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review 2019-05-21 05:30
The Defiant Hero (Troubleshooters #2) (Audiobook)
The Defiant Hero - Melanie Ewbank,Patrick Girard Lawlor,Suzanne Brockmann

2.69 stars, rounded up.


Sometimes you want cheese, and it's just the right amount, and you're in cheese nirvana:



Other times you want cheese, and it's just too much, and you end up with all the regrets:



This was a little of both.


Clearly, a story about terrorism, child abduction and a mother in peril just isn't meaty enough to carry the plot of an entire book all by itself, doncha know. Nope, this thing needs some filling. Lots and lots and lots of filling. So much filling that you pretty much lose sight of the plot entirely for huge chunks of the book. Because who cares about terrorist plots when romance is in the air, amirite?


So, you have a story wherein a little girl and her great-grandmother are abducted by extremist terrorists (not just your run-of-the-mill terrorists,

but thank God they're also somehow amateurs)

(spoiler show)

, and held in custody until you, the girl's mommy, bring them a terrorist from an enemy cell so they can kill him. Then, and only then, will your daughter and grandmother be released. Do you: A) immediately call the FBI and inform them of this terrorist threat and tell them everything you know upfront to give them the best opportunity possible of saving your family as quickly as possible, or B) follow the terrorists' exact instructions, hoping on dumb luck and the gullibility of some guy you knew once a few years ago, and go along with the terrorists' plan because obviously, even though they're terrorists, they're totally trustworthy and will follow through with their promises if you deliver what they want, all the while acting like the epitome of the stereotypical hysterical woman? If you're smart, you choose A. If you're Meg, you choose B.


She chose B so hard, y'all.


And she's a mom, I get it, but she set womanhood back by at least a few centuries with her hysteria. I mean, she called in John because she knows him and trusts him. But then she doesn't trust him and is constantly lying to him and badgering him about how untrustworthy he is even though he

A) came at her beck and call, B) helped her get out of the embassy, C) came after her sorry ass after she ran away again to help her even though it could end with him court-martialed and imprisoned, and D) didn't once try to get the upper hand, even though he very easily could, because he was giving her every opportunity to not be a dunderhead. But he's not trustworthy. Uh-huh. Sure.

(spoiler show)

And John Nilsson was every corny movie action hero ever. Bonus points for stripping atop a car hood, in the rain, while hanging on with at least one hand the whole time, while the car is in motion. He must have godlike powers to accomplish that feat.


And then there's Alissa Locke. She was set up as a really cool character in the previous book. The first woman who even stood a chance of getting into the SEALS but had to settle for the prestigious job of an FBI sharpshooter instead. And here, we find out that she doesn't know how to track her targets or how to keep her targets from spotting her, doesn't know how to dress for a sweltering hot day in D.C. even though she lives there, and doesn't understand how alcohol works. But have no fear! A man's here to show her the ropes! And what a man he is! A condescending, patronizing, sexist Texan redneck, complete with a cowboy hat and a high opinion of himself. Of course, she must have him!



But Sam's a classy guy. Really. He is.

He'd NEVER have sex with a clearly intoxicated woman incapable of giving informed consent. ... Oh, but wait. He did. Never mind!

(spoiler show)


I just didn't understand this subplot. Why was it here? I certainly hope I'm not supposed to be rooting for these two to get together in the future. And the whole stupidity in the motel room was ... well, stupid. It was like something out of a 80s sitcom with the stupid handcuffs and the abuse of chocolate syrup.


Then both of these couples having sex at the stupidest times - unprotected sex at that. Is it really that difficult to control your hormones? I don't get it. Well, Meg and John I get; that was about comfort. But Alissa and Sam ... ugh.

(spoiler show)


Then there's Amy and Eve, in the hands of their captors, and Eve spends the entire time telling their sole guardian (why were these guys not on rotation?) about her love affair during WWII. Which is actually the only thing that happens in this book that makes a lick of sense. Getting your captor to see you as a human being is goal number one for anyone who has been abducted. It's your best hope for escape or release, and it can work. So go for it! But my lord, did I so not give a crap about her story.


Once again, this is a dual narration, and I believe all the books in this series are. Patrick Lawlor is the better of the two. He's much more natural than Melanie Ewbanks, who can sound a little too technical at times. Still don't like getting two sets of voices for the same characters, and their various accents were almost painful to listen to. Still, Lawlor was at least fun to listen to at times.


Thankfully, I was in the right mood for cheesy and stupid, even if I did find a lot of it frustrating.

