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text 2018-02-01 00:56
January in Review

January in Review

(Read: 5 / Reviewed: 9)

It's certainly been an interesting, if not a long, month! Phew, I thought January would never end! Fortunately I got through some great books and was able to write two reviews each week. This new routine really helped me stay on top of things. Let's take a look at all the bookish goodness, shall we?


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Splatterpunk Fighting Back by (multiple) - This analogy has eleven individual stories written by different authors. Going in, I was only vaguely familiar with Duncan Ralston, having previously finished Woom. I never would've discovered this had it not been for Horror Aficionados on Goodreads, of who appointed it the January group read with author invite. I was lucky enough to ask some of the authors questions whilst trying to gain more insight into their brutal tales, and I had a blast! The best thing, though? All proceeds of this book go to charity! (Rated: 4/5)

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay - Another one I wouldn't have picked up if not for the Horror Aficionados group. Being the January group read, I was pleasantly surprised by this one! (Rated: 4/5)

The Darkest Torment by Gena Showalter - I started this long-running series in 2011, and it's still ongoing. Whilst I really enjoyed it at the beginning, my enjoyment waned several instalments ago, however I can't just give up without finishing it, can I? Ludicrous! (Rated: 2/5)

What Hides Within by Jason Parent - I found this on Netgalley, and I'm glad I did! Bloodshot Books accepted my request, and I promptly read and reviewed it. (Rated: 4/5)

Morium by S.J. Hermann - I was requested to read and review this novel by the author. Being my last read of January, this one takes priority and will be the first review of February. See my request information here. (Rated: 3/5)





Blood Song by Cat Adams (WORST READ)
Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith
The Taste of Night by Vicki Pettersson
Stephen by Amy Cross
The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards
Blood Moon by Graeme Reynolds (BEST READ)
Woom by Duncan Ralston
What Hides Within by Jason Parent
Dark Space by Kevis Hendrickson

Other than that, January was a decent month for me personally. I'm enjoying reading more, getting out more, and generally trying to put more effort into my day-to-day life. I thank everyone who made this past month all the better, including the wonderful authors I had the chance to speak to! Here's hoping for a book-tastic February!

Red xx

Source: redlace.reviews/2018/01/31/january-in-review
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-01-30 23:31
Dark Space by Kevis Hendrickson
Dark Space - Kevis Hendrickson

Dark Space by Kevis Hendrickson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zyra Zanr's in a lot of trouble when Helship II is bested by an unknown ship. Much to her dismay, her time as the most lucrative and notorious bounty hunter comes to an abrupt halt, when instead of being the hunter, she becomes the hunted. Captured and aboard the Lillith, Zyra must somehow escape the clutches of a rival gang - one that make their hatred for her no secret.

(WARNING: This review contains spoilers.)

If it's one thing I love, it's intelligent protagonists. All too often, certainly more often than I'd like, main characters outright refuse to use their brain, and it infuriates me. This leans more toward female leads, as for some reason being "tough" usually means that they can't keep their trap shut; mouthing off at everyone and everything, usually making their predicament ten times worse. This is where I have to give credit to Hendrickson, as Zyra's not stupid. She was well aware of who had the upper hand, that is, until she gained the advantage. This was a satisfying change from the first book in the series (Rogue Hunter is currently five instalments long, with four more planned), as she often gave in to her impulsive tendencies. The obvious progression of her character was something I favoured, as I find characters that learn from mistakes to be less predictable and more engaging.

Similar to Inquest, there were very little people on Zyra's side; most needed serious anger management, and perhaps a lesson or two in empathy. The aspect of bounty hunting was further delved into, and the ugliness of it wasn't shied away from - on the contrary, as rather than being even remotely glamorous, the team had a difficult time merely getting by. Their struggle did nothing to warm me to them, however, as their actions were nothing short of detestable. The torture they inflicted upon Zyra was horrific, and perhaps even a little reckless considering she was wanted alive. I wanted to think better of Drake; a seasoned hunter, he had to act the adult amongst his bickering subordinates, yet he wasn't much better in the scheme of things. They truly were a dysfunctional group of people that were pathetic in terms of professionalism.

Despite everything that happened to Zyra, she was still able to turn it around. This made me wonder about her, and if her incredible knack for survival was intentionally far-fetched. The extent of her wounds were stated to be pretty severe, so much so that she was apparently on the verge of death. I know one of the rumours about her was that she wasn't entirely human, and I began to contemplate that possibility more and more. It went beyond mere skill, when she was able to successfully out-best the entire crew whilst dealing with that amount of injury. It could be that I'm wrong, though, and she's just that good. If that's the case, I'd thus consider her to be a tad unrealistic.

One thing I didn't quite understand, was the self-destruct mechanism on the ship. It seemed convenient only for the plot, however I suppose the ship itself was an earlier acquisition and had a prior function, so obviously certain features would've been left over from that. It's too bad the time limit it issued was less exciting than it should've been, because Zyra wasn't going to die - she's the main character and has natural plot armour. I'm glad Logos made it, though, and I wonder if he's going to be present in future books.

