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review 2016-04-25 09:00
Review: Double Knot by Gretchen Archer (@Gretchen_Archer)


Double Knot


Davis Way Crime Caper, #5


Gretchen Archer


Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Henery Press
Date of Publication: April 12, 2016
Number of pages: 262
Word Count: 73k



Available at the following retailers:
Amazon     BN     Kobo
Super Spy Davis Way sets sail on a Caribbean cruise aboard the MS Probability with fifty billionaires, a boatload of Louis Vuitton luggage, Anderson Cooper, and her mother. (Her mother?) The weather is perfect, the seas are calm, and Suite 704 is spectacular. Until the door slams shut. For good.

Obviously, it’s a system glitch. Surely someone will show up to free Davis, Miss Hawaii, and the creepy staff. But when the minutes turn to hours and the hours stretch into a day, Davis knows it’s up to her. With $50,000 in casino chips, a pot roast, and a crash course in banking, she races against the clock to determine why they’re being held, stop the people behind it, and find a way out.

Secrets are revealed, antiquities are destroyed, and they’re running out of dishes. It’s mayday on Probability when Davis Way realizes that only the truth will set her free.

I have been having a fabulous time with this series. Every book has topped the last, each one taking me from literally laughing out loud to breaking my heart in anguish and despair. I wondered at the end of the last book how things could possibly be topped in the next. I mean, the level of chaos that surrounds Davis is astounding. By setting the series in a casino and dealing with all the money available to win or lose, the outrageous is almost a given.

The book opens with a pregnant with twins Davis, and a ready to pop Bianca. So if you have been following the series, you know right there, that anything that can go wrong probably will.  Now add in that fact that Davis will be doubling as Bianca on the maiden voyage of the Probability, a casino yacht worth a cool half a billion dollars meant to cater to the extremely wealthy.  Oh, and Davis' mom is on board with her. Yeah, I mean, seriously, what could possibly go wrong?  Have ya'll read the other books in the series? Honestly.

Things were a bit different with this book. Pregnant Davis couldn't get into nearly the physical transformations and costume changes that she normally does. Plus with them confined to the ship, and most of the book, to their room, the action was different than it normally is. Except for when it's not.

In some ways, this was exactly like prior books, with it's ability to take my emotions on a roller coaster ride, and and absolute crazy cast of characters. In other ways, it had a deeper more profound message than normally found in the books. Or maybe that was just me and what I took from it. Either way, I had a fantastic time with Davis and can't wait to see what the next installment will bring. Another 5 star read.

Thanks to Netgalley and Henery Press for the opportunity to read and review the book.



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Source: www.musingsandramblings.net/2016/04/review-double-knot-gretchen-archer.html
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review 2015-07-22 09:00
Review: Double Mint by Gretchen Archer


Double Mint


Davis Way Crime Caper, #4


Gretchen Archer


Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Henery Press
Date of Publication: July 21, 2015
Number of pages: 268
Cover Artist: Fayette Terlouw



Available at the following retailers:
Amazon     BN     Kobo
It’s convention season at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino and Davis Way Cole barely notices. It’s hard to pay attention when you live in a Jambalaya Junkyard. But when Special Events Coordinator Holder Darby walks off the job just as five hundred Alabama bankers pour in the front door, Davis steps up.

Or would that be in? Definitely in. Davis steps in.


Not only has the convention director vanished, but a certain Bellissimo guest is missing. One who forgot to pack the million dollars he left in the bathtub. It looks like our redhead newlywed Super Secret Spy’s lazy summer is over when the Bellissimo vault is robbed. Can Davis connect the dots before it’s too late? Can she get her Taser gun back from Bianca Sanders? Will she be stuck with Eddie Crawford’s 1962 Cadillac forever? What Davis needs is a little faith. And a lot of luck.


New money. Old sins. Back to jail. And a cat.

(A cat?)

Break the Bank.


Cats don’t like cars.

And I never knew cats were so vocal. Or that they moved at the speed of light. I drive a black Volkswagen Bug, and the cat, when it wasn’t hanging upside down from the headliner by its claws, hurled itself face first at the passenger window, which could be why it’s face is so flat.

“The window is closed, cat. You can’t get out.”

I didn’t grow up with pets, cats or dogs, but I thought they loved riding in cars, sticking their heads out the window. The longest eight-mile drive of my life from Holder Darby’s to the Bellissimo, and never again.

Fantasy answered on the first ring. “Are you murdering someone?”

“I’m trying to get a cat in my spy bag.”

