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review 2019-03-27 02:00
Book Review for Undone by Jax Hart Creed MC Series #3
Title: Undone
Series: Creed MC Series #3
Author: Jax Hart
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Release Date: March 25, 2019
Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
ARC copy provided for honest review
5 stars from us
I had to leave her behind. Forget I ever laid eyes on her beautiful face.
I did it to protect her... to shield her from the ugly side of the life I'm in.
The life I chose.
We left things UNDONE.
My love might break her, but it's what I crave-- what I need... absolute submission she'll accept me as her king. Because I've already decided, I'll take her to be my QUEEN and when I do--nothing will be UNDONE between us... we'll be UNBREAKABLE. 
But first, I need to win her back make her understand she was always in my heart, even when the only choice I had was to walk away.
My heart beats only for him. I waited but he never came. My heart turned to ice and now I'm determined no one will crack it again. But a dangerous man more ruthless than the first pursues me. 
They both want me.
Desire me.
I'm lost in the woods but only one of them can take me home.
From AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR JAX HART, UNDONE CREED MC #3. This is a standalone full-length novel. You can read this without reading the other two books. However, the author recommends reading in order. 
****These series are less about the MC life and more about the men who run them.****
This is Smith & Luce's Story... you first meet them in UNSCRIPTED #2 in the series.
Let's start off my saying this is a brand new author for us and Wow ! just Wow !This story was griping intense,heart wrenching,tons of drama, was funny,exciting ,had wonderful character's and had some major heat going on and we loved every second of it.What a page turner!
I always pick a favorite author but, It was really hard to choose but, we decided on Luce even though this story had a great cast of amazing characters.
Luce was a character that was fun,had a sense of humor,loving ,caring,is sensual ,artistic a little lonely and not comfortable in her own skin and quite emotional but, throughout the story she kept growing more confident and more comfortable in her own skin but, what she was not is a door mat for any man to walk all over anymore.We just loved her.She was just one of those character's that was so easy to love.
Lucas- Now Lucas was all Alpha,tall dark, dangerous,had the looks of a mountain man, was a Dom in the bedroom and pretty much out of it lol,protective and possessive and done right scary and pretty much a A-hole most of the time but,with good reason. Omg ! I loved his and his mom's relationship and all their uncomfortable conversations as they were down right hilarious together .Even with his A-hole-ish ways he was down right delectable and pretty much irresistible.He was definitely was fan worthy!
Not only did we love these character's we loved,Dare,Rog,Duke,Rogue and we have to say we loved the old ladies as they were just priceless and a lot of fun.I have to say that there for a bit while I was swooning over Rogue the dark tall handsome deadly and dangerous Mafia King I was rooting him to win the prize.
Holy Hotness !
I have to say the author started the story off with a bang and kept us engrossed in the pages the entire time  because once we started reading it we couldn't put the book down until we were finished it. The story was just that good and we loved it.We are so looking forward to more books in this series and getting caught up with the rest of the series.Would love to see Rogue get his own story even if it was a novella where the MC & The Mafia King team up as we would loved to see more of him.I think we were just a little bit in love with him. Grins..
Also we wanted to mention that this story had one hot cover and we love it !
Recommended read to all !
Our Universal Amazon Kindle Link- https://bookgoodies.com/a/B07P75QWX3

Jax Hart: Singer, a songwriter, living creatively through art. Dirty Romance author from the great state of Washington. Duke is his first full-length novel. He generally hates most people, plays the bass guitar, and enjoys camping trips with his son. 

Connect with him online.
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review 2019-03-26 18:20
The Takeover Effect by Nisha Sharma
The Takeover Effect: The Singh Family Trilogy - Nisha Sharma

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Mina had seen her fair share of beautiful men, but the Singh brothers were in a whole different league. They were like the Punjabis her mother warned her about when she was a child. Their edges weren’t just rough, they were serrated. Built, with smooth dark skin and light brown eyes, their masculinity was barely restrained in custom-fit suits.

Especially Hemdeep Singh.


The first in the Singh Family series, The Takeover Effect, brings together the eldest brother Hemdeep and Mina, a lawyer sent to assess if Bharat, Inc (Singh family company) should take a buy-out from WTA. This was a story full of corporate espionage, insta-spark, and family drama. Ms. Sharma created such a fascinating and emotional world that I was instantly sucked in.


Spending time with Mina meant engaging in a constant battle of wit and lust.


