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review 2017-05-05 16:27
Which witch is your fave?
The Lunch Witch #2: Knee-deep in Niceness - Deb Lucke

On a whim, I picked up Lunch Witch #2: Knee-Deep in Niceness by Deb Lucke. I was intrigued mainly by the artwork (it's a graphic novel) which at first glance seems delightfully whimsical. However, I found myself disappointed with the book overall. The story was only so-so and didn't really do it for me. I've certainly read more engaging graphic novels for this age group. Our main character, the Lunch Witch, was fairly boring. The plot was...threadbare is the only word I can think of to describe it. The highlight of the book were the pets (the bats were especially entertaining). The artwork was hit-or-miss and didn't make up for the bland storyline. I read some reviews for this book after I had finished and it seems that the consensus is that after the first book in the series (oops I started on #2) this one was a bit of a letdown. I've also just discovered that they're making a film adaptation with Kate McKinnon as the lead. Now that I'm looking forward to especially considering how the main character is depicted as such as the archetypal hag and you just know she's gonna be hilarious. With that being said, this book didn't rate higher than a 4/10 for me I'm afraid. I have no plans to continue reading anymore of the series. :-/

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review 2016-01-08 13:05
Comics Clearance #2
The Lunch Witch #1 - Deb Lucke
Oddly Normal Book 2 (Oddly Normal Tp) - Tracy Bailey,Otis Frampton,Otis Frampton
Upside Down (Book 1): A Vampire Tale - Jess Smart Smiley
Upside Down Vol. 2: A Hat Full of Spells (Upside Down: A Vampire Tale) - Jess Smiley,Jess Smiley

Kids Comics!  Hooray!


My favorite of the bunch was definitely The Lunch Witch, about a down on her luck witch taking a job as a lunch lady, which she finds quite to her liking...until a young girl figures out her secret and starts to blackmail the hag.  Kids who like peculiar stories, told from an atypical point of view would like this, this isn't about a kid getting super powers or defeating evil.  For fans of Roald Dahl or Norton Juster.


I enjoyed the first volume of Oddly Normal and it's nice to see that the story is continuing on in an interesting direction.  Oddly questions what her new friends think is cool when they are excited by her description of the "Hokey Pokey" dance and their disinterest in super hero Waterboy, who is also one of her new classmates at school.  This issue focuses more on Oddly's developing friendship with Reggie, Misty and Ragnar as well as a look at her parent's history.  Still, it was sweet and there was a bit of foreshadowing at the end that may lead to a more action packed third volume.


Upside Down: A Vampire Tale Upside Down: A Hat Full of Spells were the first two books in an adorable series about a family of vampires living in a mad scientist's piano.  Harold, a young vampire, loves candy.  So much so that when he visits the dentist he has to have his teeth pulled.  In shame he decides to run away from home and pretend to be a regular bat.  That's when he comes across Vermillion, a witch who wants to rule the world.  Hearing about the Professor's new potion, a potion of immortality she decides to seduce him and steal the potion.  In the second volume, just when the weird family of bats, cats, vampires and dentists thinks they can settle down, Vermillion's threat returns in the form of her hat, a witch is never destroyed until her hat is destroyed...with all these hats scattered around town, chaos ensues.  Cute stories, would be fun Halloween reading for kids.


All of these graphics would be perfect for around Halloween, since they involve witches, monsters and more, but mainly in a fun and not too scary way.  Great for before and after Trick or Treating.


(I love Halloween, even in January I'm still reading Halloween themed books...)

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review 2013-04-08 21:25
Sneezenesia - Deb Lucke Original concept and outrageous result, the boy who sneezed and forgot all he knew. Includes the gross-out factor that kids will love and hip illustrations for a lively experience.
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