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text 2020-09-22 13:00
5 Wedding Themes That are Trending in 2020 That You Need to Know Now


Well, we all know how this year has turned out to be and you may be wondering how are you even going to know about the wedding themes that are trending in 2020? Fret not, we’re here to help you. Before the pandemic set in the wedding theme was more focused on over the top designs be it with the décor and exquisite couture bridal gowns in Melbourne. Now it’s all about the intimate moments with your loved ones, attention to detail while keeping safety as the most important aspect.

We have listed below wedding trends that are very doable for a very simple wedding which definitely promises to make your day a special one to remember no matter where you choose to say ‘I do’


1) Intimate weddings

Knowing the situation, we know intimate weddings will be the way forward. Having a small bunch of people who matter will make the best sense. Plus, this would also be the safest way as of now. Since it's very personal, you can treat them with elaborate meals and tons of personalization options to make it feel very warm and relaxed.



2) Eco-Friendly

Going eco-friendly can be the best thing for not just people but our mother nature in general. Sustainable weddings are on the rise in recent years and it’s time it has caught the attention all over. Do consider upcycling your wedding requirements be it sourcing locally grown food items, reusing florals used for the wedding ceremony, using paper or bamboo straws for drinks instead of plastic ones, replacing place settings with fruits as an alternative centerpiece idea, using actual trees in beautiful planters instead of cut flowers to up the aesthetic and so much more. So you see? There are so many ways we can reuse stuff to maintain the eco-friendliness that we so require right now.


3) Self-serving bars

 More and more couples all over the world are creating self-service bars. It’s like an artificial mounted dispenser to pour over drinks like beer, cocktails etc. This allows the guest to create their perfect drink. Imagine yourself creating your signature cocktail drink just the way you like it? Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Plus, by having these self -serving bars you won't have that many bartenders.





4) Two-in-one wedding dresses

The beginning of this year saw many brides choosing designer wedding dresses in Melbourne which focused on the Victorian-style dresses. These dresses feature high necklines, low hemlines, lots of lace layers and flowing style skirts which are reminiscent of the Victorian era. It’s pretty beautiful yet modern which makes it even the style very breath-taking. There’s something about this look that won’t go away anytime soon.


5) Giving back to charity

With the rise in intimate weddings, you do tend to save a lot on your wedding celebrations. The best thing to do is to give back to society. Many couples all over the world are doing it and making charitable donations. This trend will get bigger in the coming years. This will not only make you feel good but it will make someone’s day and year so much better. As a couple, you’d be spreading so many smiles which is a really good thing.


Now that you know some of the popular wedding themes that are trending this year, we can’t wait to see you in a beautiful wedding gown in Melbourne and have a memorable celebration that you will cherish for years to come.


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text 2020-08-26 09:23
Fashion Bug Store: The Online Store for Buying Dresses for Women in all Size

The trends in fashion change every single day. Some designs that were a big hit in 2019 are a big No-No in 2020. As times change and new trends come in, all of you want to update your closets with new clothes that you can wear and create a statement. And for that, you should go on the Internet and look for stores that can deliver your products on your doorstep. There are very few stores that can offer you products for all sizes, including for the plus size women. Fashion Bug online store is a leading online platform where you can find dresses, joggers, jeans, tops, shorts, skirts, pants, and much more in normal and plus size for women. It is a platform that promises to deliver your products quickly and help you have a wardrobe filled with clothes that look good on your body and makes you feel confident and fashionable.

The collections of fashion bug dresses for summers and winters are extraordinary and you must have it in your closet for sure to make your fashion game strong in 2020. Not just clothes for women, but Fashion Bug also have dresses and clothing for children and maternity wear as well. They have an entire range of intimates and shoes as well that can give your body a stunning overall look that can help you make a style statement. Fashion Bug Store caters to all your needs. If you are looking for the very best, this is where you’ll find it. You can follow the accounts of the store on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to check out the latest collection that they add to their online store.

There is a full range of Fashion Bug plus size dresses that give plus size women a wide range of options, something that they don’t find very easily on the Internet. But at Fashion Bug there is no such thing as No-fashion for plus size people. In fact, they want women in all shapes and sizes to have a confident approach and comfortable clothing options that make you look fabulous anytime you walk through the door. If you want to buy the hottest and trending clothing, Fashion Bug Store is your go-to platform to buy everything that you need at affordable prices. If you have any doubts or queries about your orders, get in touch with the customer support team at info@fashionbugstore.com or dial 1-800-778-1492 to get quick and appropriate answers.