We start off being introduced to Hem and learn that he left as CEO of Bharat to start his own firm. The catalyst was due to family pressure to get married and how he saw that as damaging his relationship with his now ex-girlfriend. When he gets a call that his father had a heart-attack and there is some shady dealings going down by the Bharat board to accept a buy-out, he rushes home to stand with his other two brothers, Ajay and Zail. Hem makes a strong impression right off the bat and I loved his take charge attitude. He's instantly attracted to Mina when he sees her and while their business relationship worked as a credible reason to keep them apart, thus providing some steamy can't quite act on it lust, I would have liked to see more of a gradual mentally falling in love. I also thought that in the second half we lost Hem a little bit, Mina's strong character comes on and instead of them shining together, he fades into the background more. I did, though, immensely enjoy his personality of strong and protective but also sweet and caring.


She’d do anything to get her mother’s company back, except lose her integrity.


Mina's mother died in a car accident when she was younger and since then has worked to be able to eventually take back the law firm she thinks her mother's brothers pushed her mother out of, causing her drinking. Her uncle has been pressuring her to agree to an arranged marriage, claiming he'll make her an equity partner if she does. When her uncle comes to her with another deal, this time to unethically and illegally present a biased opinion on a buyout report, she knows it is time to start taking action against her uncle. Mina was a fantastic heroine, she was strong, capable, smart, funny, cheeky, and had that hint of vulnerability that creates just the right amount of empathy, sympathy, and endearing. I loved how she more than matched Hem's strong personality, they absorb each other's emotions instead of having them bounce off. I liked the friendship she seemed to have with her friend Rajneet but I wanted them to appear more together; Rajneet was a defined character but also a pretty clear series baiting one, too. I also think Mina's relationship with her father could have been flushed out more, he's pretty absent for most of the story to then come forward at the end to provide what is supposed to be a heavy emotional moment.


Hiriye, I’m a sardar. A Punjabi Sikh man. Do you really think I can resist a challenge?”

And I’m a sardarni,” she snapped. “Do you really think I’ll put up with your bullshit?”

He leaned forward and stole a quick kiss. “Challenge accepted.”


These two were such a well matched couple, I loved them but I also wanted more. Like I mentioned, it was pretty much insta from Hem, with Mina a little emotionally slow to get there and being the one to recognize the professional problems. The professional issues worked very well to hold off the ultimate physical insta-lusting, giving our couple more time to interact on the pages before the sex scenes started, something I, personally, appreciate. I did think the sex scenes got a bit over-the-top at times, let's just say I'm happy about all the chai they are drinking because of all the screaming going on. They had such delectable back and forth, I craved more scenes of them just being together.


Mai tuhade lai a ri aahn.” I’m coming for you.


The corporate espionage plot was intriguing and this may be a weird thing to point out but I liked how the author mentioned/incorporated all the technology (tablets, etc) that would be such common instruments for business people, gave it a sleek and actual contemporary feel. I did cringe at times when Mina's uncle's weight comes into mention (paunch, neck rolls, sweaty) in such a way that it felt like it was supposed to highlight his villain status, this is old imagery that needs to go away. I also thought, there was some unneeded drama at the end where Hem had some slightly out of character angst. It was pretty quick and quickly dealt with but I just didn't feel the ending needed that. However, the conversation between Hem and his father provided lovely heartfelt emotion.


This was an excellent start to the Singh Family series and because of how vivid the world and stirring the characters were that the author created, I craved a Danielle Steel-esque page count. The corporate espionage takes pages away from Hem and Mina more than I would have liked but they're still worth the price of admission. Bharat, Inc isn't out of the woods yet and with a cliffhanger involving that thread, I can't wait for the second in the series to see Ajay and Zail (or perhaps their cousin Brahm?) find a heroine (or hero) to more than match them.


They linked fingers and tangled limbs. “It was worth the wait,” she said softly.

Hem chuckled. “That was just the start.”

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review 2019-03-26 11:17
Review: The Wedding Deal (Heart in the Game #1) by Cindi Madsen
The Wedding Deal - Cindi Madsen



Former quarterback Lance Quaid just inherited the most losing team in the NFL. He’s got only a few weeks until draft day to turn things around, and after firing more than half his staff, he can’t do it alone. Thankfully, his HR manager is more than capable, if only she’d stop focusing on “due diligence” and stop looking so sexy while she’s yelling at him.

Charlotte James has made a life out of following the rules. But nothing could have prepared her for Lance Quaid––he’s a human resources nightmare. The man is brash, has no filter, and, as her new boss, is constantly relying on her to cover his ass. Which is admittedly quite nice.

