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review 2017-04-20 01:20
I really loved this!
Daredevil/Punisher: Seventh Circle (Daredevil/Punisher: Seventh Circle Infinite Comic) - Szymon Kudranski,Charles Soule,Reilly Brown

Then again, I tend to love anything written by Soule, who is one of the best writers in Marvel's corner right now.   He revolves everything around the characters and carefully thinks through conflicts, both in how the characters would react and how they're paired up  - meaning that when someone is fighting, he knows not only how they would fight most effectively, but what powers should be pitted against one another.


I kind of love this series, because Frank Castle (The Punisher) and Matt Murdock (Daredevil) respect each other on some levels.   Well, Frank does talk shit about Murdock, even to Daredevil, but Castle doesn't know that Murdock and Daredevil are one and the same.   The alter egos, the superhero and anti-hero, respect each other on some level, though.   They're both doing all they can to help innocent people, but disagree on the methods.   Murdock is a lawyer and believes in due process; he, as Daredevil, sees his job as being to bring criminals to the authorities to be tried by the legal system.   Castle, however, believes in extremes, and that if the legal system won't cut down murders, rapists, and drug dealers, then by god, it's his mission to bring the death penalty straight tot hose scumbags.  This conflict is at the heart if this graphic novel, as Mirdock is transporting a criminal to the airport so he can be moved to, and tried in Texas.   When the Punisher intervenes, both Daredevil and his protege, Blindspot, show up to make sure that their man gets to his plane safely.   


It's never that easy with The Punisher, whose strength of will serves only one thing: his need to punish those who are naughty.   And the man Daredvil and Blindsspot is downright and pure evil.   Nothing will stand in Castle's way to see justice done, and the little given to us about the man he's tracking?  That makes me want Punisher to put this down as a win. And since Murdock is not only just as strong willed, but just as determined to see this man get a fair trial, it was bound to be a long struggle.   I loved how these characters played off each other and how they managed to hold each other off for eight issues.   I loved the art.   I'm hoping to see more of these two in more Infinite comics.

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review 2017-03-19 00:45
The Purple Children...
Daredevil (2015-) #18 - Charles Soule,Ron Garney

Matt continues to confess to the priest about how he hid his identity from the world.   When two of the Purple Children knock at his door, panicked because they're being chased, Matt helps them.   Of course he does, he explains, because they're children. 


They were also in danger: their father is an unrivaled narcissist.   Since he can get whatever he wants because he can control people's mind, he doesn't have to think about other people, not even his own children.   What matters is what he wants, and as far as he's concerned, that's all that matters. 


So Daredevil goes to work, trying to protect the two children, and find their three siblings.   Except that he knows he'll find the Purple Man, he thinks he's ready, and oh, shit, he's not.    This is exciting, it's a good explanation for what happened so far, and I'm excitied to see what's going to come from this. 


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review 2017-03-01 23:09
I've been wondering about this
Daredevil (2015-) #17 - Charles Soule,Ron Garney

And it's not completely explained - but I'm getting a good idea of why Matt fucked with everyone's minds, and how he did it.   What I don't know is why the others involved would agree - which I expect next issue will touch upon. 


I've had arguments with people about how being a lawyer is just as important to Matt as being Daredevil and he says as much in this issue.   There's not as much fighting and this is more of a 'set up this huge storyline.'   


Regardless, it was gorgeously done and I love, love, love this revelation.   I'm all too eager to see where this is going. 

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review 2017-02-04 23:56
Another excellent entry!
Daredevil (2015-) #16 - Charles Soule,Goran Sudzuka,Dan Panosian

Daredevil has a good reason to want Bullseye after him: Bullseye has, or had, or has access to a serum that mimics DD's powers.   At first, I thought his guilt was so crippling he was trying to get Bullseye to take him out, and he toys with the idea that he might have been hoping for that outcome. 


But he fights to live, he fights for his life.   And I found myself holding my breather and hoping for this outcome.   See, if anyone has reason to be so depressed that they're suicidal, it's Matt Murdock.   All his life, it's been one tragedy after another.   My sister describes his life as 'like the Winchester's, just worse and more depressing.'   My list of his love life is 'dead, dead, crazy, dead.'   