For more information, visit https://fashionbugstore.com/
Original Reference: https://bit.ly/3jgZ3R2
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text 2020-08-25 11:36
How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Flowers For Your Big Day


Whether you envision yourself walking down the aisle in a couture bridal gown in Melbourne or a simple reception, wedding flowers and décor are essential to elevating your space into a site worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Learn how to pick the best pros and make it an event for all to revel in and remember.


Once you have your location set, it's time to dream up what will make it look and feel extra-special, and what you might carry or wear down the aisle. While it is not an absolute necessity to have red roses - or even a floral bouquet for that matter: Feel free to explore a variety of options like botanicals, ponder plants, or unexpected alternatives. The trick is to play up what you love, what jibes with your venue, and what's widely available at the time of year.


Find a Florist

Aim to hire one six months to a year out, and allot between 5 and 8 percent of your budget. Ask friends, your venue's manager, and your planner (if you have one) for recommendations. Scroll through Instagram feeds of vendors to see whom they've worked with locally. Unless you love a person's specific style, diverse portfolios are preferable to those showing singular looks. Above all, hire someone you communicate well with. 



Gather Inspiration

Location and time of year are key influences in your design decision—a wintry ballroom and a beach setting have very different vibes. But ideas can come from anywhere. We suggest collecting pictures of favorite spaces and artwork to jump-start the process. Share paint chips of your palette and dress swatches. Consider using blooms with personal meaning, too, like the lilacs your grandmother carried on her wedding day.


Plan for Impact

A few amazing things can be more special than loads of designs used for padding. Go big or dramatic in focal areas, such as entrances or a prominent fireplace mantel. Small arrangements in restrooms or on the bar are optional, but centerpieces are in full view for hours.



Spending Savvy

Want to save money on your big-day floral décor? Remember that blooms that don't need to be flown in from afar are less expensive and more eco-friendly. Fillers, like foliage, branches, and berries are easy ways to amplify a smaller arrangement; they're more cost-effective than fresh petals. Last but not least, ask for designs that can be enjoyed all weekend (and beyond). Use potted plants as aisle markers or near prominent signs, like the "Ceremony this way!" placard in a farm or vineyard.

While wedding flowers are not the most essential part of a wedding, it certainly is a unique accessory that adds awe to a bride on her big day. While planning your wedding day can be exciting, it can sometimes get a little overwhelming having to make so many big decisions. Bernadette Pimenta, at Iconic Melbourne bridal designer is known to craft the perfect balance between style and comfort. Whether you’re picking your florals because they are sentimental to you both, or you’ve been inspired by your wedding dress or bridal party colours, Bernadette will make sure to take all your stress away by delivering the best to you. To know more about her and her services. Contact her to know more. 


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text 2020-08-25 10:08
The 5 Most Common Colour Wedding Blunders and Ways to Avoid Them

Whenever we think of a grand event like a wedding the one thing that really stands out are the colours used in the décor. The theme of a wedding is affected by various factors and colours play a major role in them. Apart from the interiors and other arrangements, to avoid wedding blunders it is very necessary that we also pay attention to the colours. We all know that there are so many options to choose from, and it’s very natural to fall in love with more than what’s required. But do remember these will be seen everywhere on your wedding day, from your bouquets to the bridesmaids’ dresses!  

The colours work like the soul of the décor, there are so many possibilities when it comes to choosing the right combinations. Having a perfect balance and also focusing on the details of the best couture bridal gowns in Melbourne will provide with you with a beautiful setting. So here are some mistakes you should avoid on your big day:

1. Just looking at pictures


Credits: https://unsplash.com/@poemacollective


Viewing colours on different mobiles and other devices can change the way they actually would be seen in reality. These devices have different calibrations which affect the actual colour, even on printed sheets. Never finalise a colour without seeing it for real.

2. Picking too many colours


Credits: https://unsplash.com/@chuttersnap


It’s good to go with two or three colours but choosing many colours just because you like them will make the whole set not blend in and feel disjointed. Usually choosing light hues is the way to go or having a darker colour in contrast with a lighter one and a metallic will also do wonders.

3. Pulling off the whole theme on the bridal party


Credits: https://unsplash.com/@phuong_nguyen_2k

It is not necessary that all the colours of your wedding theme will look good on bridal gowns. There are many stores providing you with the best wedding gowns in Melbourne and will help you guide and match the bridal party with the theme. Do not forget the skin tones and hair colours when choosing the dresses, always prefer colours that’ll go with all the varieties.

4. Ignoring the venue


Credits: https://unsplash.com/@abbysavagecreative


It’s very much needed that you pay attention to the wedding setting and the whole theme of the place, choosing the colours against the walls and details of the location will make the whole look seem very off.