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review 2019-05-02 16:55
The Earl's Defiant Wallflower, Erica Ridley
The Earl's Defiant Wallflower - Erica Ridley

I really enjoyed this historical romance with a touch of humor. I voluntarily chose to review this and I've given it a 4.5* rating. This is not for the under 18 readers. I really adored the hero who tried not to helplessly fall in love with the heroine. Sometimes when you try to do the right thing, things will work out, just maybe not the way you thought. Anyway, it has a happy ending.

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review 2019-04-18 23:47
Book Review for Defiant The WASP Team Book 2 by Leah Ashton
Defiant (WASP Team #2) - Leah Ashton
Title: Defiant
Series: WASP Team Book 2
Author: Leah Ashton
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 18, 2019
  • File Size: 1877 KB
  • Print Length: 179 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Leah Ashton (April 18, 2019)
  • Publication Date: April 18, 2019
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07PPT679D
  • Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
  • arc copy provided for honest review 
  • 5 stars
This is a universal buy link for Amazon Kindle Reader


Wrong Place. Wrong Time. Wrong Man – yet he made her feel so right.


A prim and proper high school teacher


Recently divorced Bethwyn Banfield just wanted one out-of-character night on the town, and the tall, dark, tattooed stranger she meets is not what she was looking for. But their instant, electric attraction is undeniable.

The cop with a bad boy past
WASP Team Undercover cop Damon Nyhuis has spent two years infiltrating the notorious Notechi Motorcycle Club, doing whatever it takes to remain in deep cover. But when he sees his high school calculus teacher in a bar looking as hot as she did thirteen years ago, the last thing he is thinking about is his job. And that turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life.
A race through the desert
Kidnapped and dragged to the middle of nowhere, Beth and Damon must escape the murderous Notechi – but to do so is only the beginning of their ordeal. The desert is vast, desolate and unforgiving, and the Notechi are right on their heels.
Their passion as hot as the sun
In the cool of the desert night they run, but in the lethal heat of the day they must rest – and quickly, lust becomes so much more.
First, they must make it home. But then – can there really be a future for the teacher who wants her own family, and the cop who makes certain he’s always alone?