Dead silence.

“Fantasy, can you come in to work?”

“It’s my day off, Davis,” she said. “I’m catching up on my stories.”

“Just an hour. I promise.” Where’d that cat go? This isn’t a big car. “And would you stop by Cats R Us on the way in?”

“For what?”

“A cat care package. A cat starter kit. I don’t know. Ask the cat people what cats need and bring one of each. But no mice.”

Kneeling on the hot pavement, I lured the cat out from under the passenger seat with a red Gummy Bear I found in the floorboard. It finally slinked out, then launched itself through the air, landing on and latching into my head. I tried to peel it off—dancing, gushing blood, shrieking—which only encouraged the cat to sink its claws in deeper. After five minutes of going round and round with the cat on my head in the vendor parking lot, behind the Bellissimo, on a blazing hot Sunday, love bugs everywhere, I got a grip. I stopped fighting the cat and stood there, catching my breath. As soon as I calmed down, so did the cat. I reached up and patted it; I spoke in very soothing tones. “Good kitty. Get off my head, you psycho kitty.”

To reward it for letting go of my scalp I gave it the Gummy Bear, which immediately glued its front teeth together, quieting it down and keeping it busy.

Shopping list: Gummy Bears.

Hiding behind sunglasses the size of Frisbees, I entered the building. I had the hair of someone who’d been electrocuted, a few scratches, and a cat tucked under my arm. The cat whipped its absurdly large tail back and forth and slung its head around trying to lose the Gummy. We caught an elevator.

A lady asked, “Is your cat having a seizure?”

The cat, offended, convulsed—its rounded spine digging into my side, and spit at the woman, the red Gummy Bear dangling from one of its dagger teeth.

Good kitty.

I walked in my front door and dropped my Super Spy bag and the cat on the floor. The cat shot off for who knows where.

Bradley Cole said, “Oh, my God. Davis.”


I have been waiting for this book to come out, so as soon as it hit Netgalley, I grabbed it. There was an announcement at the end of book 3, Double Strike that I need to follow up on. Bradley Cole, Davis' brand new husband had just become her boss at the casino. I just knew there was going to be some repercussions from this. Not so much for them as a couple, but now they are living in the casino, in the former manager's suite, while Bradley works 60+ hour weeks. A suite has some serious decorating and appliance issues.

The book actually starts several months down the road from the end of Double Strike. It's summer, which means weddings/convention season at the casino. Bianca is doing some extensive traveling/shopping internationally and No Hair is busy with the new casino being built in northern Mississippi. Mostly Davis and her posse have been lounging pool side, just doing the occasional job. That is, until the Hello Kitty Wedding from Hell Fiasco that causes the Events Coordinator to walk off the job. Davis has to step into the position and keep things running for the Alabama bankers convention and check up of the casino's vault. And so begins the chaos, conspiracy theories, plots, counterplots and hey look, more jail time.

I have to say, I laughed so hard during this book, I almost had an asthma attack. My nephew came in to tell me something, and I was laughing so much, he couldn't help but laugh with me. I tried to explain why I was laughing, but every time I would try and tell him why it was funny, I would break down into more giggles. Most of the gang was present, or at least mentioned. There is even the possibility of a new member for their crew. Once again the story ended on an unexpected announcement, that had me laughing and sighing and wondering just how soon the next book will be out.  This was totally another 5 star read. I just love this series.

Thanks to Netgalley and Henery Press for the opportunity to read and review the book.



Source: www.musingsandramblings.net/2015/07/review-double-mint-by-gretchen-archer.html
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review 2015-06-08 02:46
Cat Sleuth
Cat Sleuth (A Pattie Lansbury Cat Cozy Mystery Series Book 1) - cozy mystery,Nancy C Davis

This was a very, very short story only around 50 pages. Because it was so short, there was little "sleuthing" to this, as, after about 45 pages, the MC declared what happened and the murderer taken into custody.


So, a cute story but so short that there wasn't any room to give the reader a sense of place, to connect with the characters or to enjoy the mystery.  Not bad, but another 50 pages could've given the book a lot more dimension.



Also, what police department allows dotty old cat ladies to come in and interrogate suspects with her cat?

(spoiler show)


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review 2015-05-28 21:45
Artful Mystery
A Palette for Murder (A Lana Davis Mystery) - Vanessa A. Ryan

Vanessa A. Ryan picked the perfect background for a murder mystery in Santa Fe: rich people, not-so rich artists, and crime and corruption in the city’s art world.