In conclusion - Zyra's quickly becoming a favourite of mine. Hendrickson does a great job in creating a brutal universe where everyone's out only for themselves. I can't wait to see where Zyra ends up next!

Notable Scene:

Drake was playing with fire. His every taunt stoked the flames in her heart, raising the heat within her to explosive heights. Zyra trembled, unable to check her rising anger at the pitiful sight of Logos. If Drake touched another hair on Logos' head, she would make him suffer.

© Red Lace 2018

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Source: redlace.reviews/2018/01/30/dark-space-by-kevis-hendrickson
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review 2016-07-06 14:42
Dark Space
Dark Space - Lisa Henry

Brady is a guy who just can't get a break. Everything that happens to him (and it mostly happens to him, without his input) goes to s*it really fast. He hates the space, hates that he's been conscripted and can't help his father take care of his younger sister. The reason he won't get training that would eventually lead him to an officer position (even though he's very capable) is because that would mean he'd have to spend 5 more years (together with the compulsory 10) in space. He is young and lonely and afraid, but used to nobody giving a crap about a recruit, a kid from a refugee camp. The anger gives him energy to keep pushing on.

Cam is... I didn't quite get a hold on Cam. He's a good guy who's been through some serious nightmare-inducing stuff. But even after all that happened to him, he still feels love for space and stars and piloting. He came to an understanding of what happened to him and why, and so was at relative peace with it.

Their love was intense. It would fall under the category of insta-love, but when you're in each other's thoughts and memories and emotions and dreams, when you're not even sure where your emotion begins and his ends, I'd say insta-love is the only possible result (that is if the guy in your had is not a total a*shole).

It was not quite clear to me what happened at the end -

Why did Kai Ren let them go? Why was it part of the deal for Cam to go back with Kai Ren as some kind of sacrifice? What happened with the "peace treaty" considering Cam and Brady were released?

(spoiler show)

but I'm hoping those (and other) questions will be answered in the next installment.

I loved this book! The writing was excellent (the kind of writing where some parts were so beautiful they made me cry), the story and the characters captivating (I read it in a day, and I'm a very slow reader!) and I'm really looking forward to reading the next book.

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review 2015-10-17 00:00
Untitled Dark Space
Darker Space - Lisa Henry
”Am I your heartbeat again?”
“You always have been."

Pheeuw Brady, Brady…. You weared me down boy!!
I’m so glad you found “the light” at the ending, feeling hope again. Truly embracing what is important to you; Cam and Lucy!

“The universe couldn’t scare me now. The dark couldn’t. Not when all I could feel was love.”

This book picked up right after book one. Brady and Cam living together with Lucy. But Brady still feels scared all the time, never feels good enough for anyone. Having these nightmares all the time about the dark space and Kai-Ren.

And then Brady and Cam realize , and the military, that their connection is back again and they get shipped back again to space to save humanity.

“Shared thoughts, shared memories, shared feelings, shared pain.
Humans weren’t meant to exist like that. We weren’t built for that.”

I was glad finally understanding what and why things happened with Kai-Ren and Cam.


Lisa, I hope it won’t take so long for the next installment for I’m dying to know what will happen on Kai-Ren’s space ship with Brady, Cam, Lucy some others AND Doc!!

I’ll be waiting..
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review 2015-10-16 00:00
Untitled Dark Space
Darker Space - Lisa Henry ”Am I your heartbeat again?”
“You always have been.


What a rollercoaster this was.

I did have some trouble getting into the story and I have to say I thoroughly disliked the first 30%. After that it got better, but I was still waiting for Brady to get his head out of his ass.

We have Brady and Cam, who are now living on earth, raising Lucy. Brady is still extremely unsatisfied with his life. I was okay with his ‘we’re all gonna die’ attitude in book one. I was not okay with his ‘life is meaningless and I don’t deserve happiness’ attitude in this one.

But I started to like this book more and more when they were back on the space station. Yes, Brady is still afraid of space. But he started to face his fears.


What I wanted was for Brady and Cam to have their connection. And I don’t mean their psychic connection (even though that is VERY COOL), but I just wanted to feel the love. And I almost didn’t. Brady was busy wallowing in his fears and Cam was busy being perfect. But then the last 30% happened. It was

I was so relieved when Brady finally realized some things. He finally got what mattered to him, Cam and Lucy.

I even liked Kai-Ren. Brady’s explanation of Cam’s time with the Faceless made so much sense to me. I finally understood what the Faceless were all about. And Brady did too. This was what I have been waiting for since book 1 (an explanation as to why Cam just let everything happen when he was with the Faceless).

That’s why I am eagerly awaiting the last book of this series. I LOVED how this one ended (minor spoiler)(with Lucy, with Doc(!), with the friendship between Brady and the other guys).

So Lisa, can you hurry?

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