This is a universal buy link for Amazon Kindle Reader
Let's start to say this is a brand new author for us and we really enjoyed our first read by them.The story had great characters's and the story started off with a bang and right from the onset had you enmeshed right into the suspenseful plot. 
Beth a school teacher is feeling a little bit lonely after learning her ex is moving on decides its time for her to move on as well and decides she is due for a night out.
Damon has a crush on Beth for years and see's her out in a bar and decided to make his move and play out  all those fantasies he has had of her for years but, Damon has secrets and without willing draws her into his tangled web secrets. 
This couple had some major chemistry and they sizzled together for sure but, things are complicated and they are trying to save their lives but,can't seem to keep their hands off one another just making the situation even more complicated but, a whole lot of fun. lol
I always pick a favorite character and for me it is going to be Beth. I loved Beth from the onset of the story just because she surprised us at every turn with her actions and deeds because she is nothing like we expected.I found her to be sexy, smart,level headed and easy to love because she was full of so much kindness and love.
Damon we found him to be broken and someone who never has been able to move on from his past and even though he has risen above it he feels he is no good for anyone let alone an angel like Beth.We will say that we liked how Beth got him to start examining his life up to this point and perhaps he could be capable of more life changes because he has been surrounded by such utter chaos for sometime now as well as being surround by such filth of humanity that it is starting to effect his personal life where he decides he is not deserving of more.
Overall the plot was filled with tons of suspense and drama and an undercover operation that goes a rhy but, two people find love where neither expected under the most horrendous circumstances.And the saying holds true for this couple that you can find love in the most usual places.The story had the perfect mix of romance and suspense and drama and the story did keep you on a bit of and edge the entire time to keep you glued to the pages to the very end.
The story did not end with a cliffhanger but, the story is not over yet because there are a lot of unanswered questions  and a mystery to be solved and a mole to undercover.
As a first time reader I would definitely read more in this series to see what happens next.
His gaze flicked back to her. Again, it did all those things to her insides that a man like this wasn’t supposed to do.
“Well,” Beth said, irritated – with herself, mostly. And unfairly, at him, for not being the man she’d needed to meet tonight. “What do you want then?”
Something shifted in the man’s gaze, and there was a hint – a hint – of a curve to his lips. Nothing more – she couldn’t imagine this man being the type to smile easily.
Immediately she realised her mistake.
“That’s easy, honey,” he said and stepped closer.
Which was actually really close, because they were both standing in the space between two bar stools. If she took a deep breath, her breasts would touch the cotton of his shirt.
Beth held her breath. To avoid touching him? Or in anticipation of what he was going to say?
“I want you,” he said, his voice a pitch lower now. Rough and intimate. “I want you, and I think you might want me too.” Another pause. “Do you?”
How had he known to ask that?
How had he known if he’d told her she wanted him, she would’ve been out the door and into an Uber before he could blink?
But he hadn’t told her anything. He’d asked.
She was falling into his gaze again. His sexy, confident gaze. Oh, he knew. He did. He was cocky, and he had swagger. He had all of that, and he possibly – probably – used this line on a new girl each week. Maybe each night.
But did it matter?
He’d asked and given her control, and damn if that didn’t make this even sexier.
Because it was sexy, to stand here beneath the appreciative gaze of this man. To feel his heat so close. To be drawn to him by the zing of physical attraction, and to just know deep down inside her that he wanted her. More than that, he wanted her bad. His gaze had moved from her eyes now to explore her face, then down, down, to explore what he could see of her body, given how close they stood together.
Which was pretty much just her breasts, although only now did she realise how conservative her outfit actually was. Would it have killed her to have popped open a few more buttons? To flash a bit of cleavage?
Not that this man seemed to care.
She didn’t even care that he didn’t want her for her intellect, or her personality, or all those things that should matter – did matter – most of the time. All of the time, actually, for Beth. Except tonight. Except now.
She didn’t even know his name, he didn’t know hers, and she honestly didn’t care. He was all wrong in every possible way, but then all of tonight had turned out wrong – and the way this man was making her feel felt so good. Felt so right.
Like despite what she’d told herself, he was exactly what she needed.
But, she realised, it was still hard to actually say the words she needed to say.
She swallowed, then licked her lips.
That snapped his attention back to her face, specifically to her mouth.
Oh, wow. The way he was looking at her, the way he wanted her, it was impossible to resist.
She leant forward, deliberately letting her body brush against his, her nipples tight and hard behind the lace of her bra. She stood on tiptoes so she could murmur in his ear.
“Yes,” she said.
He turned his head, and now they were so close they were practically kissing – their lips almost perfectly aligned. “Yes, what?” he prompted, as if he had to be sure.
She closed her eyes. She needed to be sure, too.
Did he know that? How could he?
“I want you,” she said, barely more than a whisper.
But clearly, it was enough. It was all he needed.
This is a universal buy link for Amazon Kindle Reader

RITA® Award-winning author Leah Ashton writes fast-paced romantic suspense and smart, modern contemporary romance. All her books feature strong heroines, deliciously heroic heroes and swoon worthy happily ever afters.


Leah lives in Perth, Western Australia with her gorgeous husband, two amazing daughters and the best intentions to meal plan and have an effortlessly tidy home. When she’s not writing, Leah loves all day breakfast, rambling conversations and laughing until she cries. She really hates cucumber. And scary movies.


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review 2018-11-14 07:59
Her Defiant Heart (Damaged Hearts, #1) by Monica Murphy
Her Defiant Heart (Damaged Hearts #1) - Monica Murphy


For every strength gained was a broken heart determined to destroy. Jen has lived her life being tossed aside. From a mother who didn't care to a father struggling to move on. Her world has been less than ideal. A beautiful heart has grown to be an angry soul intent on revenge. Murphy is a heart breaker. Her Defiant Heart is an emotional ride that feels like taboo voyeurism. Rhett and Jen have never met, but when they do will change each other's lives. The road is long, the secrets run deep and the pain feels never-ending, but when it comes to love, healing finds a way.

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review 2018-06-11 13:48
Another Bad Decision book club book
Wicked Rake, Defiant Mistress - Ann Lethbridge

So I opened the book, expecting to read a few chapters last night and finished it before I could sleep, so today I'm not on all cylinders.  For sheer dint of getting me so engrosed  in the read it gets a bit more points than maybe it would have got in the cold light of day.


The first time Garrick Le Clere, Marquess of Beauworth meets Lady Eleanor Hadley is when she holds him up as a highwayman on his way home to the estate his family friend has been administering for several years.  Garrick has issues and stresses and doesn't know if he can trust himself or anyone around him.  She has lost the family home due to imprudent investments and now Le Clere's estate claims that there's monies owing, so they're out of their house and she needs to find cash somehow.  


It's a romp through their lives and there's misunderstandings, evil villains who moustache twirl and tell the heroes their reasoning and all in all it's a fun read.

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