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review 2015-05-11 16:28
Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me.
Overruled (The Legal Briefs Series) - Emma Chase

I have no one to blame for this but myself. I hated Emma Chase's Tangled (see my rage-review here), and so I just should have known that whatever Chase is selling, I don't want to buy. However, being a criminal lawyer myself, I'm kind of a sucker for romances involving prosecutors/defense attorneys (although, note to self, I rarely actually like these books as I find the legal plots rarely ring true), so I stupidly decided to check out this new series. Reading the blurb should have been all it took to warn me that this book would not be for me: Defense attorney Stanton Shaw takes his big city, Latina f*ckbuddy back home to Hicksville, Mississippi, to try to break up the wedding of his high school sweetheart.


As I should have expected, stereotypes abound.


Also as I should have anticipated (because Drew of Tangled was such a douchenozzle, and because the blurb basically tells us that Stanton brings his hoochie mama with him on a mission to win back his baby mama), the "hero" of Overruled was a total jackhole. What isn't clear from the blurb is that Jenny, the high school sweetheart, is not Stanton's ex -- he got her knocked up in high school, and they agreed that he would go to college and support his family, and that while they're apart they can have an "open" relationship. This has gone on for ten years, with Stanton catting around like a manwhore with anyone he likes, and paying only occasional booty calls on Jenny. This works fine for him, until Jenny falls in love with someone else, which Stanton gets all butthurt and betrayed about.


I didn't mind Jenny, but Sofia (the hoochie mama) was kind of a doormat. Like Stanton, she's supposed to be this brilliant lawyer, except that we never see her doing any actual lawyering. She spends the whole book talking about how she knows men because she's got three brothers, and she knows men don't like commitment or clingy women, so she's not going to make any demands on Stanton. That's all well and good, but have a little self-respect, please! No woman with any self-esteem or sanity would willingly accompany the guy they're sleeping with to help him win back someone else. Sofia keeps setting limits--I'll go with you, but no sex. Okay, once we get to Mississippi, no sex. Okay, absolutely no sex while we're staying with your parents--and then ignoring those limits, so she just came across as weak and ineffectual.


Stanton eventually sees the error of his ways and tries to make things right with both Jenny and Sofia, and readers who enjoy a good redemption story may be satisfied here. As for me, I solemnly vow: NO MORE EMMA CHASE FOR ME!

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review 2014-02-27 13:37
Don't Bother.
Blushing Violet - Ann Mayburn

I must've picked this up as a freebie or cheapie somewhere along the line, I don't remember: it was in the long, long list of stuff I hadn't yet read on my Kindle, so I gave it a shot. My advice: skip it. 


It's not even worth a full review, but here are the two main reasons I hated this book:


1. The heroine, Violet, is a total doormat. When I looked this book up, I see the blurb comes right out and says she has "almost nonexistent self-esteem," so evidentally I was warned. I should've known better: I need a heroine to have some backbone. 


2. The heroes are lying douchenozzles, because that's what every doormat heroine needs, right? They are friends, and each wants to date her. Rather than tell her about thier relationship, they agree to each date her, not tell her about the other, and then let her choose. (Again, the blurb warns about all this. I swear, if I'd read the blurb ahead of time, I wouldn't have downloaded this book, free or not -- maybe I'm one-clicking in my sleep or something.) But of course she likes both of them, so they blindfold her and do her together (introducing the second guy as a friend of the first guy, but not telling her that second guy is THE second guy that she's dating). She freaks out, runs away (somehow STILL not noticing that Second Guy is her Second Guy, making her TSTL), and the next time she gets together with first guy, he has the fucking audacity to lecture her about the need for total honesty in a BDSM relationship! WTeverlovingF?! Of course, when the jig is up, she's pissed, they're sorry, but she's such a doormat she takes them back and agrees to be their sub dishonestly every after. 

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