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review 2017-10-17 14:46
Would You Sell Yourself To Save Your Family? Rain Would...
The Color of Rain - Cori McCarthy
Teenager Rain lives in a dark world where many of the people catch an illness that robs them of their memory not unlike alzheimer's.  She has already lost both parents and a brother and she is now about to lose her younger brother, the only family she has left. She does what she has to find a cure and save him even if that means she has to sell herself to do it.


I had never really read a story like this.  I usually stay away from sci-fi but I was pleasantly surprised with The Color Of Rain. The fact that Rain goes to any extreme to save her brother, her friend and sometimes herself was a little shocking to me. The story had a darkness to it.  Just when you thought things might get better it got a little worse.


The Color Of Rain is another ones of those stories that falls in the category wanting more after finished. I wanted a sequel.  It ends well enough but I just wanted to know what else happened. I am also a little surprised it is considered a young adult book.  It does have some heavy adult themes.


I finished the book a few months ago and the story still sticks with me. Which to me means it was a good read.  My mind still wanders to the characters wondering what they are doing.  Or if I would sacrifice myself for my family the way Rain did. The story cuts deep and shocks your core a little but worth a read.


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review 2016-06-14 21:17
You Were Here Book Review
You Were Here - Cori McCarthy

You Were Here is the heartbreaking story of love, friendship and hardest of all, loss. The feelings are deep and the characters are very real in this book. I loved each character and found what they were going through true to teenagers today. 


Jaycee has been a daredevil ever since she lost her older brother. On his anniversary every year she has this crazy plan to get closer to him. Each year its with Jake's best friend Mik, the mute. Natalie, Zach and Bishop. These people are drawn into a bizarre friendship and recovering from a heart-achingly tough loss. 


There are five point of views throughout the book. But its not your typical POV'S. Mik is a mute so his are done in graphic novel form with pictures and very few words. Bishop is done with graffitti left on the places they visit. 


This is such a unique book and the writing is quite stunning. I really think a lot of teenagers and young adults can relate to every character in this story. 

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text 2016-05-26 11:52
Friday Reads 5/27/16
Me Before You - Jojo Moyes
The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater
The Winner's Curse - Marie Rutkoski
You Were Here - Cori McCarthy
Impulse - Ellen Hopkins
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quote 2016-05-25 09:04
Many people with holes in their hears don't even know it .
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review 2016-04-26 11:10
Review: You Were Here
You Were Here - Cori McCarthy

I received a copy from Netgalley.

I got this through one of those read now for the first 500 member emails. I must admit I went into it knowing very little about it, other than a glance at the blurb. Unfortunately, this book was not for me at all. Just didn't like it.

The story did nothing for me and I couldn't connect to any of the characters. It wasn't like it was terribly written or anything and had an interesting premise. It tells the story of a teenage girl and her friends coping with the death of the heroine's older brother who was a dare devil and died in an accident whilst doing a stunt of some sort. He left a journal of all sorts of weird places - mostly abandoned - and the sister and her friends try to find these places each dealing with their grief and their own problems in different ways. I found the characters irritating and very melodramatic. Didn't like any of them.

Also, some of it was told in graphic novel format and other chapters were one page drawings or artwork. I am not a fan of graphic novels, really. If I had known that, I would have never started this book. I found it annoying and it jarred the narrative. I would certainly try something by this author again, this particular book just didn't work for me at all.

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