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review 2016-05-15 00:00
Five Times the Sheriff Found Derek Hale in His Son's Bedroom
Five Times the Sheriff Found Derek Hale ... Five Times the Sheriff Found Derek Hale in His Son's Bedroom - suzvoy 3.5 stars

How the romance between Derek and Stiles unfolds seen through the sheriff’s eyes.

I love the sheriff's POV.

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review 2015-10-18 00:00
Insane Chemistry (with Derek Hale)
Insane Chemistry (with Derek Hale) - the... Insane Chemistry (with Derek Hale) - theroguesgambit 3.5 Stars.

This was an awesome story and I absolutely loved it and it felt like watching a teen romance-comdey movie rather than reading a short story. It was definitely fun to read.

It has the hot prom king jock, the nerd guy with this whole high school hierarchy is ridiculous attitude and I am so above it, the secret relationship, the misunderstanding, the pining, the drama with the smartass nerd and the insecure jock, the prom queen aka the bitch, and finally the big make up and the happy ending!

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review 2015-04-10 00:00
Actual Puppy Derek Hale
Actual Puppy Derek Hale - tylerfucklin,puddled This was really lovely and at times really sad.

A lonely boy and a lonely wolf spend some time together.

“He’s a half-breed! He’s good! He’s just a little bitey sometimes, but I think that’s just passive-aggressive violence as a means to coping with a stressful situation. He’s been abandoned and hit by a car, dad!”


"This was what Stiles got for just letting a pretty face walk into his life. That girl could have been a home wrecker for all he knew. Stiles should have better taste."

And there was fanart. I LOVE fics with fanart!!


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review 2014-03-03 19:26
In Case The Daylight Never Comes - plume... In Case The Daylight Never Comes - plume_bob


This is a Sterek fanfic and its really, really good.

After reading the first 50 sentences I was sure I wasn’t going to like it because of the writing, but after that the writing changed, from a lot of short non-describing sentences to, well, just much better writing, and I really started to get into it. Especially because it evolves around one of my favorite Sterek kinks, which is hurt/comfort, and even better is the fact that they don’t really want to comfort each other.. at first.. kinda.. not really.. ok, so they really want to comfort each other, ok?

This fic is canon compliant up until 3a. Cora and Derek are back in town, and Stiles is having his night terrors. In them, these monsters are asking about Derek, and somehow Derek can sense Stiles’ screams for help. They discover that they can ease each other’s pain and tiredness, with simple touches and oh God it’s so good. So, so good. I legit shivered a few times. The fic is a 100% Stiles POV, but it’s about the whole pack trying to figure out how to stop the next big bad in Beacon Hills, and they do that while Stiles is trying not to go insane from not sleeping, and from finding out that Derek is the only thing that can make him have dreamless sleeps.

Both Stiles and Derek are written so well. Not so much brooding from our favorite Sourwolf, but that doesn’t really matter. I really wouldn’t have minded another 50k words in this world setting, and if you know me you know that that is as big a kudos as I’m capable of giving.

4 stars.



photo tumblr_map5zhJkpw1qmi1k9o1_250.gif

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review 2014-01-11 21:01
Versus - secondstar Versus - secondstar

I have loved Sterek for a long time now, and I have loved Liverpool for a lot longer than that, so having this, a Sterek football AU, where Stiles is a Liverpool player and Derek is a Man U (*gags*) player, is just heaven.. Seriously, it’s fucking heaven. And yes I might hate Man U with a passion, but at least Stiles started out feeling that way too, so I can forgive him for falling in love with a Manchester guy.. Because really, look at him



photo ccc_zpsc8990d37.gif


Who would not fall in love with this dude, you know?



You know you’re a LFC supporter though, when the times you teared up while reading this was all the times Stiles talked about not wanting to leave Anfield. *sniff sniff*


I love how you can tell this was written by a person who knows her football. Seriously. I love that. Football has been my religion since my Dad took me to games as a little girl, and I just LOVE that you can feel the love for the sport in this fic.


As you can tell this is a fic that deals with football, but even if you don’t like the sport (seriously, what is wrong with you?! ;) you’ll love it.


Before I knew who Sid and Ovi were I read a hockey fic about them, and completely fell in love with them and the sport, and I think this could do this too, to people who just love Sterek. No it’s not a RPS fic, but then again, it kinda is..


All in all, this was such an amazing fic, and ughh, I just really, really love it!


5 stars!!

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