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text 2015-03-12 07:46
A year Straight
A Year Straight: Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Lesbian Beauty Queen - Elena Azzoni

I'm gonna go with...NO. I read some reviews.

Not only does she still identify as a lesbian while with a cis-gendered man...NO! PLEASE stop giving asshole men the idea that they could be the one to "change" you as they aggressively hound you. I don't blame women for this, but this isn't helping the situation. NO MEANS NO, MEN. Doesn't matter who this person is or identifies.

She could identify as Queer or even bisexual, but she refuses to.

Attraction to women =/= lesbian, for everyone.

BISEXUALITY and other identities DO exist.

I blame media/culture's narrative that all women who have some form of attraction to women are automatically lesbian. THERE IS A SPECTRUM BETWEEN STRAIGHT AND GAY/LESBIAN.

SO, I'm skipping this one. Sorry not sorry.

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review 2015-01-16 03:15
DragonBride by Raani York
Dragonbride (The Dragon Chronicles Book 1) - Raani York,Brian Wixson,Howard David Johnson

Thanks for posting the whole novel as the blurb, dear author, I don't even NEED to read the book now. :D

Note: This is about the BLURB not the

The Dragon Chronicles Book #1
(©Copyright by Raani York)

Shalima, “Daughter of the Light” and is born under special circumstances, is raised by her Aunts instead of her mother because she needs to be prepared to fulfil the “Old Scriptures”, which tell us, that she is the only Magician on Earth. Her Aunts carefully prepare her for her obligations and her duty: she will have to get married to the “Holy Golden Dragon”, the King of the Dragons, a huge Earth Dragon with magical talents. She is prepared by her “Master” in Magic and grows up with witchcraft in her life as normality. Her Aunts are witches.

She cannot believe that she is the “Chosen One”, who has to protect the Dragon Species, the Nature and finally the Earth. But when she turns a Teenager it seems, that the Old Scriptures are right. Compared to what she had thought, Dragons really exist.

There were three different kinds of Dragons. The big Earth-Dragons living in the mountain caverns, the Fire-Dragons living in volcanoes and the Water-Dragons feeling most comfortable in lakes and rivers.

The Earth-Dragon was a beautiful huge creature, growing in length up to 90 feet. His scales shimmered from emerald green over rust red until deepest black. There were some extremely rare examples whose scales showed an unexplainable purple, but obviously at the moment the „Red Earth-Dragon“became pronounced extinct.

The Water-Dragon was a conceited, extremely elegant creature, built a little bit smaller and more fragile than the Earth-Dragon. His scales went from silver grey over turquoise and ocean blue up to the deepest midnight blue, which gave him a sparkling cool beauty. By the development of his back legs to fins his suffered a little bit under the limited ability to fly, but in his element, the water, he was of unprecedented elegance. He only went for short flights and only for nutrition, since he felt most comfortable in his home under water.

The Fire-Dragon had hardly ever been seen by humans. He lived in places, unreachable for people, usually volcanoes or the burning inside of the Earth. There the Dragon-Father had his court and there also the rutting and intercourses took place, rituals never been seen by any human being. The colors of his scales went from lemon yellow over orange up to the darkest wine red. The Fire-Dragon had to take care for his scales with his oily spittle to beware them from drying out by the constant heat.

And finally there was the Holy Golden Dragon. He was a huge Earth-Dragon with scales shimmering like gold in the pure sunlight. The King of the Dragons. Smart, a little bit cunning, but good and protecting the humans... Only he had the right to father his descendants with a very special human woman. This woman was the only magician and was only born once in a century. As soon as the two were married the magician usually moved in with the Dragons to be with her husband and support him... She also protected the Species of the Dragons which was really in danger by the low hunt instincts of the human beings. Under hunters and warriors it was an absolute highlight to kill a dragon. The magician would also be the one protecting the Dragons and her husband the Golden Dragon, to protect the nature, fight demons and hold her hand over humans and animals...

After their marriage Shalima lives with her husband, the Holy Golden Dragon in the Dragon’s Empire and fulfils her duty when they discovered an old parchment roll which announced the End of the World. A terribly evil creature would overtake the Earth if they didn’t act. And they did act. They leave the Dragon’s empire to look for helpers, for keys to rescue the world and for their own little army to fight the evil. When the battle takes place the Holy Golden Dragon loses his life and the Dragon Species dies. Shalima is left back with the Dragon’s last present: His children...

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review 2014-11-05 21:19
Escambia Fills? Very unfulfilling
Escambia Fills (Volume 1) - Greg Robards

Full disclosure:    I obtained the free Kindle sample of this book from Amazon.  I do not know the author nor have I ever had any communication with him about this book or any other matter.  I am an author of historical romances, among other things.


My attention was drawn to this book when I noticed the author's testimonial on the fiverr account of "SoCalBookGal," who is the Amazon reviewer "Heather G" and Goodreads user "Heather Gilbert."


I did not check any of the other reviews to confirm if they are also fiverr sellers, but I suspect at least a few of them are.


