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text 2022-04-28 15:02
Full Body Muscle Suit - Crossdressing Bodysuits


It is a huge undertaking to make a feminine appearance that appeals to males who dress cross-dressed. When you are putting together a feminine clothing, there are numerous factors to think about. The body of a man is generally shorter in the waist and larger on the shoulder than women's. This means that a specific outfit is needed to achieve the appearance of a woman. If you're not sure which stores to go to for clothes, finding suitable dresses that are suitable for males can prove a challenge.


There are some online stores that not only make clothing for women but also create clothing specifically for men. Here are some suggestions for the things to look out at when buying Full Body Muscle Suit.


It is crucial to pick the correct length dress for you if you intend to wear it outside your house. Men favor lengths that fall between the lower part of the thigh and barely above knee. Garter belt with stockings but the tops of stockings do not show. This dress is specifically designed specifically for men, and it will hide the most common pieces of clothing men wear to make cervices. Find out more on Fake Muscles.


Also, you should search for dresses designed to fit the size of men. Dresses designed especially for males will come with larger sleeves that can fit man's arms as well as a wider chest to accommodate women who dress cross-dressed. A lot of men are unhappy when they get an outfit that is too narrow to cover their arms and has an upper bust that is so narrow that it makes the big bosom look plain. Online retailers selling dresses with pockets can easily put breast forms in. Dresses with long sleeves for men must be worn with wrists covered.


A wide range of styles is crucial. If you are looking for a dress may require several. The men who cross-dress are just like the women. While the past was not easy for many males Online retailers are trying to design and make sexy clothing for males. There are new styles , such including halter dress, long-sleeved that feature lace and lycra as well as mini-dresses. It is crucial to ensure that the dresses are sized to your body and have sufficient length to cover your foundation pieces.

Crossdresser Store is a market leader in crossdressing and provides the finest entertainment products. Our customers have a fantastic experience, however we make it a little sexually naughty. Find the top products for transgender and crossdressers in The Crossdresser Store.


Have fun and enjoy a new way to showcase your sexuality with our fresh displays. We're also proud have the only "online only" shop. We can cut cost and keep your price down through this. The pre-paid bags or boxes can be used to transport your goods in normal circumstances. We'll be with you on this journey due to our unwavering dedication to our customers' satisfaction as well as modern-day personalization. 


Products for transgender and crossdressers are not new. They've been in use for over ten years. It doesn't matter what you're girl or boy, straight or bi, gay, lesbian or whatever We're here to help you get off with only the highest quality products for crossdressers and transgender.


For more info about Crossdressing Bodysuits, Visit here: https://thecrossdresserstore.com/

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review 2015-08-30 00:00
An Adventure in Crossdressing: First Kiss
An Adventure in Crossdressing: First Kiss - Alex Wolffe Short and hot anonymous hookup. I was bothered by the lack of condom. even though this is erotica. :-/
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review 2014-08-06 22:50
Splinters - Thorny Sterling

Splinters - Thorny Sterling 

It would be decent if the author was a nine year old boy with a dirty mind...or maybe not. Anyway, the idea for the plot is good, but  style and execution are absolutely amateurish.

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review 2014-02-19 14:21
ささめきこと 2 [Sasamekikoto: 2] - Takashi Ikeda

Another beautiful volume of Sasameki Koto. :) 

This time we have a date with our crossdresser (forced, sisters can be scary it seems), love, confessions, girl club (and a half-dead car, which makes me relive Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star).

I really loved the useless additions that were added in this volume, and I wouldn't call them useless at all, they were random, but very funny and also at times very sweet.

*snickers*Oh, lol at Kazama's brother who writes Shoujo manga. And how no one can know he is actually a guy, and not a girl. :)

Aoi-san was really adorable, how she did her best for Sumika-chan, and Sumika totally was oblivious to her attention. Luckily in the end everything ends up ok. Sumika and of course the others are true friends.

Sumika is such an idiot. Thinking Kazama wouldn't mind it that much if she didn't call. Argh girl, you should know better!

All in all a volume to remember, and I will keep cheering for both girls to get together! Go Sumika, Go Kazama!

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review 2014-02-18 11:06
ささめきこと 1 [Sasamekikoto: 1] - Takashi Ikeda

I saw the anime many years ago when it first aired. Ever since then I have wanted to check out the manga, especially since that one goes further than the anime, and I really wanted to know how it continues.

Sumika is in love with her best friend Kazama (even though she disses girl love at a daily basis) , sadly Kazama doesn't see Sumika as that (she falls for more cute girls), will Sumika get together with Kazama? 

The manga art style is really cute and I love it.

And of course, I am soooo happy to see Sumika and Kazama again. It is wonderful, they were (in the anime) great characters and I was cheering for them both to get together.

Sumika is a lovely character, though she really needs to be honest and just go for it, instead of deflating every time her friend says something about her (Sumika) not being her type. Also, Sumika should ditch the glasses, she looks so pretty without them. The glasses make her look too serious and too scary at times.

That first (pseudo kiss) was absolutely wonderful, though also sad that it wasn't a real one yet. And it seems that the couple we saw earlier are now watching Sumika and Kazama. :)

And of course we also have the guy who crossdresses. I totally forgot about him (yes it is that bad), but now that I read the manga it all comes back. 

Well I loved this volume, and I will be sure to read the rest of the manga too.

I would recommend this to all who likes shoujo-ai/yuri.

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