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review 2019-02-14 09:26
Not for me - sorry
It Will All Hurt, Vol. 1 - Farel Dalrymple

I abandoned this after Part Two. This is a bit of a vanity project, mysterious and magical but disjointed and not particularly clear. Maybe I missed the point but, although the artwork is good enough, I wasn't enjoying it.

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review 2018-08-02 13:53
A new house
Black Ship (Daisy Dalrymple, #17) - Carola Dunn

and new problems.


This follows the usual Daisy Dalrymple trope, Daisy does something and she finds a body, only this time it's the maid and the dog who find the body (which leads to a few entertaining moments with Daisy telling people it wasn't her, honest and their not believing her.. She has to admit that she has form.


There's a return visit from Agent Lambert, prohibition era illegal exports of alcohol and a bevy of new neighbours that Daisy has to get to know.  There are also some reflections of the Irish War of Independence which would have been pretty fresh in people's minds - a later book is set in 1926 and the Irish War of Independence finished up in about 1922, and their are questions about one of the characters being an IRA sympathiser, which they weren't and Daisy does point this out regularly.


It's interesting to see Daisy and Alex settle into a different life and deal with some wealth.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this will change their lives, lets hope the gift horse doesn't bite any harder.

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review 2018-07-05 15:12
Daisy Fletcher finds a body in the Tower
Bloody Tower (A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery) - Carola Dunn

Like her surname-sake Jessica, Daisy goes somewhere and there's a body. This time she's at the Tower of London by request of her editor and she stays there to see the key ceremony. She wakes early and really wants to go home to her twins but on her way out she finds a body (quelle surprise). Of course her husband is assigned to investigate, but he has to deal with Tower politics as well as multiplying motives and suspects. It also has a few glimpses into the aftereffects of World War I and the impact it ohad on the soldiers.

Relatively predictable but entertaining.

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review 2018-01-30 10:41
Fall of a Philanderer (Daisy Dalrymple, #14) - Carola Dunn

I read this, I am aware I did and I remember some of the details and I could have sworn I wrote a review, but it has evaporated into the electronic ether.

Daisy, for a change doesn't find the body herself, it's the Inspector who finds the body when he joins Daisy for a holiday. There are many people who want the philanderer dead and not many people miss him.


Entertaining, particularly for the entrepid medical student.

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review 2017-06-23 08:33
Surrealist characters and stories - not for me unfortunately
Pop Gun War, Volume 1: Gift - Farel Dalrymple

Not for me, this one. It's a surrealist story or stories based upon a strange collection of characters including a floating bespectacled fish: you get the idea. Black-and-white illustrations don't make it any better for me and it's just not my sort of comic collection. I'm sure that there are other people who will appreciate it more.

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