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review 2018-10-19 13:25
Audiobook Review: Dancing by the Moonlight by Angie Ellington (Author), Meg Price (Narrator)
Dancing by the Moonlight - Angie Ellington,Meg Price



Second chances are the catch of the day. Dancing by the Moonlight is a tale of starting over, mending fences and discovering how to be happy. For Olivia and Brady young love blossomed into adult strife. Secrets severed their first chance. Will pride ruin their second? In life and love, it's the heartache that gives the strength to try again. Ellington is a pro at writing stories that are enlightening and inspiring. A heartwarming read.

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video 2018-10-16 15:54

[Non-book post.]


This is cute, and for once no one is trying to tip the poor thing over.

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review 2018-10-07 09:10
The Dancing Floor
The Dancing Floor - Barbara Michaels

I'm beginning to realise how far Barbara Michaels' later work departs from her earlier, more simplistic, romantic suspense novels.  Once again, The Dancing Floor is not at all what I expected it to be given my earlier experiences with Ammie, Come Home and Sons of the Wolf.  Though having said that, this isn't much different in some ways, just a more sophisticated version.


The MC, Heather, is following the English garden tour itinerary her late father had meticulously planned with her before his untimely death.  The trip culminates in a visit to a private estate with one of the few original, unaltered gardens in existence.  When she's rebuffed at the gate, she sneaks in the back, scaring herself stupid and getting caught in the process.  The owner is an eccentric old man who decides fate has brought her there and convinces her to stay on to help him restore the gardens.   This is all set in an English village related to the Pendle Witch trials, so there's a lot of superstitions and possible paranormal activity going on, and then a boy goes missing.


It's a good story, and I always enjoy the banter between Michaels' characters, but there are a lot of unanswered questions too.  Heather's obviously got a lot of mother issues, but they're never explained.  Neither are her nightmares.  And the title of the book does not play into the plot at all.  The Dancing Floor is mentioned 3 or 4 times in the book as another mystical location, but that's it.


Michaels decides to put the suspense in the romance in this book; she's got so many men making passes at Heather (a 'husky' MC whose love of eating is a constant source of one-liners - in a good natured way - throughout the story) and it's not until the very end that anyone is declared the love interest.  And I do mean the end, as in the last 3 pages.


Not one of her greatest, but a fun book nonetheless.


I read this as my final wild card selection in Halloween Bingo.  I'm using it for the Fear the Drowning Deep square.



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text 2018-08-09 10:12
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Salsa Dancing Into the Social Sciences: Research in an Age of Info-Glut - Kristin Luker

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text 2018-07-13 16:16
Friday Reads - July 13, 2018
The Hens: The Third Day - Merry Farmer
The Swan: The Seventh Day: The 12 Days of Christmas Mail Order Brides, #7 - Piper Huguley
The Dancing Lady: The Ninth Day - Mimi Milan
All She Wants for Christmas: A Regency Christmas Novella - Amy Rose Bennett
Bespoke: A Tiny Christmas Tale: A Tiny Christmas Tale (Espoir Archives Book 1) - Amanda Dykes
On A Cold Christmas Eve - Bethany M. Sefchick
A Dangerous Nativity (The Dangerous Series) - Caroline Warfield
At Your Request (Apart From the Crowd): An Apart From the Crowd Novella - Jen Turano
A Perfect Holiday Fling (Moments in Maplesville) - Farrah Rochon
The Christmas Mail Order Bride - Kit Morgan

This Sunday starts the week long COYER Christmas in July read-a-thon and ends during the halfway mark of 24 in 48 read-a-thon. So this list is for the next 10-12 days of reading; I am still working through All the Devils Are Here and Just Mercy, but those are on the back-burner come Sunday.


Holiday Reading List:

1. The Hens: The Third Day (12 Days of Christmas Mail Order Brides #3) by Merry Farmer

2. The Swan: The Seventh Day (12 Days of Christmas Mail Order Brides #7) by Merry Farmer

3. The Dancing Lady: The Ninth Day (12 Days of Christmas Mail Order Brides #9) by Mimi Milan

4. All She Wants For Christmas (A Regency Christmas Novella) by Amy Rose Bennett

5. Twelfth Night by Marisa Dillon

6. Bespoke: A Tiny Christmas Tale (Espoir Archives #1) by Amanda Dykes

7. The Christmas Mail Order Bride by Kit Morgan

8. On a Cold Christmas Eve by Bethany Sefchick

9. A Dangerous Nativity (The Dangerous Series #1) by Caroline Warfield

10. At Your Request (Apart from the Crowd Novella) by Jen Turano

11. A Perfect Holiday Fling (Moments in Mapleville) by Farrah Rochon

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