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review 2019-07-17 17:20
The Cracked Spine
The Cracked Spine - Paige Shelton

#1 Scottish Bookshop Mystery


Delaney Nichols was let go of her job and she started job hunting and ended up getting hired in Scotland. This seems like her dream job and she moves to Scotland. When she gets there she meets a very nice man who is her cab driver and becomes her landlord, along with his wife. She meets her co-workers and her boss. Just as they start to work tragedy strikes and her boss's sister is found murdered. While the police look to find out who did it, so does Delaney. 


The story was very interesting and I did tend to listen to it more while I was driving with the girls and then got hooked and just had to finish the story. 


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review 2019-05-09 06:56
The Cracked Spine by Paige Shelton
The Cracked Spine - Paige Shelton

Scottish Bookshop Mystery #1:  The Cracked Spine by Paige Shelton


A cozy mystery set in Edinburgh.  This novel starts of rather slowly, followed by somewhat erratic pacing throughout.  I also found the main character's (Delaney) sudden desire to investigate the murder of someone she has never met, in a foreign city she knows nothing about, rather illogical.  It seemed to be out of character.  Some other aspects of this novel were also a bit silly or not particularly believable, in my opinion. On the other hand, there is a bookshop, a mysterious room and a Shakespear First Folio.  A cute story to pass the time on a rainy evening.

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review 2019-04-19 20:16
Cracked & Crushed by A.J. Downey
Cracked & Crushed - A.J. Downey

Too tired and confused to write something sensible. I liked some parts of the story and disliked the others. The hero was scary as hell. The heroine's tears actually turned him on. And he hugged her when she really needed it. And he liked knives. And he drove nine hours to save her from a bad situation. And he was such a sweetheart. And a total bastard. 
I believe this book goes to the "mindfuck" category.

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text 2018-12-19 13:17
How to Repair Cracked Screen of Kindle?

Cracked Screen of a device has been a big problem for years and there are fewer chances to get it totally resolved from our lives. As technology advancement all over the world is increasing day by day, we are moving towards an era of digital life. Every analog machine is converting to the digital one and so the life of human being. Before digitalization, people read books via physical means. They carry all the documents or books with them whenever they travel. This lets the user carry a certain weight with them everywhere. But in this world, this is totally eliminated from the lives of human.


Nowadays, we have various devices to read the documents in digital form which eliminates all the ill effects of carrying physical books. In such devices, Amazon Kindle is the most popular one. You can read digital files and documents with ease using this device. The shape of the device is like a tablet mobile but its screen basically made to read files. It provides a good level of comfort to the readers so that they can enjoy reading as long as they want. What if the device slipped from your hands and got broken. Most probably, the screen will be cracked and it is the vital part of the device. Without this, you cannot continue reading. If you are looking for a solution which can help you to repair the device at home, you are reading the right article. In this, Kindle Customer Care is going to provide the procedure to repair the cracked screen. The procedure to do so is discussed below:-


  • The first task you need to do is Turn Off your Kindle and turn the back panel upward. Use a flat surface and turn it down.
  • Slide the back panel and remove the battery from the device. Keep it aside.
  • A total of eight screws are used in this device to tighten up the whole machine. You need to unscrew them using a screwdriver. You can use any screwdriver whichever suits the fitting of the screw.
  • Remove all the screws precisely. Don’t put extra pressure on screws to remove them.
  • After opening, unplug all the connected ribbon cables to the ports placed on the top of the Motherboard.
  • Lift the motherboard from the specific housing and put it aside.
  • You will see a metal frame above the screen which covers the back of the screen. Remove the frame and keep it aside.
  • Remove the cracked screen from the housing and fit a new one in place of it. Make sure to purchase an original screen in replacement with the cracked part.
  • Re-assemble all the removed parts one by one and start the device.



Struggling to Repair Cracked Screen? Call the Experts Now

The procedure to repair a screen is a bit technical. The user must have knowledge about the device and handling the mechanical parts. If you are having an issue to repair your screen, feel free to contact the experts at Kindle Technical Support Phone Number +1-855-601-0005 and all your problems and queries will be resolved in seconds. You don’t need to worry anymore, just pick up the phone and contact us.


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text 2018-05-24 16:27
Download 100% Quality Applications at Zero Cost!

Computer software program, for both private and commercial enterprise use, can be costly and it's one of the first places in which human beings try to reduce corners, or discover alternatives. Sadly, the most normally-used approach is also the most risky one, and could land you in an entire lot of trouble, as well as destroying your pc and costing you lots of greenbacks in data recovery -- if it is even possible in the first vicinity. However cheer up! In this article, i'm going to expose you the way to have your cake and devour it too -- and it will be a better pleasant cake than you could ever purchase. Does that sound too right to be authentic? Examine on, and i'll prove it.