5. Choosing everything in one colour


Credits: https://unsplash.com/@waldemarbrandt67w


If there’s a colour which you absolutely love it’s not good to get everything in the same hue, this will make the whole setting very monochromatic and flat. Try getting variants of the same shade and mix them up with the classic whites and greys or some other favourable colours, metallics work well with every combination too. Stressing a lot is not healthy and might even make you be less excited about your big day. Always try to be more natural and do what you love. Give more effort to getting your most favourite designer wedding dress in Melbourne it will be the biggest memory of your wedding and will be there with you forever, also who wouldn’t just love looking awesome and happy! Pay more attention to the big day of your life and everything else will automatically fall in place.


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text 2020-06-22 06:33

Herve Leger Devenu Herve Leroux


Cela Fait Dix Ans Qu'Il a Perdu Son Nom, Mais La Blessure Est Toujours La. Violente. L'Histoire d'Herve Leger Illustre Les Limites De La Relation Qui Peut Exister Entre Financiers Et Createurs. Tout Avait Pourtant Bien Commence. Herve Leger s'Etait Fait Un Nom En Creant Au Debut Des Annees 1990 Les Premières "Robes a Bandes". Il Avait Alors Une Equipe De Cinq Personnes Et Realisait Un Million De Francs De Chiffre d'Affaires.


Heritier Du Conglomerat Canadien Seagram - Un Groupe Majeur Dans Les Spiritueux Et La Musique -, Edgar Bronfman Jr Voulait Offrir Une De Ces Robes a Sa Bien-Aimee. Charme, Le Milliardaire a Finalement Achete La Robe Et La Boutique. En 1995, Le Groupe Seagram Et Herve Leger Dress Se Sont Associes a 50/50.


Le Createur Apportait La Propriete Commerciale De Son Nom. Et l'Investisseur Promettait Beaucoup d'Argent. Un Conte De Fees : En Trois Ans, Le Styliste Et La Marque Sont Devenus Mondialement Connus. L'Equipe Comprenait 65 Personnes Et l'Idee De Lancer Un Parfum Faisait Son Chemin. Mais Plus Seagram Investissait Dans La Marque, Plus Le Createur Etait Dilue Dans Le Capital. Au Point Qu'Il n'a Plus Detenu Que 5 % De l'Entreprise.


Nouveau Depart


"Debut 1998, Edgar Bronfman Jr m'a Annonce Qu'Il Avait d'Autres Projets Strategiques, Que Nous Devions Nous Separer, Dit Herve Leger. Je n'Ai Pas Eu Mon Mot a Dire. J'Ai Ete Vendu Contre Mon Gre a Bcbg, En Juillet 1998. Ma Societe a Ete Bradee ". La Cohabitation Avec Le Nouvel Actionnaire n'a Pas Fonctionne. Max Azria, Pdg De Bcbg, Voulait Sans Etats d'Âme Faire De l'Argent. Le Divorce Etait Inevitable.


Du Jour Au Lendemain, En Mars 1999, "j'Ai Ete Vire. Je Me Suis Retrouve Sans Un Bout De Tissu Et Sans Pouvoir Utiliser Mon Nom", Raconte Herve Leger. Jamais Je n'Aurais Pense Me Retrouver Sans Rien. Perdre Son Nom, c'Est Une Horreur. Le Pire, c'Est d'Assister a Une Usurpation d'Identite, c'Est d'Une Violence Inouïe".


Des Stylistes De Bcbg Dessinent a La Place Herve Leger Bandage Dresses Robes Qu'Il n'Aurait Jamais Fait Siennes. "Bcbg a Aussi Gagne Beaucoup d'Argent En Ressortant Des Robes Que j'Avais Dessinees." Impression De Spoliation, Sans Recours Juridique Possible. "Il Aura Fallu Que Je Perde Mon Nom Pour m'Apercevoir Qu'Il Avait Une Valeur", Dit-Il. "J'Ai Davantage Souffert De La Perte De Mon Identite Stylistique Que Du Fait De Ne Pas Avoir Ete Paye", Analyse Herve Leger.


Retour a La Case Depart, Le Createur a Decide De Repartir. "Je Fais Mes Robes Moi-Même, c'Est Ce Qui m'a Sauve." Il a Remonte Une Nouvelle Marque, Herve Leroux ("Sur Une Suggestion De Jean Paul Gaultier, Simplement Parce Que j'Avais Les Cheveux De Cette Couleur").


Aujourd'Hui, Il a Une Boutique a Paris. Avec Une Nouvelle Fois Cinq Personnes, Dont Sa Soeur Qui l'Appuie. Il Cree Des Robes Drapees, Feminines. Pour Penelope Cruz Ou Gwyneth Paltrow.

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