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text 2018-05-24 15:44
TBR Thursday
Bog Child - Siobhan Dowd
A Fire Upon the Deep - Vernor Vinge
Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind
Lord Peter Views the Body - Dorothy L. Sayers
Macbeth (Hogarth Shakespeare) - Nesbo Jo

This is the clean up round, folks, just clearing the decks before I begin The Summer of Spies!


I'm finishing up a rather busy week, looking forward to some time on the weekend and next week to catch up on my library books.  The weather here has been lovely, inspiring me to spend an evening wandering a local park with a cousin.  And I've done a household purge, taking an enormous quantity of clothing, bedding, etc. as a donation to a charity. 


Still to be done:  I bought plants on the long weekend which I need to get transplanted into my balcony planters.  One of my friends gave me a lovely bunch of rhubarb and I intend to make Ginger Vanilla Stewed Rhubarb either tonight or tomorrow.  Plus all the usual household stuff that one has to attend to when one lives alone and can't delegate. 


I wish you all a happy weekend of reading!

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video 2018-04-26 13:51
Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die) - Danielle Paige

 Amy went home to Kansas to be with her Mom and Jake. But I believe she will go back to Oz. she says her home is not a place but with a person, Nox. He comes to Kansas to be with her


I believe she will go back because at the end of the book her shoes start to glow and another portal, a tornado appers to bring her back to save Oz once again. 



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quote 2018-04-19 14:08
"The Wicked never rests"
Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die) - Danielle Paige

I chose this quote because Amy never stops fighting. She won't stop fighting until oz is safe. This also shows that all members of the Order and committed to OZ. Nox is one of the hardest working of the Order.  

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text 2018-04-13 14:00
Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die) - Danielle Paige

As a reader my favorite type of book to read is fantasy books. When I was little I really liked the Wizard of Oz. As I grew older I read all the books I could find about it. Then I found these books.


Dorothy Must Die is not what you would expect of this classic tale. It is centered around a girl from Kansas, named Amy Gumm. Once again she is taken from her home and moved to OZ.  She is faced wit a set of problems she must solve. Can her new friends help her? Are they really her friends? Can she fight her feelings so they dont get in the way of her work? Will Amy Gumm survive?

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review 2018-03-27 01:13
The Night She Died
The Night She Died - Dorothy Simpson

This is the first in a series of mysteries involving Inspector Luke Thanet. I'd never heard of this series until I came across it while browsing Hoopla.


It was just...ok. Thanet was an okay character. He has a nice family, a nice home life, everything was just...nice. He does have a bad back, though. So there's that. He can also be a bit gruff, but always apologizes right after.


The mystery itself was engaging enough. A young woman is found stabbed to death in her home, and when it's discovered that she was a witness to a crime as a small child, Thanet must determine if her death is related to that past event, or if someone in her present day life is responsible.


These books were first written in the 1980's--this one originally published in 1981, and boy does it show.


I'd decided to at least read the second in the series, but after reading the preview included in the ebook I read, now I'm not so sure. It begins with Thanet's wife broaching the topic of returning to work once their youngest child starts school in six months. Thanet's internal thoughts on his wife going back to work and what it was going to mean for his ease and comfort of life kinda soured me on him.


I may check it out just to see if he cam redeem himself in my eyes.

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