The wrong manner:


You know this one: all you need to do is ask your friend -- the only who is so top at locating the ones "cracked" programs on the net -- to burn you a CD... Ms office, word, some thing, he will be happy to oblige. In reality, he's simply located this great site in Eastern Europe it truly is were given the whole lot you have ever dreamed of. As is often the case with this type of "free" software program, there is a hidden fee -- and it simply might be more than you bargained for. For one issue, loads of the so-known as "cracked" software program includes viruses -- and nowadays, those are extra than just a prank. A good deal of it's miles distributed with the aid of organized criminal organizations that use the ones viruses to take over your computer and use it as a part of their 'bot-net', a network of computers that does some thing from sending junk mail to cracking financial institution safety -- all without your understanding. Of route, this makes your pc run extra slowly, takes up numerous your network bandwidth, and in all likelihood fills up your disk with incriminating fabric. Even supposing the "warez" you purchased did not include that sort of contamination, an unlawful or unregistered reproduction of business software program can typically be grew to become off, over the INTERNET, through the those who wrote it (instance: appearance up 'home windows genuine advantage angers Chinese' in Google.) believe having your computer shut down within the middle of a business day... Imagine all the computer systems for your enterprise doing so. No longer a great danger to take, right? You may argue this factor, but... Truly, you're legally and morally inside the incorrect whilst you try this. It's simply no longer a great function to be in, particularly in case you're looking to run a business.


The proper manner:


Welcome to the world of Free Downloader, in which the regulations are absolutely one of a kind.

Downloading software program? Sure -- however you do not should spend hours and hours attempting to find unique "warez d00ds" web sites; the people who write the software make it available proper at their web site. Loose. Yes, clearly unfastened. Free of felony tangles, and nearly constantly at 0 cost. Protection from viruses? Yep, got that. You notice, part of the open supply subculture is to make the code available at the side of each application -- and any programmer searching at the code would be capable of spot an epidemic and do away with it. Trouble solved. Need to provide copies away? Feel unfastened; in reality, it's encouraged. Whether you are the use of it individually or for business, you've got not anything to fear approximately: you are not breaking any legal guidelines. Sure, it's not lots of a problem for most people... But it is better to to be at the proper side than the wrong one. So, what form of software is available? There are tens of thousands of open supply packages to be had, for actually each utility you can consider.


Right here are my seven preferred software tools, listed with the aid of category:


Net browser: mozilla firefox -- probabilities are, you're already the use of it. It passed 500 million downloads lower back in 2008, and hasn't bogged down for the reason that. The general public truly call it "the arena's best browser".

Mail reader: mozilla thunderbird -- thunderbird offers a large function set, supporting all standard e mail protocols and extensions. It also has a integrated feed reader and spell checking, as well as an included usenet information reader, in addition to a massive number of "accessories" -- freely-downloadable software plugins to extend its functionality.

Office suite: openoffice -- consists of a word processor (creator), spreadsheet (calc), presentation software (galvanize), drawing and graphing device (draw), a device for creating equations and formulas (math), and a database, reporting and shape tool (base). Reads microsoft workplace files, too.

Photo editor: gnu picture manipulation software (the gimp) -- gimp has been in persistent development in view that 1995. It has powerful portray equipment, support for layers, channels, and filters, a couple of undo/redo, and editable textual content layers.

Cd/dvd burner: infrarecorder -- helps absolutely all one of a kind codecs including rewritable disc, multi-session disc and dual-layer dvds; audio cds can be created with just a few easy drag and drops. Other important functions encompass disc copying, audio cd ripping, iso era, and burning photos. To be had in more than 20 languages.

Media participant: vlc -- this is a bendy media player available for definitely any running machine along with portable/hand held computer systems. Vlc plays all of the common media codecs, each video and audio, in addition to dvds and modern day famous divx and mpeg4 films. Maximum streaming media is supported as properly, along with home windows
Media (wmv) and quicktime. Superior features include a skinnable gui and gambling media at once from iso files. Vlc is also available as a firefox plug-in and as an activex factor, making it simple to view any embedded video format through your browser.

Archiver: 7-zip -- 7-zip is an incredible document archiver that supports the subsequent formats for packing/unpacking: 7z, zip, gzip, bzip2 and tar -- and the subsequent for unpacking most effective: rar, cab, arj, lzh, chm, z, cpio, rpm and deb. It integrates well into the home windows shell (right click on menu). 7-zip is also available in 60 languages.

In short, open source software is loose, effective, reliable, and easily to be had. Strive Source -- and enjoy your new-located freedom!

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