I find it very disturbing that a writer of Christian fiction, whose reviewers praise this book for being God- and/or Christ-centered, has no problems buying reviews that are blatant lies and having them posted in violation of the sites' rules regarding such reviews.  The hypocrisy reeks worse than week-old dead birds in an oil spill.


The writing isn't much more fragrant.  I find it particularly disturbing when there is a huge typographical error in the Dedication, for crying out loud.



It's the same on the Kindle for PC view:



He means "Florida," of course.  But when he thanks everyone for their help, including their proof reading services, it appears he needed better help.


I confess I didn't get past the first page or two of text.  The two opening paragraphs are disjointed, with the unidentified character waking out of a horrific slumber that's never described.  He seizes his head in shaking hands, but in the next sentence clutches his chest.  I know it's all meant to be very dramatic so that the book opens with action rather than backstory, but it's jumbled.


There are punctuation errors, too, with the dialogue tags.  Fixable, yes, but annoying because they're a sign of lack of professionalism.


But it's the lack of coherent flow that makes even the first couple of pages so difficult to read.


After we learn the character in the first paragraph is Max -- because he questioned something -- the phone rings.  But Max doesn't answer it.  Instead someone named Bob Jeffries starts talking.  Is he on the other end of the phone?  Is he in the room with Max?  We don't know.  Yes, it can be assumed that he's on the other end of the line, but then why not have Max pick up the phone and make it crystal clear?


In the hands of a competent editor, this might be a workable story, but I don't have time or patience to edit as I read.  And especially not when I see all those lying five-star fiverr reviews.








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text 2014-11-03 17:01
Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's "Learned"
Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned - Lena Dunham

I hate to source this site, ONTD, but I read this, this morning. I was never a fan, but I didn't hate her, until I found out that she allegedly sexually abused her little sister. Yeah, fuck you. I'm so glad I never watched Girls, I was planning to but it's a big NO! Now.

I am a survivor, so this is just me stating reasons why I am not touching this book or anything she does ever. Anyone who defends her is almost just as bad.

I won't rate the book (as of now), but this to me, is serious. Apparently, she even talks about it in the book. Then denies it irl. Like why?

I'm so angry and upset right now, so I'm not that articulate right now.

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text 2014-10-20 00:33
What the actual fuck is wrong with people?

So, because I deliberately keep myself detached from wtfuckery lately, I heard yesterday from my lady wife about an author going batshit crazy and stalking a blogger to her house and actually phoning her. Like any sane person I was troubled by this, but it quickly left my mind as I scared myself shitless playing Alien: Isolation (Incidentally - Fuck you Creative Assembly for making me, a 7ft tall man tremble in abstract terror from a digital xenomorph! Why do I love this game so much?).


But then I woke up this morning and the sheer ickyness of the whole thing still weighed on my mind, so I diligently took to my iPad, I brought up the Guardian, and I read Kathleen Hale's foray into stalking.


Oh... My... God...


Seriously, Oh My FUCKING God! What the actual fuck is wrong with this woman? Lets get past the whole author vs reviewer thing for the moment because that is just the tip of the iceberg. 







And the thing that Makes me most sick about this whole fucked up thing? THERE ARE PEOPLE SAYING WHAT HALE DID WAS BRAVE, AND RIGHT!


This goes far beyond the mild to moderate levels of creepy and crazy that we saw with STGRB and their ilk. This goes further even than revenge reviews and butthurt fangirls. This is full on sanity destroying. This is a level of crazy that I cannot even begin to comprehend. AND STILL PEOPLE DEFEND HER AND SAY SHE IS IN THE RIGHT. JESUS H. DICK WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE?


Let's flip this around, if this was a reviewer stalking an author authorities would be called, if this was a Male doing it to a woman they'd be clamouring for his head on a pyke. So why are people defending this insanity? 


I actually cannot fathom the mentality. Blythe writes a review about a book, a review that is negative in tone and content, yet somehow that is a more heinous crime than stalking a woman, hiring someone to do a background check, calling her up at work and then cross referencing responses to what you know about her....


Kathleen Hale, welcome to Crazytown, Population: YOU!


Blythe, if you read this, I am so sorry that this happened to you. It is seriously not awesome. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to live in fear of this woman knowing these details about you.


Kathleen, if you read this, next time you think this is the right course of action and everyone you talk to about it tells you that it isn't, you might wanna listen to them because this is creepy and weird on a level that begins to come across as serial killerish. I don't know if you have a history of mental illness, if you do, you have my sympathy because that can't be pleasant, but what you did is just wrong. 


It's shit like this that made me stop reviewing and cut back on my blogging to being nigh on offline in regard to books. It doesn't feel like a safe, secure environment anymore. 


And if any author ever takes such offense to one of my opinions that they feel the need to stalk me, please, knock on the door but do not be surprised if I keep a blade or something heavy on or near my person at all times that you're around. And if you sit quietly and don't make a fuss I'll make sure the federal police puts you in a nice cell. 

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