evidence to back up claims that eyes play a major role in communication. The micro-expressions that originate from the eyes reveal deep underlying emotions that people usually try hard to conceal. On top of this, scientific research indicates that eyes that have a unique colour are perceived as more attractive than others. This is exactly why people in the show business, often use circle coloured contact lenses. Usually, the majority of people on the planet have black or dark brown coloured eyes. However, the human mind craves novelty. Therefore, people with a unique eye colour appear more attractive.




Nowadays, medical science has done unimaginable progress and people can now wear contact lenses effortlessly. These lenses can correct refractive problems and make a person’s eyes look extremely beautiful. However, there are numerous options available in the market for people to choose from. This can be really confusing for people who don’t know what type of contact lens they should choose.


Here’s how you can choose the best coloured contact lenses:


Before purchasing a contact lens, people should carefully examine various factors. Hair colour, skin tone, the natural eye colour and ultimately the kind of look that you want to achieve. After considering all these factors, you can choose a contact lens that suits your eyes best.


Colour Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes: 


People who have naturally dark eyes should opt for opaque coloured tints. These tints are non-transparent and can completely change the natural eye colour. Contact lenses with opaque tints come in a variety of colours such as green, violet, brown, grey, amethyst, hazel, etc.


Colour Contact Lenses for Light Eyes: 


People who want to change their eye colour in a subtle way should choose an enhancement tint. The enhancement tint is solid but a translucent. It is darker than the visibility tint. It is basically designed to elevate the natural colour of eyes. These contact lenses also come in a variety of colours and are best for people who have light coloured eyes. These lenses can make the eye colour more intense and attractive.


One of the best stores that offer contact lenses is Geo Coloured Lenses. Founded in 2008, the brand has exceeded expectations and has transformed the appearance of many people. The lenses offered by this store are very comfortable to wear and easy to use. They also provide the best prescription colored contacts in varying types at very competitive prices. Any person in need of contact lenses can approach Geo Coloured Lenses and get suitable lenses.


For more details, visit Geocolouredlenses.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2Otzilz

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