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review 2015-08-30 00:00
An Adventure in Crossdressing: First Kiss
An Adventure in Crossdressing: First Kiss - Alex Wolffe Short and hot anonymous hookup. I was bothered by the lack of condom. even though this is erotica. :-/
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review 2014-08-06 22:50
Splinters - Thorny Sterling

Splinters - Thorny Sterling 

It would be decent if the author was a nine year old boy with a dirty mind...or maybe not. Anyway, the idea for the plot is good, but  style and execution are absolutely amateurish.

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review 2014-02-19 14:21
ささめきこと 2 [Sasamekikoto: 2] - Takashi Ikeda

Another beautiful volume of Sasameki Koto. :) 

This time we have a date with our crossdresser (forced, sisters can be scary it seems), love, confessions, girl club (and a half-dead car, which makes me relive Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star).

I really loved the useless additions that were added in this volume, and I wouldn't call them useless at all, they were random, but very funny and also at times very sweet.

*snickers*Oh, lol at Kazama's brother who writes Shoujo manga. And how no one can know he is actually a guy, and not a girl. :)

Aoi-san was really adorable, how she did her best for Sumika-chan, and Sumika totally was oblivious to her attention. Luckily in the end everything ends up ok. Sumika and of course the others are true friends.

Sumika is such an idiot. Thinking Kazama wouldn't mind it that much if she didn't call. Argh girl, you should know better!

All in all a volume to remember, and I will keep cheering for both girls to get together! Go Sumika, Go Kazama!

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review 2014-02-18 11:06
ささめきこと 1 [Sasamekikoto: 1] - Takashi Ikeda

I saw the anime many years ago when it first aired. Ever since then I have wanted to check out the manga, especially since that one goes further than the anime, and I really wanted to know how it continues.

Sumika is in love with her best friend Kazama (even though she disses girl love at a daily basis) , sadly Kazama doesn't see Sumika as that (she falls for more cute girls), will Sumika get together with Kazama? 

The manga art style is really cute and I love it.

And of course, I am soooo happy to see Sumika and Kazama again. It is wonderful, they were (in the anime) great characters and I was cheering for them both to get together.

Sumika is a lovely character, though she really needs to be honest and just go for it, instead of deflating every time her friend says something about her (Sumika) not being her type. Also, Sumika should ditch the glasses, she looks so pretty without them. The glasses make her look too serious and too scary at times.

That first (pseudo kiss) was absolutely wonderful, though also sad that it wasn't a real one yet. And it seems that the couple we saw earlier are now watching Sumika and Kazama. :)

And of course we also have the guy who crossdresses. I totally forgot about him (yes it is that bad), but now that I read the manga it all comes back. 

Well I loved this volume, and I will be sure to read the rest of the manga too.

I would recommend this to all who likes shoujo-ai/yuri.

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review 2013-07-04 00:00
Babe in Boyland - Jody Gehrman

This will be a short review, because I am quite tired, but I want to atleast give my feelings on the book.

This book was really cute. Our main lead girl finds out she knows nothing about boys, that she was always siding with the girls when she replied to letters.
She tries various ways to get information out of boys, only to fail. Then she decides to go undercover in an male boarding school. Ofcourse this requires her to act and to become a guy.

I loved how she acted while she was pretending to be a guy. And how hard she failed at the beginning. Squealing when you see someone naked or when you see them pee, is guaranteed to give you away, but luckily everyone just saw her/him as a social akward guy.

Then we get Emilio. Ah Emilio, he was absolutely swoon worthy. He was cute, funny and sweet. And I loved the descriptions of his godly body. <3

And Josh, well, I didn't like him, he was just a player and a mean boy, only caring about sex.

Also, I applaud the author for the creative use of Shit. Instead of shit we get Scheisse, and every time our girl said that I was laughing, it sounded so silly.

This book was wonderful, cute and I just love books about genderbending. :)

Recommended to everyone who likes: Swoon worthy guys, genderbending, boarding schools and comedy.

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