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photo 2015-02-21 20:52
Collar by sylvaticginger

This beautiful picture accompanies my latest fic. I've written Such a Good Boy for the still ongoing Harry Potter Kinkfest 2015 on LifeJournal.


It's some stunning art, isn't it? The pictures title is Collar and the wonderful sylvaticginger drew it. It's titled that way because that's the kink the story is about.


(please don't use the picture without the artist's permission)




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review 2015-02-04 00:00
Draco Malfoy: Toilet Supremo
Draco Malfoy: Toilet Supremo - who_la_ho... Draco Malfoy: Toilet Supremo - who_la_hoop 4.5 stars

who_la_hoop is now officially my new favourite Drarry author. Yes.

Because damn. Did I laugh my ass off during this ludicrous (in the bestest of ways) and hilarious read. lolz.

I honestly couldn't stop laughing - nor reading for that matter - and this morning my roomie looked at me like I was a case for the loony bin when I was trying to explain what was so funny last night that she could literally hear me giggling through 2 walls.
(Let me tell you, my spluttering explanation à la "Draco" and "toilet salesman" and "Toilet Supremo" didn't help matters -- at this point I gave up on trying to make her understand, although the hilarity of this fic sure didn't end with its title.)

But. I don't care. Because this was so worth it.

Just to give you a taste: (though out of context it loses a bit of its charm and humour) :')

'“Yes, please,” Harry said. “YOU’D need more than one [pint] if you had the sort of terrible news I do!” he said sanctimoniously – making Hermione, for some reason, roll her eyes. [...]
“TERRIBLE NEWS,” he said. [...]
“You sent Draco Malfoy to sell me a toilet,” Harry said, trying to keep a note of accusation out of his voice. “No-o, mate,” Ron said, a little hoarsely. “Hermione’s a little bossy – ow!” he said as Hermione dug a vengeful elbow in his ribs, “but she wouldn’t do that.” [...]
“It was – it was probably Dracus Malfoy,” Ron said slowly. “His third cousin twice removed.”'
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text 2015-01-29 19:24
My Christmas Exchange Fic in Between a Buch of the Most Talented People

Well, I took part in 2014's hd_erised on LifeJournal and, though there are a lot of better fics in the pool, I'm still proud of my story. So, this post will show you my own fic and rec some more and truly wonderful stories of this Christmassy exchange fest.

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text 2014-11-15 14:17
What I've been up to...

Yes, I haven't been really here in a long time. I know and it makes me sad. But I have only so much free time to spare and nearly everything got into my fics recently. Yes, fics as in more than one.


If someone wants to have a look, feel free to do so. Here are my Harry/Draco stories on AO3:


Looking Like Harry Potter (explicit*) - Some times after the war Harry has started to work as his own lookalike at birthday parties for children. His next appointment: Scorpius Malfoy’s seventh birthday at Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire. Bugger.


A Vow of Silence (mature) - Two days ago when Harry had opened his eyes in a bed in St. Mungo’s, he’d made a vow.


The Winner Shaves it All (explicit*) - Draco still bears the scars Harry inflicted on him with Sectumsempra. Though, when Draco loses the wanking contest, Harry is allowed to use a blade on him again.

Collaboration with a friend of mine as a brithday present, contains razor!kink


Ashes Left Behind (mature) - Draco decides to get a tattoo on his birthday.


*explicit means that parts or all of it are pure smut


Yesterday was deadline for another one. It'll be part of a huge Christmas exchange festival (nearly 60 participants) where anonymous posting is starting on the 1st of December.


A second collaboration goes online on Wednesday. That is gonna be another birthday present and we are currently working on it. I love our collaborations which are going to be all PWPs (plot what plot, so, it's all about the porn baby).


I'm trying my best to have a daily look on my dashboard and post more as well.

Hope you are all doing fine?




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text 2014-10-25 07:30
Rectober... No. 4 - And so Death Took

This rec post isn’t about the light and fluffy fics. It’s about the mighty ones. The ones which are able to shatter your heart, to let tears roll down your face, to make you uncomfortable, to let you sigh deeply, and the ones you can only read in fractions or when you are in a special mood.


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