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review 2018-06-06 01:19
The Lifters by Dave Eggers
The Lifters - Dave Eggers

'The Lifters' made me question my decision about not reviewing books before their release date. I hated this book so much, I felt like it would be unfair.

I know, I know, someone was kidding themselves about their influence on bookface. I also didn't realize I'd stop reviewing books for six months. So many of you have read this incredibly lazy book who could have avoided it!

Dave Eggers was my favorite author the summer I read 'A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius', but he was replaced after, and none of his other writing have ever sparked my interest aside from an essay here and there. So, when I saw the arc for his new MG book I was pleased to bring it home.

Granite, or 'Gran', is unhappy because his family has been forced to move away from the coast to his father's old hometown in the middle of nowhere. Worse still, his father must commute so far to get to work that he's often not home.

The town of Carousel is full of quirky residents who are divided on POLITICAL ISSUE and are so distracted by it that they ignore the many problems of their community, including the sinkholes opening all over town. Gran discovers one girl, Catalina Catalan, who is a Lifter, who sneaks out at night and works underground to combat the forces gnawing away at it.

I found nothing to wonder at in this story. Eggers goes and explains most everything that isn't a lazy allegory right away. The allegory of the force tearing apart the town (and the WORLD) is driven home eventually and is all the more...uninspiring...for the waiting.

This is a humorless book written by a smug adult who doesn't remember why kids love reading, or fantasy, and delivers a knee-jerk of a novel that gives the illusion of instruction. What kid wants to sit through a 'it'll get better if you just believe in yourself' sermon that doesn't actually give them any tools to MAKE it better? So I'm shelving this with 'The Education of Little Tree', 'Go Ask Alice' and 'Mein Kampf', because fuck this book.

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review 2018-06-02 00:00
Il cerchio
Il cerchio - Dave Eggers,Vincenzo Mantovani Inquietante. Bello, ma inquietante. Mostra un futuro che potrebbe anche realizzarsi (Cambridge Analitycs docet).
Da leggere assolutamente, specie se siete social networks addicted

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review 2018-04-20 03:03
Heroes of the Frontier
Heroes of the Frontier - Dave Eggers

This was tough for me. I love Eggers' work, and so much of this is what I would expect from him, but there are parts that just left me irritated, confused, or extremely stressed out for this unprepared, ill-equipped, mother of two, who displays an almost stunning lack of judgment when she takes her children on an inspired but completely unplanned trip to Alaska. The children, of course, are perfectly sweet, beautiful, wise little Yodas, who manage to charm even when they are at their worst.


Despite this, I was rooting for Josie. I bookmarked my audio-book and listened to one part several times — describing how we went from 4 parent visits a year at school to 46-hours' worth of recommended involvement (in a month). So, I cheered for Josie, even when she did some super questionable things (did anyone besides Josie not figure out the jumpsuits immediately?). And I almost made it all the way through. With about an hour or so left, Josie composes some music, and the story went from completely unrealistic yet kind of sweet and brave, to you have got to be kidding me. I considered Josie's musical scoring a charming affectation, a cute little character trait, but this was completely bizarre and almost offensive (to all musicians, everywhere, and I am not a musician). It went right off the rails for me after that.


There are some awesome, radical, refreshing ideas here about parenting and life, and it would have been so great if the rest of it had measured up to that great promise. Based on some other comments, I am guessing the geography is not well-researched, which seems a shame, and also easily avoidable. Any Eggers fans out there? Curious to know your thoughts.

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review 2017-11-04 23:21
Her Right Foot
Her Right Foot - Dave Eggers
What a fabulous children’s book! I will start off by saying that the pages in this informational book are thick and they feel like they will last for many years. I enjoyed the busy, colorful illustrations that feature many diverse individuals. It is a wonderful novel that gives its readers interesting and fun facts while conveying to its readers the story of the Statue of Liberty. I have yet to see the Statue of Liberty.
I think after everything I have seen, read and heard about her, I would be in awe just to be set my eyes on her. After reading this beautiful novel, she still amazes me! There is so much to love about her but I have always loved the symbolism of the chains that are around the bottom of her and the concept that it was a gift. A gift to the U.S of A.
In this novel, the author tells us about the Frenchman who came up with the idea and how he found a designer to help him. There is talk about the models of the statue and how the skin of the final version is the thickness of two pennies (which to me, is not very thick). I thought the inventor of the skeleton for the statue was interesting. Assembling a team, they construct the statue in Paris and it stays erect for about a year before the whole team has to dissemble her to ship her off to the U.S. of A. In 214 crates, the copper statue was packed away and it took over a year to put her back together. I liked how the author talked about how the statue turned green over time. There is a lot of information in this text, a lot of great facts that’s interesting and entertaining. So, what is so interesting about her right foot, hence the title of the book? You need to look at the back of her right foot. What do you see? What do you think this symbolizes? Everyone talks about her tablet, her gown, her crown but have you noticed that right foot? I hadn’t given it any thought until I read this book and now, it’s another great reason to love her and what she symbolizes. A fantastic read and a novel that I would love to own.


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review 2017-06-04 00:00
The Circle
The Circle - Dave Eggers 3.5 stars

Scary book because it seems so close to potential reality. It's social media taking over tracking everyone and turning us into a totalitarian government. There's no privacy, and everyone must participate. After reading this book, I'm more in favor of unplugging frequently. I felt like going somewhere without technology for a few hours to decompress, with all the notifications the characters were getting, I couldn't handle seeing any for awhile. It also made me realize how worrying about likes and smiles and seeing everything on a feed can take your time.
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