He gave up everything when the Marvel universe rebooted.   And yet he still fights for others.  He's been my inspiration for so long, although I didn't realize just how much when he came into my life.  I was sixteen, had gotten my first pair of glasses, and was so convinced I was going blind, I started learning braille.   My friend goggled at me, and pointed out her glasses were ten times as thick as mine and she wasn't afraid of going blind.   I was still terrified.   If I could still read, though, it would be alright. 


And then Matt Murdock walked into my life.   I knew the idea was ridiculous, although it turned out I was wrong.   The truth is that no one may have quite the skill set that Murdock does, but this man has done amazing things with echolocation.   Still, doesn't it sound more like science fiction than real life?   I heard about Daredevil and got caught up with his stories, but believed that no blind person would be able to use any sort of echolocation effectively.   


He saved me.   I was despondent, sure that reading with braille would be too difficult for me, and I read Daredevil's and thought, 'okay, I can't do this but surely I can read and live if he can do this when he's blind.'   And it turns out it wasn't just him being a blind superhero.   No matter how much his life sucked, or people tried to pressure him into doing wrong things, he was too moral to do them.   He always followed his conscience, no matter what.   Or he might slip up, but he tried, he truly tried to do the right thing.   So all of this means that I would have been crushed to have him truly suicidal.  I have too deep a connection to him to continue on a series that takes him down that path. 


There's also a story with a priest who can kick ass, and what evil is, and why it exists and what it's purpose is in this world.   And while this was exciting and I adored it as well, it also has promised to reveal why no one else knows Murdock is Daredevil.   And with 'purple' in the title to the next story arc, well...


I'm thinking this: 



Remember, guys, the Purple Man - who is never named thus, or actually purple in the Jessica Jones Netflix series - first appeared in Daredevil and is a traditional DD villain.   It's quite likely he's involved in this, although I didn't think he was able to do something on this level.   


I guess I'll find out in another month.  


*I want to point out that if you buy newer print issues of Marvel comics, you don't get the digital versions.   Which I think sucks.   I'm hoping to get more DDs on sale in the future, but I'll be buying the print issues first.  I like having them in print, and while many people are making statements by no longer buying Marvel comics, it would hurt me more than them.  I buy the comics for the stories, not just for the digital freebies, and I tend to prefer them in paper format.   Which is why I'll be buying Lost Light in print and OP in digital: I don't care as much about OP. 


Marvel is my main source of inspiration, strength and it's mostly what keeps me sane.   So, yes, I'll continue to buy them in print.   I do want to support the company, although I think it was a mistake to accustomed the fans to the freebies, then take them away.   I've decided we're not entitled to the bundle, but we feel entitled to it, and therein lies the mistake, since the comics still cost the same price. 


However, having come to this decision, I'm okay with what Marvel did.   I'm disappointed, but I'm okay enough to keep buying the comics.   I mean, how many paper comics do I have from pre-digital comics that I'd have to pay for again if I want them that way?   Yup, I wasn't entitled to them free then, and I'm not entitled to them now.   


So I'm going to warn people, but not be angry about it anymore.

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review 2017-01-18 20:08
I was waiting for this kind of reaction
Daredevil (2015-) #15 - Charles Soule,Goran Sudzuka,Dan Panosian
Daredevil is wracked with guilt as he’s gotten his protege, Blindspot, quite literally blinded.   He knows what it’s like to be blinded at a young age, to have been sighted, and then suddenly not to have that sight.   He also knows what it’s like to be blinded in a traumatic incident. 
The similarities are overwhelming, and it would be very, very easy to get melodramatic, or over the top with this.   It would be easy to make it a connection to Matt, and to have Blindspot immediately either get angry and hate DD and have that guilt Matt feels build up - or to turn it into a session on forgiveness so sappy that it made me roll my eyes. 
It doesn’t do any of this.   It gets heart wrenching as Matt Murdock puts out a hit on himself, and gets disappointed when the hard hitters don’t come.  I spent much of the issue unsure if he felt so disgusted with himself he wanted to commit suicide by superhero fight, or if he was so angry at himself, and at The Muse, that he just needs to beat the crap out of the heavy hitters before he sends them to the local police station.


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