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text 2018-02-27 19:21
Why Mucca's always worrying about library books
On the Shores of Darkness, There Is Light: A Novel - Cordelia Strube
Endurance: My Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discovery - Scott Kelly
Ester and Ruzya: How My Grandmothers Survived Hitler's War and Stalin's Peace - Masha Gessen
The Clothesline Swing - Ahmad Danny Ramadan
Out Standing in the Field: A Memoir by Canada's First Female Infantry Officer - Sandra Perron
The Prey of Gods - Nicky Drayden
Lavinia - Ursula K. Le Guin
White Houses - Amy Bloom
The Boat People - Sharon Bala

Currently checked out:

On the Shores of Darkness, There Is Light: A Novel - Cordelia Strube  (DUE 12 March)


*Endurance: My Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discovery - Scott Kelly  (DUE 12 March)


Ester and Ruzya: How My Grandmothers Survived Hitler's War and Stalin's Peace - Masha Gessen  (DUE 12 March)


*The Clothesline Swing - Ahmad Danny Ramadan  (DUE 23 March)


*Out Standing in the Field: A Memoir by Canada's First Female Infantry Officer - Sandra Perron  (DUE 23 March)


*The Prey of Gods - Nicky Drayden  (DUE 3 April)


On active hold:

Lavinia - Ursula K. Le Guin (1 of 2 in holds)

*White Houses - Amy Bloom  (6 of 8 in holds)

*The Boat People - Sharon Bala  (18 of 178 in holds)


*Newish books that likely can't be renewed.


I froze and deleted a bunch of holds, and am not ordering anything else until I get this situation down to something less panic inducing. I'm not completely sure how this happened. I think a lot of things ticked out of hold at once, causing a pile up.

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review 2017-08-05 06:29
A Fun Ethnography of British People at the Turn of the First Century
The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium, An Englishman's World - Robert Lacey,Danny Danziger

As I said above, this book was quite fun to read. It was an interesting angle to use archaeological evidence and historic documentation to extrapolate an ethnography of the early English people. The division of the chapters to reflect aspect of culture based on what the common man of the day would have relied on, the Julian work calendar, was quite excellent, and aided in driving the point home. Due to the main focus of archaeology on elites, this work's focus on the common man was that much more impressive. The dearth of information that is sadly given to the common person invariably made the research that much more arduous, yet the sheer wealth of information covered betrays this dearth, and makes the information displayed that much more impressive.


My only complaint is that, in a couple of chapters, it dragged a little bit, disrupting the overall flow of the book. Had that not occurred, it would easily have been a five star work.

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review 2017-07-29 22:15
I'm so behind on my comics!
Batman (2016-) #27 - Tom King,Mikel Janin,Davide Gianfelice,Danny Miki,Clay Mann

But I managed to sneak one in yesterday.   Easier to do that at the concert than Uprooted, so Batman 27 got read.   


This one was about Kite-Man.   Yeah, he's a villain who specializes in kites.   And I mean, like huge kites that can carry humans, but still.   Kites.   Kites.   


King chooses to do a story about the man behind the kite.   Well, underneath the kite, I guess.   It's about his child.   It's about how before he had his kites - kites, I repeat - he specialized in aerodynamics, building things for villains like The Joker.   It's about how The Joker used kites - yeah, kites - against him and about how he turned that on its head.  


By becoming Kite-Man.   That's right.   Kite-Man.   And as ridiculous as a touching story about the man behind Kite-Man sounds, that's what Tom King delivered.  


And yet, I'm finding myself slightly disillusioned with this series.   This might be one of the best stories King has delivered in this series, and yet I keep being reminded that Vision exists.  Sales, comments, seeing Vision somewhere and this isn't Vision.   And that's not the best thing.   It didn't have to be exactly Vision or say the things that Vision did; in fact, I don't think it should have done those things.   Batman isn't Vision and his series should be used to a different point.  


But Vision was meticulously layered, with depths of meaning - depths that I don't see in this series.   And I sorely miss that.  I wanted this to be as whip smart as that series was, and I don't feel it.   


So I'm foreseeing four stars, tops, unless this steps up to Vision level intelligence.   I still love this series sand will continue to buy and read it, but I will still hope that this series gets to that level where I want to reread it multiple times, to glean something new from this series. 

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text 2017-07-05 18:20
REVIEW BY AMY - Empty Threat (The Black Pages, #1) by Danny Bell
Empty Threat - Danny Bell

Elana Black has the power to make herself fictional. But when she decides to start saving all the people in books and TV shows who die just for the sake of advancing the plot, she quickly learns that she's not the only one with her powers.

All Elana wants to do is save people. But these others don't want the stories to change, and they'll do everything they can to stop her. 

If you had the power to change fate... to create a happy ending where there wasn't one before... would you do it if it meant risking your own?


@Mommy_Amers, @XpressoReads, #Coming_of_Age, #Fantasy, 4 out of 5 (very good)


Source: sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/amy/emptythreattheblackpages1bydannybell
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review 2017-06-08 15:26
So, I loved this until the ending
Batman (2016-) #24 - Tom King,Jordie Bellaire,David Finch,Danny Miki,Clay Mann,Seth Mann

This was a more nuanced look at Batman, and what it means to be Batman, than I'd suspected when I first started reading.  On some level, it's fairly matter-of-fact, but if you want, there's much more to mine in this issue. 


The way that Batman deals with Claire is different than he does with any of his Robins, or Batgirl, or Batwoman.   Of course it is, although it's not because she's a girl.   He simply doesn't know her, and hasn't trained with her, or fought by her side as much as he had with any of the others. 


I think, given all she's lost, and given that it was her brother who really wanted to be the superhero, that it explains the difference.   Once someone committed in their world, they committed fully; they didn't fight, or hope for Bruce Wayne, or Batman, to tell them what to do.  A lack of commitment would have gotten Wayne himself, and thus Batman, killed over and over again.   How could he possibly tell a woman to fight if she wasn't sure she wanted to, on his word, and then expect her not to be killed?   (Since using her powers kills her, he couldn't possibly tell her anything expect 'do what you can do without using your powers,' too.)


And because he lets her in so closely, because her circumstances match his, and because she's so uncertain, they talk frankly about this life and if he's happy.   Which leads us to the ending. 


Which I found, quite frankly, forced.  I wonder if King was told to make this move, to be honest, which would be quite a departure from DCs earlier stance on the subject of superhero marriage.  Or maybe it's not: maybe there's a character death in the near future, although I doubt it given whom he proposed to.  Maybe she'll just laugh it off and say no, although I doubt it given what King's been building up to in this series.  I can't decide if she'll take time, or just say yes, although I'm really, really hoping it's not an immediate yes!


I really enjoyed this episode up until the last scene.   I finally nailed down why I felt it so forced at the time: given the talk throughout this issue, Bruce seems to have had these issues of happiness on his mind for a while.   Why he's Batman, and if that means he can be happy.   And yet, one talk later and he makes this huge commitment?   This from the man that researches everything?   This from the man who knows what a huge clusterfuck this can become?


I don't buy it.   I think he would at least take time to think about it, and I seriously hope the unnamed she does.   

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