First, some relevant local data: In the Santa Fe Reporter’s 2013-14 Annual Manual, the city’s population was given as 68,642 residents. The more recent Manual didn’t give us the population number, but both editions say that the City Different has four art galleries per 1,000 residents. That’s a lot of art. After city government, it’s the primary business in town, aside from tourism. Santa Fe is ranked the number one city for air quality in the country, and has 320 days of sunshine a year, which may be part of the reason it’s the fourth happiest city. I’ll second that. Music and dancing and general festivity are a way of life. The downside? The cost of living in Santa Fe is 17.7% higher than the national average. Maybe that’s why it’s not the happiest city. But without all those wealthy people, the art scene would die. It’s a necessary symbiosis—and central to this story.


Insurance administrator Lana Davis comes to Santa Fe looking for the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. As soon as she starts her search, the plot gets complicated. I can find my way around Santa Fe’s oddly configured streets without a map, but I couldn’t figure out whodunit. This is a classic puzzle type of murder mystery. Everyone’s a suspect, and I mean, everyone.


The behind-the-scenes look at an art gallery was intriguing. A lot of the little details—how important it is to some people to be invited to a benefit auction, the way rich people can tell who’s really one of them but poor artists can’t, and even snobbery about fauxdobe—also give the book an “insider” feel.


Lana is an amusing narrator. She’s basically good but willing to bend rules just enough to take some risks she shouldn’t take, and she’s cool enough not to get as freaked out by death, danger and violence as most people would. If she were an animal, she’d be a cat: independent, self-sufficient, and persistent and clever in the chase. She has nine lives, too, and is good at landing on her feet—at least figuratively. This makes her a good fit for the amateur sleuth role—the personality has to be believable for the premise of the amateur investigator to work. More sensitive or rule-following folks wouldn’t dare get into the situations she does. I think there are two kinds of series protagonists: the ones we identify with, and the ones we would like to be for a day. Lana is the second kind.


Ryan is a polished story-teller. If you like tight plotting, a great setting and a fast pace, this is your book.


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review 2014-09-20 17:15
Review: Double Dip by Gretchen Archer

Double Dip

Davis Way Mystery, #2
Gretchen Archer

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Henery Press
Date of Publication: January 28th 2014
Number of pages: 276
Cover Artist: Fayette Terlouw



Available at the following retailers:
Amazon     BN     Kobo     OmniLit


It's Davis Way's first slot-tournament season. And it may be her last.

Things are dicey at work. A personal assistant goes missing, a little old lady goes on a suspicious winning streak, and a Bellissimo executive goes gaga for Davis. She follows a disappearing slot-tournament player trail to the So Help Me God Pentecostal Church in Beehive, Alabama, then jumps headlong into a high stakes holy scandal.

She's on a losing streak at home, too. Her days, nights, and dinners run together, as Davis juggles a revolving door of uninvited guests, namely her rotten ex-ex-husband, Eddie Crawford. And Bradley Cole thinks three's a crowd.

The worst? Davis doesn't feel so hot. Maybe it's the banana pudding, or maybe it's a little bundle of something else.

DOUBLE DIP. A reckless ride in the fast lane, and Davis Way can't find the brakes.

This is a follow up to Double Whammy, the first book in the series. Davis Way is back. And though there have been some changes in the way her job works and who she works with (due to spoilery things that happen in Double Whammy), things have not slowed down in the least. I am so glad that I got both books 1 & 2 from the author for a review together. It made it super easy to dive right into this book.

The story starts off a few months after the close of events of book one. Davis is settling into her new job(s) at the casino and life is looking pretty good.  Until the first slot-tournament of the season.  Things start to go wrong almost immediately. Luckily Davis has her friends and family to call on to help her sort things out.  As with the first book, there are plenty of crazy jobs, costume changes and odd characters around.

I really liked that we are still learning about Davis. It seems that the more we learn, the more there is to learn. Her family and their complex temperaments collide and mix to constantly form new configurations. Plus the author hasn't seemed to shy away from any topics yet.  I refuse to list the multitude of subject matter, since I really don't want to give away any spoilers.  Let's just say that I can see Davis very much as a real person with the problems that real people face every single day.  The ending was a bit of a surprise, pleasantly surprised. From the way the setup was, I was expecting something a bit different. This book kept me on my toes trying to figure out what exactly was going on.  This was another 5 star read for me.

Source: judy-ree.blogspot.com/2014/09/review-double-dip-by-gretchen-archer.html
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