When Lance begs her to join him on a trip down the coast for his brother’s wedding so they can finalize details––on a strictly business basis––she agrees...after they fill out the necessary forms, of course. Away from the office, though, sparks start flying as the team starts coming together. But both of them know anything more than the weekend would be a colossally bad idea––after all, the extra paperwork would be a nightmare.






I received a free copy from the publisher via Netgalley and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!*




I absolutely loved this book, and I don’t even like football. That being said, please give this book a try even if you normally not a sports fan.

I have been a Cindi Madsen fan for a while and she is one of my go to authors. I honestly think she can write a book about golf or the weather and it be super fun and cute to read.

I loved that all her books have some kind of pop culture reference and are fun and funny. You always get laugh out loud moments, but also heartwarming and honest issues in one book. I also like that she has some  very relatable characters no matter what the book or theme.

This is no different in this case….

When we very first meet Lance, you get the idea that he is another typical asshole alpha male, but as soon we get his POV for the first time it is clear that that is not the thing, He is funny and loving, and above all a loyal family dude. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he is drool worthy. But of course he has his asshole moments too, so don’t worry . Overall I really, really liked Lance.

Charlotte, she seemed a bit stiff and all her rule following was a bit much …… at first. But then we get to see the real Charlotte and I loved her. We learn more about her and loved discovering along with Lance why she is the way she is.

Overall I really loved this book and didn’t want it to end. I can’t wait to see who will be next and hopefully we will see more of Charlotte and Lance in future books, because they are beyond adorable.

If you are a fan of contemporary romance, this is a must read book. Also check out any of her other books and I promise you will fall in love with them.

I rate this book full 5 ★










Buy Links

Amazon *** B&N  




Source: snoopydoosbookreviews.com/index.php/2019/03/26/review-the-wedding-deal-heart-in-the-game-1-by-cindi-madsen
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review 2019-03-26 04:01
Book Review for Spotlight by Piper Davenport
Spotlight (Guardians #3) - Piper Davenport
Spotlight by Piper Davenport
Book # 3 In the Guardian Series
  • File Size: 816 KB
  • Print Length: 157 pages
  • Publication Date: March 26, 2019
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07MW7Z7XX
  • Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
  • Arc copy provided for honest review
  • 5 stars from 
Amazon purchase universal link- https://bookgoodies.com/a/B07MW7Z7XX

18+ for language and sexual content.

Harmony Morgan is the sister of the biggest star on the planet. She’s also caught between said sister and a crazed stalker trying to get close.


Jaxon Quinn has been tasked with finding and neutralizing the threat surrounding the Morgan sisters, but no one warned him about the risk to his heart.


As danger closes in on them, will Jaxon be able to keep Harmony safe? 

Will he recognize that by saving her, he may be saving himself as well?

I have to say that I absolutely loved this story from beginning to end as it was so much fun and was infused with tons of humor and we loved that in a story.The more books I read from this author the more we fall in love with her works of fiction.
We really enjoyed the plot and its character's and we loved that it revolved around a group of sisters. I really loved Melody's and Jaxson's love story their entire courtship was down right hilarious and I have to say that I laughed through the entire story.
I always pick a favorite character but, this time around it was extremely hard but, my choice is Melody in the fact she had such an amazing sense of humor. A also found her to be sweet ,kind and caring,smart,emotional, sexual and was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.
Jaxson - We found him to be sexy,sweet,kind,had a sense of humor and possessive as well as protective and really good at his job.I think we fell head over heels for him ourself from our first being introduced to him. Just yummy....
These character's had some major chemistry going on to the point they couldn't keep the hands off one another so that meant there was a lot of sexy love scenes happing throughout the entire story. Can you say Hot! Hot ! Hotter ! lol
Overall we loved the plot and the drama the few twists as well as few surprises that was filled with a great cast of character's and we loved them all.We loved the sweet romance and courtship between Melody and Jaxson that was pretty much love at first sight kind of thing but, they were really perfect for one another in every way.We also loved that the author found a way to include some of the Dogs of Fire MC members that was a nice touch as we love that series.I am really looking forward to getting caught up on this series very soon.
One thing we loved about the story the most is that is was easy to connect with the character's right from the very beginning and we were already pretty much loving them from the onset of the story and when that happens for us we already know we are going to love the story before us and we did just that !
Goes into the keeper pile to be read time and time again.
Recommended read to all!
Piper Davenport is the pen name of NYT Bestselling author, Tracey Jane Jackson.

Piper writes from a place of passion and intrigue. Combining elements of romance and suspense with strong modern day heroes and heroines.

She loves horses and her family (not necessarily in that order), and has been married to her husband for more than twenty years. They have two boys and live in the Pacific Northwest.


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review 2019-03-26 02:20
Book Review for Dirty Bitches MC: Season 1 by Winter Travers (Author), Geri Glenn (Author), GM Scherbert (Author), Avelyn Paige (Author)
Dirty Bitches MC: Season 1 - G.M. Scherbert,Winter Travers,Geri Glenn,Avelyn Paige
  • Dirty Bitches MC: Season 1 

    by Winter Travers  (Author), Geri Glenn  (Author), GM Scherbert  (Author), Avelyn Paige  (Author)
  • File Size: 2413 KB
  • Print Length: 274 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1723008281
  • Publication Date: July 20, 2018
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07CZ77TMZ
  • Gene : MC Romance
  • Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
  • ARC copy provided for honest review
  • 5 stars from us
  • Universal Amazon link kindle edition 

Four international best-selling authors, one unique MC series that will change the MC Romance world forever. Welcome to Magnolia Springs, where the Dirty Bitches MC rules the roads and the readers dictate the story.

Livin’ On a Prayer – Avelyn Paige

Dixie Ryder just can’t catch a break. After leaving the safety of her uncle’s motorcycle club for a marriage that ends in disaster, she leaves town and starts an all-female club of her own. Just as life is finally going her way, Dixie’s ex-husband breezes into town, fresh from the military and hell-bent on fixing their broken relationship. Old wounds are re-opened, loyalties are tested and Dixie’s world is turned upside down once again.

You Give Love a Bad Name – Winter Travers

River Bane is in full control of her destiny. She grew up with nothing, and vowed never to live that way again. A tough as nails attitude and fierce loyalty to her club keeps people at bay, and that’s just the way she likes it. Until the local sheriff gets it in his head that she’s the one for him. He won’t rest until the woman behind the sky-high heels and sexy scowl is in his bed, in his life and in his future.

Unbreakable – Geri Glenn

Bernadette Simms has a history most women would never survive, but she did. Never again will she give any man the power to rock her entire world. And then one fateful day, she meets Roman Williams. He’s a genius with a six pack and eyes she swears can see into her very soul. Roman doesn’t belong in her world, but he’s not going away without a fight.

Born to Be My Baby – GM Scherbert

Katarina Orlovis is a hard ass. Armed with a tattoo gun and a dark past, she holds most people at arm’s length. As a single mother and a business owner, she doesn’t have time for relationships or men, but when a dark and dominant stranger walks into her shop, Katarina is intrigued. He tempts her in a way that has her questioning everything. But could she really go to her knees for him? She’s not sure she can ever give that much of herself to anyone again. Too bad he’s not taking no for an answer.
Let's start of by saying that I really enjoyed this collaboration of stories and Introducing us to and all new series that was a so much fun and that just so happened to be about an all girls MC "We loved that."
Loved each and every story and getting to know Titz and Stileto,Links and Rogue all so different from one another yet created this amazing MC family together of misfits.
Rogue story was train wreck waiting to happen but, was also about second chances and forgiveness and that some loves are not so easily forgotten know matter who much times passes.The love letters that were written to Rogue were so touching they made us cry.
Titz was a walking train wreck of her own making .The girl created constant chaos but, was down right hilarious but, met the one man capable of taming her as much as a women like her could be tamed.
Stiletto reminded me of a fire cracker and we loved her fierceness and her straight talk and her loyalty to her friends and club.She was just too funny and a bad*ss who fixes cars and runs a garage. Stiletto has caught the eye of the sexy sheriff in town who is about to stake his claim and make her his but, he knows he is about to wage a war and is all in and happily grinning about it .LOL 
Links is way to quiet and one who is obsessed with her garden and a little ocd'd but,when she is provoked has a fiery temper when someone pisses her off and has know problem getting in your face.Thinking about her first meeting with the sexy Brit has us chuckling out loud just thinking of it .Links is instantly attracted by the sexy Brit who makes her lady bits sing and tingle but,doesn't want to be but, she has met her match what more? he has know problem riding bitch on the back of her bike and is actually proud of it.Crazy right? know crazy in love....
Overall one laugh out loud hilarious read with great characters and we loved it !
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